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Appreciation thread :D

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This thread is made for everyone and anyone to thank and show appreciation to all the Asiafortress admins ;)




These are the people who made it possible!! Giving us something to look forward to, when after school, we come home, and just hop on our computers to play maybe a HL mix or just some pugs.



I'll start off by thanking those who helped me out xD




QJ: Herp. qjyapyapyap thanks for helping me with some 6v6 stuff.. when i started with my new team.. and also with the Ready Steady Pan thingy.. and lots more.. also for being a noob xD


Caldo: Derp. Thanks for chilling with me and helping me out? i kinda forgot just wanna thank you for being my first few friends... when i started pugging :)


Nata: > :D thanks for helping me out with some technical problems.. also the new pug system looks just like those American/ Euro pros use, (makes me feel like a pro too) so kudos!


Spammah: Hey spammah! man u got a sexy voice. but i aint thanking u for that!! thank you for helping and coaching my team on badlands and making our pocket much more BALLSY then before. ;)


Summer: Thank you for carrying my team that time on blands :]


Teal: Thank you for helping me out for a few questions.. also for being a girl :D


Fuzz: You helped me out on mix matches and also lots of other stuff i cant even remember, so thank you! ^___^

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We'll like to thank you for being part of this ever-growing community!



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Since this is an appreciation thread....


A load of thanks to


NATAPON - for the servers and last min cfg fixes and everything else (including the times u need to RMA your brain)

JOE - for being an awesome HL admin, helping us out + the being v mature and logical in your decisions

QJYAP - also for being an awesome HL admin; organizing the mixes most of the time

SPAMMAH - my best ultiduo solly partner, enough said.

ROOSSELLKAN - <3 u never do anything but <3

MISFIT & SUMMER - nice binds

YUKO - hacker police 101

PUZZ - teochew muay

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Spammah : Camel

Nata : Asiafortress's Carol Channing

Hcaz : Asiafortress's The Punisher

Iri : Asiafortress's Robert Plant

Bran : Asiafortress's k-pop idol

Xee : Asiafortress's Drew Carey if Asiafortress was "Whose line is it anyway?"


The finest of men, even if I do nothing but poke fun at them.

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