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    Few weeks ago, I found old my demos and rollback TF2 files on my old HDD. I tired to test them and found some of them are still works! I felt kind of nostalgic and rememebered having most momentum days of competitive TF2 scenes. So I want share my passion and want to say grateful for these-days players, so I record and upload to YouTube. #Legacy from 2009-2010 And here is the playlist of tournamet POVs. Picked up play-offs. #FJTF2 Season7(2009) #FJTF2 Season8(2009) #AsiaFortress Season1(2010) #AsiaFortress Season2(2010) Rollback TF2 files are not perfect. Missing files(ERROR object and purple texture) are shown on screens. And these games were played on Starhhub(SG) or HK servers where my ping was aroud 100, so a bit laggy though. My life-time result of competitive TF2 is below. ・Japanese Toournaments and Leagues 2008.09 FJTF2 #4 Div1    1st Xq 2008.10 FJTF2 #5 Div1    2nd Xq 2009.10 CyAC TF2 Ladder League 1st Xq 2008.11 FJTF2 #6 Div1 2nd Xq 2009.03 FJTF2 #7 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 FJTF2 #8 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 TF2BBALL #1 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.11 FJTF2 #9 Tournament 4th slp(Mix team of asia countiries) ・AsiaFortress AsiaFortress Season1 1st slp AsiaFortress Season2 Dvi1 3-4th Pancakes AsiaFortress Season4 Div1 3rd NFR(sub) P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone have been supporting to me, especeially : ozr Cheerio tax himajiso Azuki syu nnnta nnnx spammah Cheese havok cleric LALJ