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    Mercenaries Cup 7: Week 3 Has Begun!



    Mercenaries Cup 7 Week 3

    The CNY Break Week is finally over, the match threads for Week 3 are now open and teams can begin scheduling their matches!


    The intensity heats up as Cute Beast, Fireless, Club Penguin Crusaders and Kusoyotech will clash to maintain their dominance in the Upper Bracket, while Team Intermediate, Beyond Velocity, PSYCHOS, Cozy Home, A Motley Crew, Edelweiss, Steal Your Job and Connection Drops In The Rice Fields will be fighting for their final chance to stay in the tournament.


    Disqualification Announcement

    For repeated breaking of the rules regarding un-rostered players despite multiple reminders, Mak Kau Terbang had their match results overturned and have been officially disqualified from the tournament.


    In accordance with AsiaFortress competition rules, Mak Kau Terbang's leader Ashley (Sack) has been debarred from leading any more teams for official AsiaFortress major tournaments until further notice.


    Once again, teams are reminded to be aware of the rules to avoid unnecessary disputes and breaches.


    Best of luck to all teams for Week 3!

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