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    Hello, all participants of AsiaFortress Cup 11! 
    The first match threads will be going up very soon, and the AsiaFortress administration would like to brief you on some changes we have made to the tournament's structure and rules.
    Division 2 Format Changes
    Due to the overwhelming number of Division 2 teams, a Round Robin is not feasible. Therefore, we have switched to a Swiss-style format, over the course of 7 weeks to match the number of weeks for Division 1 and Division 3 teams.
    Teams will be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost.
    Division 1 Format Changes
    On the other hand, due to the increased number of players in Division 1, teams will play the Round Robin sequence once only with a team on bye-week each week.

    As with Division 2 and 3, Division 1 teams will also be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost.

    Whitelist Changes
    Administrators from ozfortress, ESEA, ETF2L and UGC as well as top players from each region have collaborated together to review the Global Whitelist. After the first public meeting, there was a proposal for controversial changes and this was met with harsh backlash from the international community.
    The administrators from ozfortress, ETF2L and ESEA met together and collated feedback from the top teams in their respective regions and adjusted the whitelist based on the discussion.
    • Rescue Ranger
    • Pomson 6000
    • Dalokohs Bar
    You can view the whitelist here. All changes should be reflected in AsiaFortress servers, and the whitelist can be downloaded in the AFC 11 Config+Map Pack.
    Cast Requests
    a Cast Request thread has been created for community members to request permission for a cast.
    This will allow us to help promote your casts on platforms such as our Steam group and Facebook page. It also helps us to ensure that there is no conflict of interest (e.g. caster is on one of the teams being cast) and to provide assistance should you need it.
    Transfer Window
    Please note that all transfers have to be approved by AsiaFortress Administrators, and will only take effect from the next week and onwards.
    Roster Lock and Team Directory
    Do note that rosters are locked until the first Transfer window. Do not add an Administrator to request for a roster change as it will not be allowed.
    The Team Directory is a record of all teams participating in AFC 11, along with links to their leaders and members. It will serve as the definitive record of each team's roster. If you spot an error in your team's roster, please inform your Division Administrator immediately.
    That concludes the commencement brief for AsiaFortress Cup 11! The first week's Match Threads will be going up soon, and you can get to scheduling your first matches of the season.
    As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your Division Administrator.
    Best of luck, and may the best team win!


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team. They are as follows:
    Division 1
    • Burger Apocalypse
    • HBZB
    • BALI 6
    • bb tommy
    • p00t1s..iz..kil?1!...
    • Muscle Revolution
    • A Motley Crew
    Division 2
    • The Mighty Gibuses
    • 2years
    • The Chess Foundation
    • Maiden Voyage
    • Steal Your Job
    • Technology Eclipse
    • Shufflee
    • Aetiology
    • Arte et Marte
    • nubsquad
    Division 3
    • Teme Machines
    • Atomic Energy
    • ChaoTicZ
    • The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
    • RememberUs?
    • Technical Difficulties
    • Ugly Ducklings
    • OTCD
    • 6nubs
    • We Are Pros
    • KhairuL's Legacy Reborn
    • Dead Of Night
    • Open Minds
    • White Wing
    • Asterisk


    Team distributions are final and NOT subject to change.



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    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators[Registration] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Discussion] [Team Directory] [Demo Uploads] [Server Bookings] [Match Threads] [Cast Requests]


    It's that time of the year again!

    The 10th AsiaFortress Cup has recently (for a very generous definition of the word) reached its conclusion, with xiao, Fruit Salad, and The Mighty Gibuses triumphing over their opponents to win their respective divisions. And as one competition reaches completion, another commences; it is thus our pleasure to announce that we will NOT be hosting Mercenaries Cup 8!
    Yes, you read that correct. After careful deliberation, the AsiaFortress admin team has decided to shelve the Mercenaries Cup until further notice in favor of running our regular season more frequently. That's not the only change this new year, as we've also made a number of alterations to the rule sets, which, as always, you should be reading here before signing up.
    Of course, I'm willing to bet that none of you actually clicked the link, so here's what you really need to know:
    • As of AFC11, AsiaFortress is now on the Global Whitelist.
    • Granary is out of the map pool, and we've replaced it with Reckoner. Download it here.
    • Every player involved in a match (including mercenaries) must record a demo for each map of their matches, and keep it until at least a week after the end of the season.
    Whether you're just getting your feet wet or you're vying for the top, AFC has something for you.
    Registrations will be closed on 20th January 2017 23:59 GMT+8


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    AsiaFortress Discord Announcement

    AsiaFortress now has a Discord server! Join us here to get the latest news, find teams to scrim, shitposts, unfunny inside jokes, and more!


    Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here!


    SEA Jumpers present Jump Help 2016!


    Is jumping unfamiliar or frustrating for you? Ever wanted to do jump maps like the awesome online speedruns you often see? Well, we've got an event that can help with that, called jump help! (pun intended)


    Whether you are a complete stranger to jumping, or if you are an expert and seasoned jumper, there's always somewhere for you to fit in.


    This event spans roughly 3 weeks, Thursday to Sunday each week. Read on to find out more!


    In this 3 week event we help to cover a lot of jumping stuff :)


    The event will start on the first week on November (only on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends). Each day holds a different segment for the 2 classes Demo and Solly! (The first Thursday in November is 11/03). The full schedule can be found on jumphelp.tech (information section).


    Throughout the event we will be covering various topics revolving around jumping,such as ctaps, wallpogo, skips and apply them to use through the process of in-depth guidance. During this event, we are also open to reviewing demos on certain techniques you wish to improve at, simply ask your mentor to help review your demo and you're set!


    Each week we will hold different activities: picking up jumping, doing maps and racing respectively.

    We cover 4 segments,each with their own range of techniques:

    • Solly Beginner

    • Solly Advanced

    • Demo Beginner

    • Demo Advanced

    We also strongly encourage people who wish to get better at jumping spend some time to sort out the ins and outs of their jumping!


    We woud like to invite everyone that is new and/or would like to learn more about TF2 jumping and interested in it to join us. No fees required. 


    The event starts in November 2016 and you may now sign up now at bit.ly/22BOA2U!