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Hi all, asiafortress' official skill rater bot here to take over the now defunct & forgotten Summer's rating thread and Madman's retarded troll thread.


First come, first serve. Users who post will be rated on a scale of 1-10. No bias, no personal bullshit, just simple ratings and thoughts on rated player.


Troll posts will be ignored and may skew and/or affect your actual ratings depending on my/our mood.


Natapon as the asiafortress community leader has kindly agreed to oversee and grant me/us a custom user title and allow extremely troll-ish posts to be removed and have this thread moderated to ensure post and content quality.


Post away.



Edit: Requests for ratings for others will be ignored.


Edit 2: Replies are done in the order they were received.


Edit 3: players in queue with an asterisk (*) next to their names, we don't really know who you are/you don't play enough/you don't have enough hours to warrant a proper rating. it would be helpful to have a link to your steam profile and a history of your aliases if you are into that sort of thing.



Rated Players


Teddybar, Netflux, Joe


Yuko, SMB, Teejay, Qjyap, derpkips, madman, kuma, baddyz


jazr, sud, jigglesaur, shounic, russkan, dyn4mite


biotics, aleaf, halu, azazel, chongy


puzzled, adel, mykonos, bzkr


mel, crimesomefirebird, chromatic, rufus, tharnos


Cuteman, Geneva, AviralGoel, Westdar, Bob, NoirSuede, YuriSunshine, mystic


Keith, Pink, xoom, Snowing, Spikey_Cactus


kana, rze, facecake, darkie, justin


teal, crab_patty, bio, arins, helig


just scot, omega-synthetic, synergy, bunny, caldoran


hedwig, aspencc, W40kLife ,Summer, Kaii


Aviral, sam, elm0, Xierra, adsf



Rhappy, PinkiePie, s4lts, Lime, Mamamia, Lori



Rating Queue (in the order they are received)



















SirAndre the Scout











nsank ? wtf






smb (review rating)






nsank (Netstorm)







SakiIsa (review rating)






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Up and coming player that will let his inner rage get the best of him at times. Your basic mechanics are adequate but you need to improve your consistency. Your focus now should be on your gamesense so you can extend your impact in games as you tend to become quiet at times. Also, picking and raging on weaker teammates will only serve to hinder and delay your improvement.


Being a diverse class player is no easy task as seeing you play demo/medic/scout/soldier(main?) it is understandable how frustrating and mentally taxing it can be learning different classes at once. You've got to make a choice though. Do you want to spend half of your pug time wasting your energy on pug drama or do you want to focus all your attention on being a diverse class player?


5.8/10 (sg)




Another upcoming player with an all aim no brain mentality, you play scout mostly. Because of this, you're always caught out of position and die to packs of enemies. Granted you may be winning in an unfair exchange, but dying like that in higher levels of gameplay is unacceptable and you will be known as the weak link in your team. Top scoring in random pugs (mostly) is cool and all but you need to think and start playing conservatively versus higher level opponents. You also like to spawn, run in, die, spawn, run in, die over and over again. You're advised to play organized scrims to improve as an all round player.


5.3/10 (sg)




You main soldier. Your deathmatch ability has seen dramatic improvement over the past few months but your lack of understanding of basic situations and awareness has overshadowed that. You know how to play textbook situations but do not know how to adapt to situations and elements outside your comfort zone. This usually comes with experience however that's not an excuse for not being able to be constantly thinking. You also tend to rely on teammates a bit too much when you're the one who's supposed to 'all-in' and kick ass. You sometimes blame teammates for your own mistakes to cover up a bit for your insecurity.


6.4/10 (sg)

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You have become a true Asian force of nature to be reckoned with. You have great adaptibility and have learnt to main several classes at high div1 standards (medic/soldier/scout/demo).


You have developed into a solid, reliable demoman over the past few months. Your ability to play all classes at a very high level has effectively helped you on how to play the very explosive and volatile role of a Demoman.


Your next step in your development will be to play with the same effectiveness using less heals without having your medic attached to you like an umbilical cord. Having healthier scouts and Soldiers will afford you global presence in the map and ensure your teammates have more health points to keep them alive longer in high pressure situations.


You have captained and lead many great teams to the top of the Asian Div1 scene (cataclysmic/rnr/secrets.tf2) and your understanding of the advantage/disadvantage situations have brought your current team to a new level of play unseen locally in recent months, however your predictable gameplay remains an obstacle that you/your team will need to overcome to dominate.


9.3/10 (sg)




A crazy Vietnamese player who has improved in skill and personality over the past few months. You dabble with many classes but your skill shines through your Scout. Because of your bad eyesight, you often run unknowingly into enemy stickies/pipes/rockets (long range rockets, really?) and you pick bad duels. You bring a positive vibe to the team with your personality.


6.2/10 (sg)




Haven't seen you play enough to justify a proper rating. Maybe join some AF pugs?




You're walking the fine line of being an annoying utility/offclasser. If we see you play one more pug swapping to heavy/spy (because you have no idea how to play your main) we'll track you down and punch you in the uterus. Utilities are to help your team win, not to help your poor game be less bad.


6.1/10 (sg)




You have improved dramatically over the past few months with solid dm abilities and strong understanding of certain roles in the game. Come crunch time, you're able to shine but you tend to nerdrage within, and it shows in the next five decisions you make. You probably think too much. Relax and laugh when stuff goes and focus on one aspect of your game at a time. The less you think about movement and what you need to do and the more you leave it to muscle memory and going through the motions, the better it gets.


8.5/10 (sg)




You are the walking definition of inconsistency and it's apparent in your personality and your gameplay. You have the potential to be a great div1 player but we think you've resigned to your pessimistic side. You have a bad habit of +W'ing into packs of enemies without checking your surroundings (pugs and scrims). It's fine to ""adapt"" for your team (weaker demoman, aggressive soldiers, a need to roll sniper) but if you have to do dumb things to compensate for a dumb team, go back to playing off pure/advantage disadvantage. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, and you can play a game for your team, but you can't save it for them.


Or maybe it is all an ""elaborate ruse"" and you're trolling us all, or maybe you don't care anymore. We won't ever know..


7.3 (sg)




Will be able to judge you when you play more 6's in general




Haven't seen you play enough to justify a proper rating. Maybe join some AF pugs?

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Guest qjyap

'interesting' rating. I'm wondering though, with all your complains and no zero positive parts, why would you give me a 6.1 rating? You make it seem a lot lower.

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