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    AsiaFortress Cup 14 Team Division Distribution



    AsiaFortress Cup 14


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrators. They are as follows:

    Division 1

    • xiao
    • The Chess Foundation
    • Luminaire
    • Anuj Fan Club.BLK
    • R%%
    • ABEnomix

    Division 2

    • Bokorimon
    • Poverty Boys
    • UMU
    • Sexi roti makers
    • ABNA
    • Ayam Fruit Salad
    • ExtremeSaigonese
    • Teme Machines
    • Massive cranium esports

    Division 3

    • Signatured
    • MonOwOChrome
    • CutieFroggie
    • Butter Fan Club
    • Cute Little Sister 6s
    • Dumplings.div
    • Anti-Clockwise
    • Backdoor Plunder
    • time to do daniel luiz
    • Divided As6mbly
    • ooferators
    • Arete
    • Cobra Kai
    • Wubwub's Team
    • Division Zero
    • SB669
    • Xenia
    • School

    We would also like to clarify the requirements to receive a medal in AFC14. For a participating player to qualify for a medal, he must:

    • Be rostered on a team that successfully completes the season without dropping out either willingly or due to disqualifying acts.
    • Play at least TWO FULL MAPS for the team. These can either be played in one match or in separate matches.

    The AsiaFortress Administrators would also like to kindly request for your cooperation in using recognizable aliases during matches to ensure that medals are distributed smoothly. Have a great season everyone!

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