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    AsiaFortress Cup 12


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    Its finally here!
    After an incredibly long wait for AFC11 to end, we were left with Burger Apocalypse, The Chess Foundation and Teme Machine as the last ones standing. With this tournament(fiesta) finally behind us, we can now start the registrations for the 12th iteration of the AsiaFortress Cup.
    With the AFC12 tournament registration up, there are several important changes to take note of:

    • There are now new rules that can be observed via this link. Do check them out to update yourself!
    • We have once again incorporated Granary to our map pool, removing Sunshine. Download it here!

    Its time to show your mettle through this AFC12 tournament, so what are you waiting for?!
    Registrations for the tournament will end on the 3rd of July at 00:00 GMT+8. 

    Register your team here!



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    Congratulations if you have stayed this long in our league! After a hard fought division 1 grand finals and an even harder fought administrative battle to end this season before 2018, we have laid this season to rest. The winners of each division are as follows, in case you are not aware:
    Division 1
    First Place: Burger Apocalypse
    Second place: bb Tommy
    Third place: p00t1s..iz..kil?1!...
    Division 2
    First Place: The Chess Foundation
    Second Place: Technology Eclipse
    Third Place: The Mighty Gibuses
    Division 3
    First Place: Teme Machines
    Second Place: ChaoTicZ
    Third Place: Technical Difficulties
    Also, we know you are tired of waiting, so the registration for the long awaited AsiaFortress Cup 12 tournament is coming really soon, so stay tuned for the announcements!



    After much investigation, consideration and discussion, the Administrators have concluded that player ‘momo’ for team ChaoticZ (CTZ) has been utilising hacks in Division 3, gaining an unfair advantage over enemy opponents.


    Under section 6B of the rules, this illegal action will result in a permanent league ban for the cheating player. Momo will no longer be allowed to participate in any future competitions, tournaments and events hosted by the league.

    Unfortunately, this means that all matches completed by CTZ have been overturned; an essential disqualification from the tournament. With CTZ removed from the competition, the Grand Final match for Division 3 shall be played between Teme Machines (TM) and Technical Difficulties (TDI).

    Furthermore, Team Remember Us (ReUs) shall be given the 3rd place medal, in light of two other teams being disqualified from playoffs. This is due to their 5th placing in the group stages.

    In summary
    CTZ has been ‘disqualified’, matches overturned
    ‘Momo’ has received a permanent league ban
    Division 3 Grand Finals between TM and TDI
    ReUs given 3rd place medal

    The administrators would like to remind all league participants that AsiaFortress has a zero tolerance policy to the use of any and all cheats. All participants are subject to the rules, and must follow them in order to maintain the fun and fairness of the competition for all parties.


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    It has recently come to light that team International Justice League Of Super Acquaintances (JLOSA)  has been utilising smurf accounts from Division 2 in order to achieve an unfair advantage over their opponents (namely Team Technical Difficulties).

    95 "JLOSA.BoyBluee #afc11 #hype"
    14:27   75    0 
    active 116.100.242.xxx:27005

    105 "JLOSA. rouen ✿"
    14:27       87    0 
    active 120.29.117.xx:1131

    44 "teePUG"
    12:38       81    0 
    active 116.100.242.xxx:27005

    47 "acerPUG"
     07:13      112    0 
    active 120.29.117.xx:27005

    As demonstrated above, registered player 'Teehee' shares a similar IP to registered player 'BoyBluee', and registered player 'acervus' shares a similar IP to registered player 'rouen'; evidence of using multiple accounts to participate in competitions across divisions.

    As stated in 6D, smurfing and use of alternative accounts in multiple teams is against the rules, and warrants the disqualification of JLOSA from the competition. The match of TDI vs JLOSA shall be turned over, with JLOSA disqualified and TDI moved back into the lower bracket finals.

    The accounts of 'rouen' and 'BoyBluee' have been banned for the period of 1 season, and JLOSA's team leaders shall be suspended from captaining permanently, as well as banned for the period of 1 season.

    Furthermore, due to the dual participation of members, the team of The Mighty Gibuses has had its two players disqualified from the roster, with acervus and teehee banned for the period of 1 season. TMG shall continue to participate in Division 2 in the light of its members not being involved in the smurfing.

    In summary:
    JLOSA has been disqualified
    Team leader(s) of JLOSA suspended permanently from captaining + banned 1 season
    'rouen' and 'BoyBluee' banned 1 season
    'acervus' and 'teehee' banned 1 season
    TMG unaffected
    Match overturned for TDI

    The administrators would like to remind that all AsiaFortress Cup 11 Participants are subject to the rules, and must follow them in order to maintain the fun and fairness of the competition for all parties.



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    AFC 11: Playoff Teams

    Division 1
    Burger Apocalypse
    bb tommy
    Division 2
    The Chess Foundation
    The Mighty Gibuses
    Technology Eclipse
    Division 3
    Technical Difficulties
    Teme Machines
    The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
    Congratulations to the teams that have made it this far! However, only the greatest shall triumph and advance to the Grand Finals!
    Playoffs Challonge Links: