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Gibus Oni

LFT Roamer for AFC 12 [Closed]

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Ok, before we start my bullshit. I want to clarify that i have a team named Salmon Dudes (SALDS) for UGCLeague. However my team leader specificly does not want to participate in AFC. So yeah...

I'm looking for a team who wants to participate in AFC Div 3. I will play for the roamer

Here are my details

  • 3.7k hrs in TF2 | 700+ on Soldier
  • Have some competitive experience
  • 1.9k Elo in MGE
  • Never entered a single season of any kind (4s this year soon)

Here is what i expect from the team who wants me

  • No toxic personalities from any member of any kind
  • Able to accept a person who doesnt talk much
  • Able to accept what im weak at and will help me to improve my mistakes
  • A team who will scrim weekly on weekends 
  • A team who will participate in AFC 12 Div 3

Add me in steam ---> Gibus Oni

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