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    AsiaFortress Cup 16 signups are now open!



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    Happy New Year everyone! With the new year upon us, we’re back with the 16th installment of the AsiaFortress Cup. This year we’re determined not to start three months late, and thus here we are!


    Map Pool and Whitelist

    Each season, the league aims to keep the map pool exciting by rotating and bringing in new maps. Last season, cp_propaganda_b14 was not the most well-received maps. Therefore, this season, we’re letting everyone vote for the last map that will go into the AsiaFortress Cup 16 map pool.


    The poll will feature one experimental map that has not been played in AsiaFortress since its initial release during Mercenary Cup 6, cp_logjam, as well as refreshed old maps like cp_prolands and cp_granary_pro. Players vote for the map they would like to see in the AsiaFortress Cup 16 map pool here. Polling with close together with signups.


    Pending Rule Updates

    As of this post, the AsiaFortress Administrators are still looking over the ruleset, striving to create a stronger and fairer set of rules. We urge teams, especially team leaders to keep a look out for any changes made, and thank everyone for their patience while we look through them!



    Continuing from last season, AsiaFortress Cup 16 will be run on match.tf. With one season under our belt, the AsiaFortress Administrators aim to provide an even smoother tournament experience this season!


    Teams can sign up for the tournament through match.tf here! Signups will end on 2nd February 2020.

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