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Hi, I'm careless cookies I am currently making a highlander team and looking to recruit some players.



We don't have any special standards you have to meet in order to apply. If you'll attend scrims and pay attention to announcements on our group page, you're up for the spot! 



Applications are simple. Add me on steam tell me what class you want to play and you're in!

Careless Cookies: https://steamcommunity.com/id/carelesscookies/


We currently have a demo and a medic so unfortunately you won't be able to apply for those classes. (You may be able to sub though so don't be afraid to hit me up)



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New to comp

Willing to play scout/spy.


I have 1.3k+ hours on tf2.

I have more hours on spy then any class.

I can Offclass to:

Soldier,Medic,Demo(Sorta),and Sniper(Still practicing)

(I never had any experience with comp, due to a broken laptop, going to get a new one in a few days)



Add me whenever you like:


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i'm a litlle new to tf2 but have played a couple of highlander matches through tf2centre. i main spy. got more that 100 hours as spy. casual trickstabber




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