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Upper Bracket Round 1: Fireless vs A Motley Crew

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AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7 Match Thread (Upper Bracket Round 1)

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Round: Upper Bracket Round 1

Home Team: Fireless

Away Team: A Motley Crew

Map Pool:

  • cp_sunshine_rc9
  • cp_granary_pro_b10
  • koth_product_rc8


  • P-REC is required for all players in the server.
  • Keep all match demos for at least two weeks. You advised to keep them until the tournament ends.
  • Scoreboard screenshots or logs.tf  must be posted in the thread when reporting scores.
  • Any mercenaries used in the round must be reported and stated in the thread.
To be scheduled by: Friday 29th January 2016
To be played within: Tuesday 26th January 2016 to Sunday 31st January 2016

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Because the proper KOTH config is failing to automatically execute on koth_product_rc8, teams are advised to manually execute the correct KOTH config (afckoth) using the !cfg command in AsiaFortress servers.


In other servers, you may contact an Administrator of the server to execute the correct config.


If executed correctly, the win conditions of the map should be:

  • No Time Limit
  • First to 4 Wins

As we work to fix the problem, we seek your cooperation to ensure the right config is executed for your match.


Thank you.

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Fireless won Sunshine 3-1


Fireless won Granary 5-4




EDIT: none of the team leaders taken screen shot of the score board as i was on a different PC. will ask the other leaders if they have a screenshot of it. sorry

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