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    We're back!
    If you have noticed, our servers are now back online! Some of you with keen eyes have spotted our servers making it's entry back into the internet tab on the server browser. At the moment, we're still setting up the address we're all used to using, 'pug.asiafortress.com', so it will point to the correct address in the future. 
    For those who hates words, here, take this picture I illustrated of the situation we're in. 


    While yes, it's great the servers are back up, we can't celebrate quite yet and the servers may very well have to go offline for some time again. I know exactly what you're thinking. If it's "I want some Pancakes" I'm not sure how to help you... but if you're thinking "golly gee I sure wish I could help!" then HAVE I GOT THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!


    Here at AF we seriously dislike the idea of asking for donations, but if you feel like you could spare some chump change to support the servers you can make a PayPal payment to shounic @ asiafortress.com (no spaces! & Add your username in the notes) At the moment we don't know how people without PayPal access can try contribute but if you have suggestions please leave us a message!


    To assist our fundraising efforts, I'll be organizing a showmatch in the coming weeks. Let's remember why we're all here, to play and enjoy TF2, so why not do what we do best, play TF2! Give me your suggestions on what ridiculous things we can get people to participate in. Heavy MGE? Flipped Badlands? Girls vs boys?


    And finally, Mercenaries Cup 6 Registration will end 1st of March so that people have time to gather their teams and start scrimming again.


    Hope to see you all on the AF servers!! 

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