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Transfer Window 2: 15th August 2012 (24 hour window)

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2E. Player Transfers


Players who are a member of one afc6 clan and wish to transfer to another may do so, but only during a transfer window.


2F. Transfer Windows


The transfer windows will allow players who are a member of a clan competing in afc6 to move to another clan, pending admin approval. While we appreciate the need for clans to add additional players to their roster mid-season, our transfer approvals are based on the legitimacy of the transfer/addition. We aim to provide a league that is fair and competitive and we judge all cases based on that premise. The transfer windows will be 24 hours long and will occur on Wednesday 25th July 2012 & Wednesday 15th August 2012. See the full list of Key Dates for more details.


This transfer window will be open from August 15th 2012 @ 0600 hours +8GMT for 24 hours. Approved transfers will take effect once the transfer window is closed. You may not use players involved in the transfer window in the destination team until the transfer is approved and complete.


To apply for a transfer, reply to this topic with the following details.


Player Name:

Player Profile:

Source Team (and division):

Destination Team (and division):


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