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AFC7 Updates 13/8

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1. Disqualifications


The following teams have been disqualified from AFC7:


Ex Cineris Resurgam



All existing players (apart from the captain) are allowed to transfer to other teams in the next transfer window (Wednesday 14 August 2013).


Captains of disqualified teams will be barred from the next two Asiafortress events, not including AFC7. They are also barred from leading any teams in the future participating in any Asiafortress events.


2. Demo Logging


All Round 4, 5 and 6 demos are due on Sunday 18 August 2013 2359 hrs GMT+8.


The list below shows the teams that have missing demos, and the names listed are those who already have submitted, so find out who that missing person(s) is/are and get the demos uploaded please!


This list has been updated as of 1135hrs GMT+8, Sunday 18 August 2013, and will be updated once daily till 18 August 2013.


Division 1

Round 4:

Team JJ - BigTicket, BuBuChaCha, ESO, Lei

Team Kill Friendly Fire - Jr., Harm, Ricolee, Madman, Teal

Kuso Scout - Namida, Natto, Cassis, ozr, Vaac

Lust Lust Lust - Bongera, Hirapa23, Noki, Oniku


Round 5:

For Freak's Sake - Crab, Destiny, Joe, Teejay, Yoona

Kuso Scout - Namida, Natapon, Cassis, Vaac


Round 6:

Team Kill Friendly Fire - Kips, Ricolee, Teal, Jr

Lust Lust Lust - Bongera, Hirapa23, JIN, Noki, Oniku


Division 2

Round 4:

Padi - None submitted.

Alliance Supreme - Billie Joe, Darnoc, Lammong, Vinven


Round 5:

Alliance Supreme - CoW, Lammong, pp, Billie Joe

Terror x2 - None submitted.


Round 6:

Padi - Hedwig, Astroboy


Division 3

Round 4:

Clamorous Team - Irfan, FeltChicken, Sync, EvliveXZ

Chess - ET, Omega, PKK, TO, BYe

Fresh - Bud, Cl4m, MOND, Pink, PLP

Team BSHN - PaN, east, Desert, kanagawa, ramumu


Round 5:

Fresh - Bud, Cl4m, Cyan, Mond

Clamorous Team - Irfan, Feltchicken, Sync

HeartBlade - cju73, Fl0w3r, nuri, swift, friez3

Chess - ET, PKK


Round 6:

Team BSHN - Mckee, kanagawa, Ramumu

Fresh - PLP, Kiboy, MOND, clam

Clamorous Team - Irfan, Sync, EvliveX2


Penalities include:


1 warning for 2 rounds of demos not fully submitted.


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