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AsiaFortress Highlander Mixes 2 Week #3

Please read all the rules carefully before signing up. Failure to comply will result in either a warning or bans from future Highlander Mixes. The rules have been changed since the last Mix.


If you sign up and need to withdraw, you must obtain a substitute.
Date: Friday, 24/1/14
Start Time: 8:00 PM GMT+8 (Be in server and Mumble by 7:45 PM GMT+8)
End Time: 9:30 PM GMT+8 (estimation)
Map 1 (UGC): cp_gravelpit
Map 2 (Player Vote)pl_cashworks, koth_ashville, ctf_turbine_pro
This post is for registration only. If you wish to discuss AFHL Mixes 2 or provide feedback, you may do so here.
1. Format
Players will be assigned to either RED or BLU team by Team Leaders, and players will be informed of their team in this thread and Mumble before the game starts, likely on the same day as the Mix. Team Leaders will be selected by the Staff-in-Charge, and the Team Leaders will then pick out their team members in private prior to the game.


No requests for team changes will be entertained, unless there is a compelling reason brought forth. Teams may be re-balanced between maps if there is a blatant imbalance between the two teams.


1.1 Class Switching 
Players are allowed to swap classes with someone else within their team if both parties are agreeable, though it should be avoided since teams are balanced each week on the assumption that players would be on the class that they signed up for. Do not pressure or harass teammates if they do not wish to swap classes with you.


The Staff-in-Charge would appreciate if they are informed of any class swaps made mid-game.
2. Registration
Players are to fully complete the following form in order to participate in the Mix:

Desired Class: 
Steam Profile URL:
Voted Map:

Incomplete or improperly completed forms (e.g. entering more than one Desired Class, voting for a map outside the vote pool, etc) will be considered invalid and ignored.
Players are not allowed to sign up for anyone else (e.g. "I'm signing up for a friend"). Such submissions will be ignored.
Classes will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Please check the thread before registering to ensure that you are not signing up for a class already taken as this post may not be up-to-date.
In the event someone else has already taken a class that you want, ask politely if they wish to play a different class. If successful, please update the thread with your new classes immediately.
2.1 Availability and Attendance
Players are expected to fully ensure that they are available for the day and time listed before registering.
Players are to be in Mumble and the server at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Failure to obtain a substitute player, being late or not showing up will result in penalties as detailed in Section 3 below.
Mumble is mandatory, and players who are not in Mumble will not be considered as "showing up" even if they are in the server.


The Mumble and server details are as follows.
Mumble Details:

Label: AsiaFortress Mumble hosted by Gamers United
Port: 64778
Channel: AsiaFortress PUGs -> Server 5 - Highlander

Link to download Mumble
Guide to use Mumble
Server Details:

AsiaFortress.com SG #5 | HL PUG
IP Address: pug.asiafortress.com:27020
Password: aflmatch

2.2 Acquiring Substitutes
In the event that players are unable to turn up for the mix, they are to source for a substitute player at least 1 hour before the scheduled time, and complete the following form by posting in the forums:

Name (Sub):
Desired Class (Sub):
Steam Profile URL (Sub):
Reason for Needing a Sub:

Late or incomplete forms will not be accepted, and the offending player will be considered as a No-Show if he or she does not show up for the Mix. Substitute requests posted anywhere other than the forums (e.g. "I told an admin through Steam chat!") will also not be accepted.


Players are responsible for ensuring their substitute shows up on time. The substitute's Latecomer or No-Show status will be applied to the player responsible for acquiring them.
3. Offenses and Penalties
Players who do not turn up at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time and have not obtained a substitute 1 hour before the mix will be considered Latecomers. Latecomers will be given 1 warning for each time that they are late. Latecomers will be allowed to take back their player slot if they are not considered a No-Show.
Players who do not show up or turn up after the scheduled time without getting a substitute at least 1 hour before the mix will be considered No-ShowsNo-Shows will be given a 1 week ban from the next Highlander mix. Players considered No-Shows will not be allowed to take back their slot when a substitute player has already filled in for them.
Players who grief, troll or have a bad and uncooperative attitude will be given 1 warning for each time they ignore an admin or moderator's requests for them to stop their disruptive behaviour. Admins or moderators may swap out the offending player for a substitute between maps or by calling for a pause mid-game in the case of a particularly disruptive player.
1 week ban will be imposed when a player has accumulated 3 warningsRepeated breaching of rules will result in harsher penalties imposed.


4. Optional Third Map

Players who wish for a further third map should communicate their interest to the Team Leaders, or the Staff-in-Charge. This is completely optional, and players are not obligated to stay on as the Mix will be considered over at the end of the second map, though they are encouraged to.


Any map within the server's map list is up for nomination even if it is not in the official map pool (e.g. ctf_2fort), with the exception of Arena, MvM and Training maps. Since there is no formal vote, we reserve the right to pick the maps for in-server voting at our discretion, though we will try to accommodate the players' desires. 


The third map will naturally have a lighthearted atmosphere, and players are free to experiment with any unorthodox strategy they think will work, as long as Highlander rules (e.g. 1 per class) are followed, and their actions do not fall under intentional griefing.


Thank you for reading the rules.
Good luck, and have fun!

Registered Players (2 per class needed):
Scout: rain, Jolow
Soldier: Ray, Vinven
Pyro: cloverella, Timestream
Demoman: Cowii, Proudy
Heavy: Crosswise, Snowy
Engineer: Whatmgonnget, DaNNi
Medic: AtrainV, Xierra
Sniper: Spiky, Yuri
Spy: Aberdeen, STOUT SHAKO

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Desired Class: Spy
Steam Profile URL:st0utsh4ko
Voted Map: koth_ashville


Edit: Changed class choice

Edited by MrALM1337
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so little people signed up...

Lots of people have dinner or scrims and can't guarantee if they can make it. Would be great if everyone could help to invite their friends to join as well :D


Regardless, do attend regardless and we'll find a way to make it work.


Thanks all :)

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Hello all! Registration is now closed.


A reminder for all participants to be in the Mumble and server by 7:45 PM GMT+8.


Valid sub requests close at 6:45 PM GMT+8.


The second map to be played is koth_ashville as per player votes.


See you all, and thanks for participating!

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Unfortunately, I have a UGC match at 9 and will need some time to prepare beforehand so I don't think I'll be able to make it tonight :(.  I'd like to request a sub, if possible.

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