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    AsiaFortress’First Ever MASHED Potatoes Food Fight's
    Led by the solo mentor Austin, aka Rufus, he has brought his team through the deepest trenches of potatoes, past the massively wide arms of Gandalf and earned himself a spot in the Solanum Tuberosum Hall of Fame!
    But let’s not forget the rest of the team that won the Grand Finals; Omega, Netflux, blurr, qj and Floaty. Well played!
    Prizes will be announced soon, and they will be awarded to the Top 3 teams.
    What exciting playoffs we’ve had! Everyone working together well despite only knowing each other for a day, is certainly something to be proud of. Well done to all of you who made it into the playoffs! Rest of the results are here.
    Don’t forget about the MASH Highlight Reel! Caldoran and I are gonna be hard at work watching through all your demos and finally editing it all together. I would consider AFMASH#1 a great success! Please post your demo submissions here.
    Since none of us actually knows how to mash potatoes we're stuck with these fucking non-mashed pieces of fuck, enjoy the potatoes under your name!
    In other exciting news....
    We also have a Christmas gift for all you avid Highlander-er-ers out there! Our HL servers now have a more diverse map pool, consisting of ‘popular’ (Everyone hates pl_beerbowl aka pl_badbowl AMIRITE HUE) choices from Season 8 to Season 11. Visit this thread to nominate the maps that you would like to see in the servers!
    There have also been forum changes under the Recruitments Forum, we now have separate recruitment sections for 6s and Highlander, so things are easier to find. To make things even easier (is that possible??), you can now indicate whether you're “Looking” or “Recruiting” under the Topic Prefix. USE IT OR ELSE!!!
    Finally, I would like to give special mention to two very nice community volunteers, Erio and Misfit; OUR NEW CHRISTMAS ELVES! They will be helping out around the forums as Moderators - keeping things in check and opening the backdoor for the NSA to ensure there are no terrorists on the forums uhhhhhhhhhhh……

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    Please do mention hunter and Varinn who were the main scouts who did spectacularly well during the first day as well.


    Kudos to those arranging this tourney even if it might be a bit rushed and imperfect,

    and lastly kudos to my team for being nothing but themselves.


    I hope they as well as everyone else enjoyed it as much as I think they did.


    Melly Clitsamass

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