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Apply for your own Team/Private Mumble Channel here!

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Team/Private Mumble Channel Application

Last updated 24th November 2015 by Caldoran


Contact Caldoran through PM or Steam using the following template if you want to register for a new Mumble channel on our official Mumble server.

Mumble Name:
Channel Name:
Channel Token:
Channel Type (Team or Private):
Any Additional Comment:

Please take note of the following:

  • You must be registered on the Mumble server in order to have control over your channel (feel free to ask if you aren't sure how)
  • We reserve the right to refuse/veto a channel name or token if we deem it objectionable
  • Inactivity in the channel for an excessive amount of time will result in it being removed in order to reduce clutter
  • You can have a maximum of two sub-channels in your channel, and no nested channels (i.e. sub-channel in a sub-channel) are allowed

Find out more about Mumble here.

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