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    AsiaFortress Cup 10: Playoff Teams Announced!


    Banner by Cell, writeup by himari

    AsiaFortress Cup 10 Playoffs

    After seven exciting weeks of teams clashing to reign supreme, we have come to the end of the regular season. Thank you to all the participants of AsiaFortress Cup 10! The top four teams are the finest of their respective divisions and have fought hard to secure their place in the playoffs, and we are happy to announce that they are:


    Division 1



    A Motley Crew

    Memesquad xd


    Division 2

    Wine and Cheese

    Fruit Salad

    Steal your Job

    LFT Overwatch


    Division 3


    The Mighty Gibuses


    Technology Eclipse


    Congratulations to the teams that have made it this far! However, only the greatest shall triumph and advance to the Grand Finals!


    Playoffs Challonge Links:


    Furthermore, we would also like to take this opportunity to make several announcements regarding additions and changes to our staff and league.


    League Administration

    The position of Head Administrator has been passed on from Caldoran to Teejay, however he will still be staying behind to advise the admin team. We have also appointed several new additions to the General Administrators, they are Aqua, apples, iMauriceiNoob and b4it.


    League Staff

    We would also like to welcome some new members of our staff. Concordia and Robin are now part of the Creative Design team, who will be working on graphics and stat sheets. Rednaxela will be joining us to handle casts and stream coverage as our new Casting Administrator.

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    Please note: There was an error in the calculations leading to Clown 9 instead of Technology Eclipse being placed 4th seed for Division 3 - This has been resolved.


    Apologies for any inconvenience that may have occurred due to this oversight. Thank you.

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