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    Mercenaries Cup 7 Week 3

    The CNY Break Week is finally over, the match threads for Week 3 are now open and teams can begin scheduling their matches!


    The intensity heats up as Cute Beast, Fireless, Club Penguin Crusaders and Kusoyotech will clash to maintain their dominance in the Upper Bracket, while Team Intermediate, Beyond Velocity, PSYCHOS, Cozy Home, A Motley Crew, Edelweiss, Steal Your Job and Connection Drops In The Rice Fields will be fighting for their final chance to stay in the tournament.


    Disqualification Announcement

    For repeated breaking of the rules regarding un-rostered players despite multiple reminders, Mak Kau Terbang had their match results overturned and have been officially disqualified from the tournament.


    In accordance with AsiaFortress competition rules, Mak Kau Terbang's leader Ashley (Sack) has been debarred from leading any more teams for official AsiaFortress major tournaments until further notice.


    Once again, teams are reminded to be aware of the rules to avoid unnecessary disputes and breaches.


    Best of luck to all teams for Week 3!



    Mercenaries Cup 7 Week 2

    The Match Threads for the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket matches are officially open, and teams can begin scheduling their matches! Click here for the Match Threads.


    Congratulations to the teams Steal Your Job, Fireless, A Motley Crew, Club Penguin Crusaders, PSYCHOS, Kusoyotech and Team Intermediate for winning their first matches to claim their place in the Upper Bracket!


    Meanwhile, the teams Trake's Bae, Cozy HomeConnection Drops In The Rice Fields and Mak Kau Terbang will fight against the threat of elimination in the Lower Bracket.


    The tournament is far from over yet however, and all participants still have a chance to prove themselves as the Grand Champions of Mercenaries Cup 7!


    Best of luck to all participants!


    Dropout Announcement

    The team Shuffled.tf Inc. has announced their decision to drop out of the tournament to AsiaFortress Administrators, and has been removed from play. As a result, Edelweiss gets a walkover win for this week's matches and has automatically been advanced to Lower Bracket Round 2.


    In accordance with the Mercenaries Cup 7 rules, Shuffled.tf Inc.'s leaders Novaroid and Insanity will be barred from leading any more teams in major AsiaFortress competitions until further notice.


    A Reminder of the Rules

    Following a breach in last week's matches which was met with a stern warning, the AsiaFortress administrators would like to remind all participating teams that mercenaries are allowed under the following conditions:

    • It is clearly and honestly communicated to the other team who the mercenary is and why they are being used
    • A mercenary cannot be used in place of an available rostered player
    • Teams can only use up to 2 mercenaries in total during a regular season match
    • No mercenaries are allowed during a playoff match (Semifinals, Lower Bracket Semifinals, Finals)
    • The mercenary must be named together with his or her Steam ID when reporting or confirming results in the match thread
    • "Alts", "smurfs" and other ways of concealing identity are prohibited and will be dealt with harshly.

    The Rules can be found here, and all teams are reminded once again that ignorance of the rules will not be taken as an excuse for a breach.


    Scheduling Matches

    Teams are also reminded to post in the Match Threads the date, time and server used for the match upon scheduling with the opposing team's leader. Booking a server is recommended to avoid a situation where servers could not be found to play on.


    After playing a match, teams are to post the final scores along with screenshots of the final scoreboard or links to the match logs on logs.tf.


    Best of luck to all teams!




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    Mercenaries Cup 7 has Officially Begun!

    15 teams and 149 players have registered, fees have been paid, and the 7th season of the AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup has officially begun!


    All the teams have been seeded and the matchups have been arranged. The Challonge brackets can be viewed here.


    The first week's matches must be played between 19th to 24th January. Teams must determine the match dates with each other within this time frame, advisably before 22nd January. We request that all team leaders get in touch with the opposing team's leaders through the Match Threads or Steam at the earliest opportunity to avoid delays.


    Leaders may use the Team Directory to look for and contact the leaders of other teams to schedule matches and scrims.


    A reminder that each team is allowed one postpone without penalty for any regular match before the semi-finals, after which they will have to forfeit further missed matches. Teams which postpone a match must play two matches the following week to avoid delaying the tournament.


    Teams are advised to be fully familiar with the Rules to avoid any infractions or offences.


    Best of luck to all teams participating, and may the best team win!


    Top Contenders for the Throne

    With the tournament officially kicked off, let's have a look at four of the teams who are crowd favourites for the title of Grand Champions, each hailing from a different nation!


