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    AsiaFortress Cup 10: Team Division Distribution



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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team. They are as follows:
    Division 1
    • xiao
    • Crescendo
    • A Motley Crew
    • Memesquad xd
    Division 2
    • Wine n Cheese
    • Steal Your Job
    • LFT Overwatch
    • GODsenS
    • Beyond Velocity
    • AESTHETIC_091
    • Hairy Ares
    Division 3
    • Reddit Headliners
    • Majiami
    • Technology Eclipse
    • LL1c
    • Last Minute Mixup
    • Clown 9
    • patrick.gaming
    • Hoomanitee
    • what the fam!
    • Smite
    • The Mighty Gibuses
    • Laughing Kills
    • 50dm
    • Forever LFT
    • NohMercy


    Team distributions are final and not subject to change.


    Please stay tuned for a list of updated rules and whitelist changes to be published soon.

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    I would like to provide casting coverage for the div 3 teams during their matches. I'm not a professional but would like to practice casting :) Don't expect vanillaTV's level of production though.. Production and casting will all be done from my end and I may not be able to cover all the matches, it all depends on availability. Matches will most probably be streamed and/or recorded and all recordings/streams will be uploaded to my personal channel on youtube.


    some of my casts as reference.


    If possible, I would appreciate it if the leaders of the respective div 3 teams add me on steam and let me know when they are going to have their matches so I can arrange for the casts.


    Thanks and glhf :)

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