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Bad News From Farmer

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I dun know wat to say. I am really sad when i have to say this and it just happened to me 4 hours ago.


So my trip to sing must be cancelled...

I have to meet doctor in friday noon to do some vaccine and medicine ... If i dun do this i won't get the heath report from doctor. No report no usa .


I am very appreciated ur enthusiasm and help but i really can not go .


So pity and sad when i have to say this. I tried to make another appointment with doctor like tomorrow but can not.


Sorry for that. Wish you guys have a very good year when I am not here. Also I hope when i get back to asia fortresss , u guy still play so i will have another chance to go to ur country and meet you guys. Please dun quit this game or steam so i will have chance to talk to u guys after that.


I will try to play in afl but will be rare D:


really sorry about it thanks again. Best wishes for you guys .

Please leave ur number here. I add through whatsapp in case you guys no more tf2 or steam. I still can contact

My number : +841677888999 ( call me maybe)

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