    Cute Beast (China VItuL7F.png / Korea LeuEbWb.png)

    • hBkNbCx.png Medic: RLE
    • j3eMpHs.png Demoman: Hysteria

    • W5WmBJp.png Pocket: Fury

    • W5WmBJp.png Roamer: Shad0w

    • VLEbrY5.png Scouts:10 / Flower

    This legendary Chinese team first made its appearance in the previous iteration of the Mercenaries Cup and subsequently stunned the competition by taking first place, dropping only a single map along the way. They're best known for the incredible DM of Fury and 10, along with the latter's strong maincalls, which have kept them at the top of the region since their formation.


    And with the advent of Mercenaries Cup 7, it seems like the Chinese team is poised to continue their streak of dominance, especially with the pickup of Flower, a Korean Scout whose sniping skills have led him to stardom in the scene. The addition of a great offclasser means they're looking stronger than ever, and while it remains to be seen if they can replicate last year's result, Cute Beast definitely looks like the favourite team to win.


    Kusoyotech (Korea LeuEbWb.png)

    • hBkNbCx.png Medic: janus
    • j3eMpHs.png Demoman: Friez3

    • W5WmBJp.png Pocket: babel

    • W5WmBJp.png Roamer: daylight

    • VLEbrY5.png Scouts: LK / starky

    From the depths of the seasonal Korean shuffle rises yet another all-Korean superteam. Korea's been a powerhouse in Asian TF2 since the beginning, with nearly every Grand Final in major Asian competitions featuring at least one Korean team, and MC7 looks to be no exception to this rule. Kusoyotech's roster is made up entirely of players who have proven they can stand at the top of the Asian scene, with some of the standouts being janus, babel and LK; janus' skilful Medic play was an integral part of his team's victory in the ninth AsiaFortress Cup, while babel and LK have been a constant presence in Korean superteams through the ages thanks to their incredible DM and gamesense.


    Of course, while they can undoubtedly put up a good fight, Kusoyotech hasn't been together nearly as long as Cute Beast. While many of their players have experience playing together (babel, LK and Friez3 were all in the AsiaFortress Cup 9 runner-up team Emi Dizziness), it remains to be seen if this is enough to overcome the other powerhouses in the tournament. If they can, though, Kusoyotech is well on their way to securing a spot in the Grand Finals, if not on the winner's podium.


    Club Penguin Crusaders (Singapore 3ibRu62.png / Hong Kong 4atFrDQ.png / Malaysia BNOrjZL.png / Taiwan z0coSDS.png / Korea LeuEbWb.png)

    • hBkNbCx.png Medic: And
    • j3eMpHs.png Demoman: Moy

    • W5WmBJp.png Pocket: teejay

    • W5WmBJp.png Roamer: creep

    • VLEbrY5.png Scouts: fwishy / marcato

    Club Penguin Crusaders isn't nearly as homogeneous as the rest of the teams here; The only players who hail from the same country are creep and marcato, both Korean. Nonetheless, their lineup's just as strong, with players like teejay, arguably the best (and saltiest) player in Asia, creep, an old-time Soldier player whose skill and decision-making has led many a team to victory, including his AsiaFortress Cup 9 team Mihaly's Flow, and marcato, an up-and-coming Korean Scout whose overwhelming DM brought his Division 2 team to an uncontested victory in AFC 9.


    Unfortunately, synergy could be a huge problem for the team. The different nationalities of the players could definitely lead to communication difficulties; And even assuming they overcome this, the only two players on the team who have played together before are teejay and creep. They've been practising a lot, however, and if the results of this show, it's very possible that Club Penguin Crusaders could claim the title of the best team in Asia.


    Fireless (Japan MOWM5RH.png)

    • hBkNbCx.png Medic: pnt
    • j3eMpHs.png Demoman: matsukaze

    • W5WmBJp.png Pocket: bk

    • W5WmBJp.png Roamer: hirapa23

    • VLEbrY5.png Scouts: timo / ozr

    For the longest time, Japan vs. Korea was a staple of the Grand Finals in AsiaFortress tournaments, and it looks like Fireless is trying to bring that back for Mercenaries Cup 7. With players like pnt, ozr and hirapa23, all of whom have played on AsiaFortress Cup 8 runner-up team deadly momentum, this team looks set to come out in full force and put up a fierce fight against the other powerhouse teams.


    Rust is undoubtedly a factor, though. Many of these players haven't participated in tournaments for a long time, and it's up for debate whether they can compete with some of the newer players, especially given the inevitable rise in DM skill over the past year. That said, though, it'd only be a small surprise to see this team in the Grand Finals, especially given their dominance in past seasons.


    Stay Tuned!

