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Highlander Server

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Those that have spoken up before should know this. I only look in the forums for suggestions/feedback. The only exceptions are the community admins/moderators of whom i interact with regularly.



-artfc- Flare : god why don't they update their goddamn whitelist

-artfc- Flare : i want my blood banker and macho mann



Now i hardly even enter the highlander server so the above usually gets nowhere. And in order to make it clear, it will continue to get nowhere.


If you know there is something wrong, maps/configs/whitelists are not updated etc, this is the place to inform us about it. Even better would be to specify the problem and suggest a solution (link to updated configs/whitelist/whatever resource). This is your server to play in, so you'll have to care for it because at the end of the day it is your pug/scrim experience.

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