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Guest qjyap

Weekly Highlander Mix 9th November 2012

First map will be koth_ashville_rc1  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. WHAT MAP

    • cp_badlands
    • cp_granary
    • pl_badwater
    • koth_lakeside_final
    • ctf_turbine_pro_rc2

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Guest qjyap

AsiaFortress Highlander Weeklies




The 2 maps voted the highest will be the one played, so vote well!


Due to the upcoming UGC Asia League, we will be adopting UGC's cfgs along with its whitelist so that everyone will have sufficient time adapting to it.




Server Details :



Afl Highlander Server will be used (password aflmatch)



IP: bakemono.servegame.org:27019




Excluded Weapons & Items (Banned Items):

  • Enforcer
  • Pomson 6000
  • Phlogistinator
  • Holiday Punch
  • Bombinomicon
  • Scout's Bootie Time and Pyro's Jingle Belt
  • Huo-Long Heater
  • Red-Tape Recorder
  • Vitasaw
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
  • Cleaner's Carbine

Banned Sets:

  • The Saharan Spy Set - (Familiar Fez)
  • The Croc-o-style Set - (Ol' snaggletooth)



1. Finding Subs


If you registered but are unavailable due to sudden commitments, you must find a substitute. Please post his/her details.



Player Sub

Name :

Steam ID/URL :



Name :

Steam ID/URL :




2. Attitude


Please keep trolling to a minimum. Such people will be dealt with harshly. Mumble is a MUST. Be in the mumble channel 15 mins before the stated time.


3. Communication


Please connect to GamersUN mumble's Asiafortress Academy channel and be there by 9PM. The instructions to connect are located at :http://asiafortress....-mumble-server/


Label : Asiafortress GU Community Mumble

Address :

Port : 64778


4. Balances


Admins will be splitting the 2 teams as well to ensure minimal stacking occurs


5. Registration



Steam ID/URL:




6. Discussion


All discussion shall be in the discussion thread. Do not host your discussions in the registration thread.





Scout : Jesline.t✔ | 6x

Soldier: Piroton | ju

Pyro : scud. | A Sunfish

Demo : teal | akeee

Heavy : qj | Retrollgrade

Engineer : Sogeking | aspencc

Sniper : Baddyz | hcaz

Medic : gozieson | tensei kano

Spy : sola | PhantomStealth








Red Blu




| Scout |

| Soldier |

| Pyro |

| Demoman |

| Heavy |

| Engineer |

| Sniper |

| Medic |

| Spy |

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(first time playing the mixes, :D)


Welcome to the programme.


Would like to know how you found out about the mixes.


There's a thread where you can read how others got in and post up how you got into the mixes.

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A request for next week's mix:


Lets play on the map "Waste", there are 2 variations to the map:


1. koth_waste

2. pl_waste


Pl_waste is a very interesting map and game mode because it's actually a tug-o-war payload map and both teams have to outmuscle the other team and gain control of the cart and push it into the other teams's base. I would really love to try that map for next week's mix.


Edit: Erp, nevermind, it seems that UGC doesn't have pl_waste D:


Still though, if you guys can find it, I would love to try out the map and game mode, otherwise I can stick with koth.

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Guest qjyap

I'm not going to add new stuff until ugc season is over.


Don't worry, thats pretty soon then stuff like barnblitz pro are coming up

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