    Which team will come out on top? Will one of the 11 other teams also hungry for the title pull an upset and surprise us all by emerging victorious?


    Only one way to find out, and that's by tuning into our coverage of the Mercenaries Cup! More information about the tournament, including the brackets, schedule and full rosters of every team can be found on the AsiaFortress website, and we'll be casting some of the more exciting matches, so keep your eyes peeled!


    Banner by Cell, writeup by vetia

    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Registration] [Brackets and Key Dates] [Discussion]

    Attention all frag-hungry competitors! 
    Registrations for the annual AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7 tournament are now open!
    For those of you that are unaware, the Mercenaries Cup is one of two major tournaments AsiaFortress hosts each year, played in a Double Elimination format. Teams which sign up will be seeded against each other, and will be eliminated from the tournament after losing two matches until only four teams remain for the Semi-Finals.
    Mercenaries Cup is a tournament with no divisions, as opposed to the AsiaFortress Cup. This means that you could encounter teams from any end of the skill spectrum; A worthy chance to test your team's mettle in the Asian competitive TF2 scene!
    What are you waiting for? Sign your team up here and prove your dominance!



    Writeup by moosepi and vetia


    Hello again, denizens of the AsiaFortress community!
    Christmas and the New Year is almost upon us, and our Administrator and Staff Team has just finished running both the Top Gun MGE Tournament and AsiaFortress Mash Potatoes 2015. As such, it's the perfect time for a news post to both wrap up said events and cover our plans for the near future!
    Without further ado…
    Top Gun MGE Tourney Conclusion
    It’s been a long time coming, but the inaugural Top Gun MGE Tournament has finally come to a close, and so we’d like to formally announce the winners for both the Scout and Soldier divisions!

    • 1st Place: larkyy
    • 2nd Place: tommy
    • 3rd Place: Sphere (Choo Choo)



    • 1st Place: oro
    • 2nd Place: slyr
    • 3rd Place: Gordan


    The 2nd and 3rd place winners were awarded 2 keys and 1 key respectively, while the champions earned a lot of salt Professional Killstreak Weapon and the tags [scatter-Lord] and [Rocketeer] on both Shana and AsiaFortress MGE servers. Congratulations!
    We’d like to thank all those who participated, especially our Competition Administrator Gothmog, who both sponsored the prizes and coordinated the event for others' enjoyment.
    Congratulations everyone!
    AsiaFortress Mash Potatoes Conclusion
    Meanwhile, the latest (but definitely not the last!) edition of AsiaFortress Mash Potatoes just happened, and it was bigger than ever! 
    We received over double the number of signups of last year's Mash — so many that we had to split the Mash teams into two groups! While this did cause some slight technical difficulties along the way, we managed to form a grand total of twelve teams, almost all of which got to play through the whole event.
    Ultimately, Xiao Team claimed victory in Group A without dropping a single map, while Team Boleh had a record almost as stellar, only tying once against Team Meme.


    Well done to both teams! 

    However as per the old adage, it’s not the destination, but the journey that’s important. We hope that all of the mentees had fun and learned something from the event about 6v6, and got the opportunity to know a little more about the AF community. 

    Our Head Administrator and overall manager of the event, Caldoran, said that he’s “thankful for my admin/staff team, the mentors, the players and the backups for making the event a success”. And indeed, every individual who showed up, mentor or mentee, deserves thanks for dedicating their day bringing the event to life.
    But the unsung heroes of the event were both Teejay and Caldoran himself. These two champions ran the whole show, behind the scenes, preparing the entire event and acquiring substitutes almost immediately.
    Of course, we hope to Mash again next year and make it better than ever, so remember, if you have any feedback you’d like to give about the event, remember to post here!
    And now, we’d like to announce our next upcoming event…
    AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7
    The Administration team formally announces the 7th season of the Mercenaries Cup!
    This long running event is a double elimination tournament devoid of divisions, meaning anyone can sign a team up. You get to duke it out with the entire community of AsiaFortress, even the best of the best!
    Registrations for MC begin in the first week of January 2016, so start gathering your players for teams and prepare for another great series of matches.
    On the other hand, if you don't have a team because you're a newer player, and you either just missed Mash or want to learn a little more before getting your feet wet in PUGs, fret not — there'll be something lined up for you very soon!



    The AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team would like to officially welcome erio as our returning General Administrator!


    Having already dedicated her time in the past to the AsiaFortress administration, we have no doubt she will contribute greatly. Welcome!


    Towards 2016

    Thank you everyone for making 2015 such an eventful and successful year for our league and community.


    Let's strive to make 2016 an even better one for AsiaFortress!