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    AsiaFortress Cup 12 Disbanded Teams




    AsiaFortress Cup 12 Disbanded Teams


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    It has come to the attention of the administration that team poe-tar-toe has forfeited at least part of all three of their regular season matches so far. In accordance with section 1c of the AsiaFortress rules, the team is thus considered inactive and removed from the league. In addition, due to their poor captaining, leaders (YELLERR and  Frenchy) have been banned from leading an AsiaFortress team in the following season (AFC13).


    In addition, the following teams have issued statements to either the admins or their opponents that they have disbanded:



    Dark Wolves Esports


    Furthermore, in light of his history of poor captaining, the team leader of bong, sack has been banned permanently from leading an AsiaFortress team.


    In lighter news, the first Transfer Window of the season is now open! If your team happened to disband for the fifth season in a row, this is your perfect chance to find a new one!

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    User Feedback

    a. That's an XD

    b. "If your team happened to disband for the fifth season in a row" that hurts.


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