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    AsiaFortress Cup 14


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrators. They are as follows:

    Division 1

    • xiao
    • The Chess Foundation
    • Luminaire
    • Anuj Fan Club.BLK
    • R%%
    • ABEnomix

    Division 2

    • Bokorimon
    • Poverty Boys
    • UMU
    • Sexi roti makers
    • ABNA
    • Ayam Fruit Salad
    • ExtremeSaigonese
    • Teme Machines
    • Massive cranium esports

    Division 3

    • Signatured
    • MonOwOChrome
    • CutieFroggie
    • Butter Fan Club
    • Cute Little Sister 6s
    • Dumplings.div
    • Anti-Clockwise
    • Backdoor Plunder
    • time to do daniel luiz
    • Divided As6mbly
    • ooferators
    • Arete
    • Cobra Kai
    • Wubwub's Team
    • Division Zero
    • SB669
    • Xenia
    • School

    We would also like to clarify the requirements to receive a medal in AFC14. For a participating player to qualify for a medal, he must:

    • Be rostered on a team that successfully completes the season without dropping out either willingly or due to disqualifying acts.
    • Play at least TWO FULL MAPS for the team. These can either be played in one match or in separate matches.

    The AsiaFortress Administrators would also like to kindly request for your cooperation in using recognizable aliases during matches to ensure that medals are distributed smoothly. Have a great season everyone!


    banner by concor, writeup by moosepi

    AsiaFortress Cup 14


    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators] [Key Dates and Map Pool]

    It's that time of the year again! Coming hot on the heels on the end of the inaugural season of the PURE league, the world-renowned (?) AsiaFortress Cup returns for its fourteenth edition!

    Map Pool Changes
    As many of you know, we hosted a showmatch featuring the best players Asia has to offer, with the purpose of showcasing the latest versions of both Granary and Reckoner then letting you decide which should be included in the AFC14 map pool. Well, the results are in and cp_granary_pro2 has won! Congratulations to all soldier mains in Asia; it looks like you'll at least be useful on one map this season.

    Furthermore, we have updated to the new versions of old maps. These changes are:
    cp_prolands_b3b updated to cp_prolands_b5
    koth_product_rc8 updated to koth_product_rc9

    As always, the full map rotation can be viewed in this thread.

    Rule Changes
    We have made no changes to the rules during the season. However, there are changes regarding the distribution of medals. Players are advised to take note of these changes under Section 6 of the AFC14 ruleset.

    Whitelist Changes
    We have updated to the latest version of the global whitelist found here. The newly featured whitelist will ban the Machina from play, a highly disputed issue from last season.

    That's all for now, so what are you waiting for? Head over to the signup thread by 7 September 2018 to get your team registered for AFC14!



    AsiaFortress Cup 13: Conclusion

    After the dominating Division 1 Grand Finals witnessed last week, AFC13 has officially come to a close. Congratulations to the Korean powerhouse Alphadog for closing out the season in a relatively close matchup against Abnormal Sodium; to A%% for proving their chance to win Division 2 to be 100%; and for ت for their clean victory versus the Prinny Pirate Plunderers. We have once again received your feedback from the thread, and have taken all the feedback posted seriously. The admin team would once again like to remind everyone in the community that abusing glitches and exploits are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and action against the abusing team will be taken. In the following off season to come, we have some events planned for the community, including a potential AsiaFortress Ultiduo cup, so be sure to keep and eye on the forums for further updates!



    AsiaFortress Cup 14: Ruleset Changes

    (The banner says 13)

    Greetings, gamers!

    The official announcement of the next AsiaFortress season is yet to come as we still have some details to work out, but there are some changes that we've made to the rules in hopes of improving player experience, and we'll be sharing these changes with you so that we can get your feedback. 

    First of all, we understand that one of the main complaints that has been arising for the past few seasons has been about the seeding of teams, such as the placing of Ayam Penyet into AFC13 Division 3 (lost their first match of the season) and allowing certain players into Excitement Beneficiaries (did not finish first place). As such, we've decided to implement a more objective measurement of skill into our league. Teams will no longer need to specify their preferred division on registration, and instead they will be sorted into divisions based on the average MGE Elo of their best 5 MGE players. Hopefully, as an unbiased, objective, mathematical measure of skill, this will allow for the best possible balance between divisions.

    Next, we've also noticed a sharp rise in teams using Discord over Mumble for voice communication. While we understand that Discord provides many attractive features such as the ability for weebs to endlessly post images of their waifu in every channel and the ability to add seventeen variations of the :thinking: emoji to your server, we'd like people to note that it brings with it many disadvantages as well, such as the reliance on Discord's servers being up, the relatively high CPU usage, and most importantly, Head Administrator fwishy is slightly lower in volume on Discord. As such, we've decided to implement a new rule for the upcoming AsiaFortress Cup — all teams must have a dedicated Mumble channel or personal server which must be used for all official AsiaFortress matches. As proof, teams are to use the Record feature in Mumble and must submit logs when asked. Failure to comply by this rule will result in matches being overturned.

    We'd love to hear your opinions on our new changes, and look forward to seeing you next season!

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