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    OWL7 Division 1 Top 4 Decider TONIGHT!


    Beta vs Spadebox LIVE at 11:00pm NZ


    Thats right tonight is the decider for the OWL7 Finals Top 4, syf still have a chance to make it into the top four but it will require Spadebox to lose tonight followed by a win against Beta next week, those are still good odds but the more likely candidates at this stage are Beta and Spadebox who will be going head to head tonight on Gullywash and Badlands in an epic match up.


    Beta has performed extremely well this season with some impressive games even though they have faced super sluts on multiple occasions while Spadebox started off slightly below expectations, but that got thrown out the window completely with an amazing game against BOB in Round 3 and as you can see they are now going head to head to try and secure a spot in the finals.


    GreaverTV will be covering the match tonight in glorius 4mb/s 720p so if a live stream is your thing you can find deets below, but if you prefer to watch in STV and listen to the cast sync'd in mumble you can do that as well because those deets are below too.


    This game has a lot riding on it so I grabbed Spitty and Realmy from Beta and the one and only Puddy from Spadebox for an interview to find out how each team is feeling going into this match.



    SourceTV: connect mal.ipgn.com.au:27035


    GreaverTV Mumble: mumble.greavertv.com:10076


    Live Stream: www.Twitch.TV/GreaverTV


    Check out GreaverTV on Twitch.TV, in HD on Youtube and stay notified on Twitter and Steam


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    By hcaz, in News,

    <img src="http://wm.ozfortress.com/MixupV4_PosterB-wm.jpg" align="left" hspace="5" vspace="5">An amazing event to bring together the many TF2 communities and also to parade a bunch of gaming Celebrities in TF2 to show the world how good our game is!


    This is the 4th edition of Mix-up Match and features the biggest list of stars and a bigger and well-oiled team to run the event.


    Check out the below links to the many announcements being plotted all around the world and be sure to follow each of the celebs on their medium of choice (twitter, youtube..etc) so you don't miss out on the banter to come and... most of all..




    We decided to run this Mix-up match in a similar fashion to the way we ran C4C and C4C2 except compressed into one game. Donate now and go into the running to play in the game with the stars. There's also signed mechandise up for grabs!


    Everyone should check this event out and be sure to stay tuned later for vods of the game itself.










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    GreaverTV Live Tonight


    LovelySweetDream vs Sweet and Sour



    The live cast will be coming through the 200 slot GreaverTV Mumble so you can watch live in STV and listen to the cast synced in mumble


    11:00pm Tonight




    GreaverTV Mumble: mumble.greavertv.com Port: 10076


    720p Live Stream: www.twitch.tv/GreaverTV



    Check out GreaverTV on Twitch.TV, in HD on Youtube and stay notified on Twitter and Steam


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    Welcome to Greaver vs The News for this week. I was holding out to do a decent write up of ESEA Invite LAN with enough VODs to choke a small animal but unfortunately there was a LOT of VODs to upload so here I am a week later. Anyway there has been plenty of action this week so I'll get into it.


    I recently came across a couple of lovely ladies from South Africa on my internet travels and soon got to talking. Turns out Lola and Lolita run 16bit.co.za - a TF2 community site dedicated to running fun TF2 competitions in South Africa and they are running their very own Kritzkast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup very shortly. GreaverTV will be providing coverage of the event and they already have a bunch of teams signed up and if I might say so they have an extremely interesting map pool so I look forward to seeing their take on KLOC.


    Asia Fortress has the Merc Cup on this month and next, registrations just closed and the tournament is kicking off now with casting coverage of the top games by GreaverTV - if you want to check it out head on over to Asiafortress and check it out






    ozfortress News


    OWL7 has been cranking along with tight games in all 6 divisions producing exciting games - I am not even going to try and cover everything here but below you will find my match of the week and links to the current point tables.



    Greaver Decides: BOB vs Spadebox

    This game was HUGE - easily the best game so far this season in division 1 from a spectators point of view with exciting action on both maps and a relatively tight score line to boot.


    VOD Incoming - Youtube is playing up


    Results for Round 3

    iM vs SQL | 5-1 5-0 Draw

    BOB VS Spadebox | 5-2 4-3 to BOB

    th vs Beta | 3-0 4-1 Beta

    vR vs SYF | 5-2 5-0 SYF















    NZFortress News


    For the last couple of months NZFortress has been busy with the Fresh Meat League which was a competition designed to take players from the pubs that had never played competitively, give them a mentor, then the mentors would battle them like Pokemon to find the best noob team and finally the best mentor in NZ.


    We just had the 3rd and 4th place finals along with the Grand final and you can find the awesome VODs below.









    Look out for a thread dedicated to the ESEA LAN VODs tomorrow