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Design Competition Registration!

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SO, we need a new background and we've decided that we want you to be a part of it and the best way to do that is for you to DESIGN it for us! Yes! We want you to be the next who decides how the forum should look. Submit your best work for this festive season! It MUST be TF2 THEMED! PLEASE do remember to read the requirements before submitting ;)


The winner of said contest will have their devilish good-looking piece of art hosted on our background. Enshrining it's glory (until the next competition anyway). What's that? You want more? FINE!! Winner will also receive a prize in the form of a small sum of COLD HARD STEEL... I mean refined metal =]. Not 1, not 2 but 4 refined metals.





Theme :



(perhaps in respect of the year of the horse -NO PONIES)


Dimensions : 1920 x 1080

Format : PNG only

Due Date : January 24, 2014

Upload Image to : Gallery


Post Format :

Name of background: 
Steam community link: 
Gallery link:

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