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Mercenaries Cup 4: What's going on?

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DAY 19.


12 teams left. The past few days have been filled with so much intensity it burns brighter than the ego of a certain spy after dropping a certain medic that was sadly not captured on camera and might only be a fable till the STV comes out.


On Monday, the 18th of February, we saw three different matches played, with one match causing all AsiaFortress servers to mysteriously go down except the match server. secret.tf2 versus AllStars, Xtremezone Gaming versus Color Gaming and #hashtagz versus THE SYSTEMATIC PEOPLE. Let's recap the days news shall we?


The secret.tf2 versus AllStars match is one of the most high profile Singaporean matches, with the two teams being the most well known in the South East Asian region. Being cast by Greaver and NoMercy, this game isn't even a semi final match! This game was no doubt one of the most exciting ones I've seen in AsiaFortress, with crazy plays made by both teams. The three maps played were Badlands, Process and the tie-breaker was Warmfront.


AllStars took Badlands 6-5, with both teams bringing intense plays and derpkips sneaking in a last rocket just before the shutters closed and dropped zee. Another highlight from secret.tf2 during the Badlands game was russkan übering the two scouts and the demo past the shutters while AllStars was holding forward lobby, capping the point with no obstacles. The last push from AllStars however, sealed the deal. Puzzled went spy, and although secret.tf2 was expecting that, they didn't hear the decloak and the rest was history. Sadly though, that last push was cut out from SourceTV and I fondly remember hearing Agent K screaming, "I SAT HERE FOR SO LONG AND NOW THIS?".


On the next map, however, secret.tf2 showed their experience with Process by rolling AllStars 6-1. It was a back-and-forth map that had both teams taking the mid point and losing it soon after, only to get it back again. Pre-game, Arcadia from the AllStars was having trouble doing the first jump from spawn, but when the match started he had no problems rolling out to mid at all. I was spectating ricolee one round and saw a crit sticky from secret.tf2 flying into his face, only to have it detonate just a few pixels away from causing any damage. He was still 300 health, but running away.


The third map, Warmfront, was even more draggy. The first round took an estimated of 14 minutes, with both teams pushing the last point but failing to capture, only after awhile did AllStars manage the first cap. The next 5 rounds, however, were quite solid, with the game ending in a 3-3 tie between the two teams. During those 5 rounds, we saw excellent surfing from russkan (surfing onto a health pack only to be killed by a rocket that was aimed there at the same time), extreme dodging from zee (dodging pipes and rockets only to be killed by a rocket while she was running away) and so many airshots by tharnos. The game resulted in a golden cap on Warmfront which went to the AllStars. It was a great defense by secret.tf2 on the last point, but alas the knockback from the rockets of secret.tf2 lost the cap.


AllStars will proceed to rumble with Muk Eun Ji, a team with a perfect record so far, and the predicted winner of this year's Merc Cup 4. secret.tf2 on the other hand will battle it out with THE SYSTEMATIC PEOPLE this following week.


Moving on to other news, solstice forfeited their match against For Freak's Sake as they lacked players for their rescheduled match. For Freak's Sake will go on to Game Z with Team Dignity from Taikongpore (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore lah!).


Xtremezone Gaming from Vietnam forfeited their third map (Warmfront) against Color Gaming, lacking players. Color Gaming will head on to face paranoid Andriod from the Republic of Korea. The winner of the game will head to the semi finals against either For Freak's Sake or Team Dignity.


In the last match on the 18th of February, THE SYSTEMATIC PEOPLE from Japan rolled #hashtagz 5-0 5-0 for both Badlands and Process. TSP will then go on to Game Y against secret.tf2. The winner of Game Y will head on to the semi finals against either 420 or Project J.


Muk Eun Ji, Green Leaves, Lust Lust Lust and AllStars have fought hard to stay in the winners bracket, with Muk Eun Ji having a 5-point difference in every map they have played in MC4. Will they continue rolling onwards to victory even against AllStars or Green Leaves/Lust Lust Lust? You'll see in a month.


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