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[AFC8] Round 7: Weaboos vs all we do is play pugs

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Round: 7
Home Team: Weeaboos
Away Team: all we do is play pugs
Map Pool:

  • koth_pro_viaduct_rc4 (Best of 7, No Time Limit, No Draw)
  • cp_process_final (Difference of 5 or 30 Mins)


  • P-REC is required for all players in the server. (Or manually record all POV demos)
  • Please upload all your demos and keep your demos until the end of the tournament.
  • Scoreboard AND console status screenshots MUST be posted in the thread when reporting scores.
  • Any mercenaries used in the round must be reported and stated in the thread.

To be scheduled by: Friday 17th October 2014.
To be played within: Tuesday 14th October 2014 - Sunday 19th October 2014 (inclusive). 

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All we do is play pug forfeit


bunbunss <3: hi shounic
bunbunss <3: u there?
shounic: ?
bunbunss <3: this team we are playing against is 1.5 hr late
bunbunss <3: and we tell to forfeit
bunbunss <3: cause they cant even get 6 ppl
bunbunss <3: they ahve 5
bunbunss <3: they still dont want to forfeit
bunbunss <3: we are alr really ticked off cause they are so late
shounic: ok
shounic: forfeit them
I'm sorry we had to make other team forfeit but we were really angry that they were 1.5hr late and still did not have 6 people

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