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AFA 3 practice team registration

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To register, simply post your most frequently used in-game name in this thread.


Active AFA players interested in improving their game in a more stable environment than AFA PuGs or even regular PuGs can find the registration for this initiative in the link at the bottom of the page.


Players will be assigned to teams based on their activity in AFA, performance in AFA(or regular PuGs if applicable) and interactions with other players.

Teams are required to appoint one or two players as "captains" who will schedule scrims AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.

Team lineups will be fixed and players MAY NOT jump to other practice teams. Substitutes will be allowed on a per-scrim basis, but you are advised to schedule scrims in such a way that no subs are needed. Classes will be fixed, but if a teammate wants to try a different class, it must be decided before a game, not during.


Keep in mind that these teams are not the same as league/tournament teams and you are free to form/join your own teams in addition to this.


NOTE FOR AFA MENTORS IN THE GROUP: Sign up here if you want to join a team as a sub. I will try to have 1-2 mentor subs per team. And I emphasize sub. I don't want to hear of cases where the AFA people are sitting out of scrims because the mentor sub "persuaded" them to sit out and watch how it's done.

Mentors are allowed to watch from spec and give advice after the game.

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EDIT: just a qns...like for me...i can only play on. Saturdays .... does that mean that i might not have a team.... (major year for me) i really want learn though


EDIT: Sorry... retracting.... i gotta alot to handle for the upcoming ugc season..... sorry

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