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                                                                                                                       ⋆ LFP for 6s Team.


Hi! We're currently looking for a med for our main roster. We are a new 6s team and are looking for subs too! :)


Not a Toxic player.

You should have a mic.

Know the basic rollout heal order.

Have comp experience.

Helps/Supports Team.

Can come to scrims and matches.


We are looking for subs and mercs also.


Don't worry we won't be that strict we just need those requirements we're all friendly, and kind.

Add me if interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/1337is911

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Hey, the steam link does not work. But I'm interested in joining as medic. 

- I'm really friendly
- I have a mic (although it has static , but u can still understand me)
- I know the healing order
- I have comp experience from UGC games
- I can help the team , just by keeping things calm
- I can come most of the time

If u wanna talk to me here's my steam and discord

Thank u for the time, i will be waiting this :)))

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