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Starting up on AsiaFortress: Hi guys!

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Kinda familiar with this layout thingy, so let me start it up.
Hey guys!

I am ShogunSquire. I am a Filipino TF2 player maining scout. On two seperate accounts, I've racked up 1400 hours of gameplay. Kinda neat. I do photoshop art, and I do a bit of Minecraft building as well. Hmph.


Why here?

I may not be the best scout, but I'd like to jump from the hell Pub servers had. I want to have a taste of comp servers, and I'd like to match up with people in the same skill level as me. I'd want to learn more in this game.
Going further, I hate Thai people. The country kinda sucks, the kids that play it suck as well, their mic sucks, they "suck", and they suck at TF2 in general. Not talking 'bout ALL, but general. I'd spare the good ones. Probably they're the small parts of the Thai TF2 community. So, yep.

I'd also like to show hints of my artwork in Photoshop. I'm an amateur self-thaught graphic designer that still is kinda bad at making art. Welp, I'm destined.

Anyways, please accept me newb or not, and I'll see what I could do.


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woah buddy! hate is a strong word! i dislike thai people too! but i like thai kids, cause i can play a "guess their gender" game with them. do you like thai kids raw or post sex-change?

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