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    AsiaFortress Cup 13


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrators. They are as follows:

    Division 1

    • eat sleeep game
    • Prinny Pirate Plunderers
    • sapnu puas
    • Anuj Fan Club
    • Muscle revolution reborn
    • Busty Elves Online
    • Quantum Force 5
    • ت

    Division 2

    • A%%
    • Delayed Last Minute
    • No Cheese!
    • Absolute Territory
    • Kawaii 0-5
    • the real asians
    • 31cfa
    • classic washup
    • Game Over
    • chiobu hunters
    • Nokorimon
    • ORCA
    • Hullo

    Division 3

    • Arctic Fire Enable
    • APEX. murni
    • Alphadog
    • The High Road
    • Ogygia
    • Abnormal Sodium
    • Chordus
    • Wrecked Thy Mother
    • Herbal Tea
    • Ayam Penyet United
    • Toucans'
    • Crispy Doughs
    • Mad Science
    • Boss

    Finalized divisions are non-negotiable. The team directory spreadsheet has been updated and the challonge brackets are now available on the key dates and map pool page. Look out for the match threads coming out Sunday!



    AsiaFortress Cup 13


    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool]

    The AsiaFortress Cup 13 signups are now closed. Thank you to all the teams that have signed up! Before the season starts, we have made a few more changes to the format of league play based on player feedback:

    • KOTH maps are now played to a best of 5(First to 3)
    • AFC13 will be using the updated provisional 6v6 global whitelist with the 4 unlocks under testing banned. These include: Bonk! Atomic Punch, B.A.S.E Jumper, Gas Passer and Sandman.

    Do take note of these changes, as well as look out for the division allocation post on Friday, 5th January 2018!



    banner by concor, write-up by moosepi

    AsiaFortress Cup 13


    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool]

    It's time to get your rosters finalised and ramp up your scrims, because the thirteenth edition of the AsiaFortress Cup is finally upon us! Newcomers and veterans alike are welcome to battle it out to claim the coveted (?) title of AsiaFortress Champion — and while the format and procedures should be familiar to the experienced players, we've made some changes in response to your feedback, so be sure to read the whole post.


    First and foremost, we're welcoming a new set of faces to the AsiaFortress team to match the new year. Head Administrator teejay has stepped down to take a less active role, and we'd like to thank him for his service and dedication to improving the league. In his place, we have fwishy officially stepping up. Gothmog and teejay, fwishy and LERL, Takuto and himari will be managing Divisions 1, 2 and 3 respectively for AFC13. If you have any questions, approach them!


    Now, onto the changes! The map pool for AFC13 will see a slight change. Prolands will be replacing Badlands and Sunshine will be replacing Granary. We've made mercenary rules a bit more stringent — only players participating in a lower division may still be called in without the other team's consent (provided they are informed, of course), while all other players may be used as mercenaries if and only if both teams consent. We've also added pause rules to make it clear what is considered reasonable. Specifically, each team is entitled to a single five minutes pause for technical reasons per map, and while your opponent may allow more as a courtesy, they are certainly not obliged to.


    Playoff procedures have also been changed. Bans and picks will be done from the whole mappool, with the home team banning one map followed by the away team banning one map. The away team will then pick the first map, followed by the home team picking the second and third map. In the event of a best-of-five series, the away team will decide the remaining map order. Furthermore, the Division 2 Grand Finals have been reverted to a best-of-three series, so the only playoff match which will be best-of-five is the Division 1 Grand Finals.


    We're also happy to announce that AsiaFortress is now officially collaborating with PURE Servers, and as such, PURE Scrim Servers will be treated as official AsiaFortress servers for the purposes of AFC13 (i.e. servers may be booked for matches in the thread, and in the event that no alternative server can be agreed upon by both teams, Division Managers may declare that a match is to be played on a PURE Server).


    As always, if you're not entirely clear about the changes, or if this is your first time playing in the AsiaFortress Cup, the full rules can be found in this thread. Once you're all clear, head on over to the sign-up thread and register your team! Sign-ups close 31st December 2017 and the cup starts 8th January 2017, so don't miss it!



    AsiaFortress Cup 12: Conclusion


    With last week's Division 3 Grand Finals, AFC 12 has finally drawn to a close! Congratulations to Too Fluffy for You for proving that Division 3 did, in fact, stand a chance; to ERA for rounding out their ERA of dominance (over Division 2); and to TEAM FORTRESS 2 for playing their namesake to perfection! We've heard your feedback (unless you haven't posted it, in which case head over here) and taken it into consideration, so stay tuned for changes coming to a league near you!


    By vetia, in News,

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    AsiaFortress Cup 12: Player Ban


    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Registration] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Discussion] [Team Directory] [Demo Uploads]

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    It was brought to the administrative team’s attention that player ‘Jisoo’ from team ‘Remember Us’ is a smurf of a player currently active in a different Division.

    After a lengthy investigation, the administrative team has found a wide range of evidence leading to the conclusion that the player in question is ‘DeDstar’, previously of team ERA in Division 2.

    As stated in section 6D of the rules, smurfing and use of alternative accounts in multiple teams is against the rules (as the community is no doubt very familiar with now), and thus warrants the disqualification of REUS, with all its matches during the regular season turned over.

    Player DeDstar, in violation of rule 6D, will also suffer a ban for the period of 1 season, excluding AFC12.

    Furthermore, team leaders ‘Zel’, ‘Moo’ and ‘Kairos’ of REUS will also suffer a 1 season suspension from captaining.

    In summary
    REUS disqualified, matches overturned
    ‘DeDstar’ banned 1 season
    ‘Zel’, ‘Moo’ and ‘Kairos’ suspended from captaining 1 season

    The administrators would like remind that all AsiaFortress Cup 12 Participants are subject to the rules, and must follow them in order to maintain the fun and fairness of the competition for all parties.