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AFC6 division 2 preview

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Well, well, well. We meet again, fellow Asiafortress members! This is Agent Mamesh 00 bringing you intel and a preview of the upcoming AFC's division 2 tournament.


Since the inception of a division 2 in season 3, teams could always be separated into lower division 2 and upper division 2 from the start and favourites to win would usually be clear from the start. However, for what seems to be the first time, Division 2 looks to be in a crazy, all-out, free for all, may the best team win scenario! Why? In the past few day weeks, I've been spying as well as professionally interviewing members of teams to ask for opinions as well as forming a few of my own and I've compiled them all into the following wall of text!




1. All-Stars

In this star-studded (pun very intended) lineup, we bring you All-Stars! Sponsored by Carnage E-Sports, this team that has been scrimming with secret.tf2, a division 1 team, pre-season and has actually won a few times. Featuring Tharnos, widely proclaimed 'King of MGE Gran Mid', Arcadia, the champion demoman of last season's Division 2 and PinkiePie, a veteran soldier with crazy rocket aim as well as Adelante who will, if left alone, wreck a whole team apart.


When asked about who their fiercest competitor would be, both teamwise and personally, Our resident fragvid maker, Divi my informant has this to say: "Teamwise? Teamblitz. They've been playing together for a long time now and they're sure to turn a head or two with their coordination. Personally? Skeek. We met at a LAN shop and that Jew fro. Man, that Jew fro."


With a solid lineup like this, All-Stars will be one of the favourites to take the trophy home with the advantage of having both experience and skill.


2. Cataclysmic

This is NOT the Cataclysmic from SG/MY that we all know. This Korean squad has a few recognizable faces, namely aB, Emily and phex who have played in past AsiaFortress seasons for other korean teams as well as Babel, who might I add, placed number 7 in CommFT's Top 10 plays of March 2012 showing what awesome aim this team has on it's belt.


Now, seeing a team full of unknowns and disregarding them as fodder, especially Koreans, would be the biggest mistake any team would make. The Koreans have their own segregated TF2 community with their own pug servers where they play a looooot. The players you see will probably be at a high calibre being confident enough to register as Division 1 but only to be pushed down to Division 2.


Disadvantages for team Cataclysmic.KR will be their inexperience versus foreign opponents and their ping latencies. Will Cataclysmic.KR emerge champions to show Asiafortress where they really stand? The questions remains.


3. Reverse

Team Reverse is an interesting team to say the least. A young team made up of the lonewolfs (Please refrain from associating a beautiful word like that with our resident player, L.) of the Taiwan scene, Team Reverse's Captain, Svy, decided that forming a team with them would be enough to create a formidable opponent for the crown of Division 2 champions in Asia. "Winning is obviously our main goal as is the goal of many others, but besides that, I hope we'll be able to enjoy the experience with my team," says Svy.


And who is to say that they're not ready to win? With a team featuring Lei, Moon1it and Eso, it looks like this team will have solid flanks as well as positioning so teams will want to watch out for that. Just like Cataclysmic.KR, Team Reverse's disadvantage would lie in the fact of their inexperience against foreign teams as well as their ping latencies.


4. teamblitz

What was once a team of new players that were shrugged off and expected to end up in the lower division 2 bracket, have suddenly emerge to be one of the biggest rivals for the trophy with the results of their recent friendlies against other teams, all thanks to the insertion of half of last season's Division 2 champions, Ikea Stickies.


With the newly acquired talents and experience of Teal, Jester and Sud, teamblitz has been consistently performing very well and made rookie mistakes a thing of the past. However, I'm not saying that the aforementioned three musketeers are carrying the whole team. Jazr, Midnight, Groza and Unknown may be new to the scene but they all come from being pubstars in the arena scene (fuck you e-club, we decided to rent our own arena server) so players will want to not underestimate their DM skills as well as Rufus, their demoman, who has had LAN experience.


In their friendlies, teamblitz have been showcasing their exceptional teamwork as well as coordination to pull off what might seem impossible for a team that was only formed a few months before this season. Regarding rivals, Jester has this to say: ""All-Stars on local turf, and the Japanese team simply because we don't know them and Japs. Y'know? They're crazy." When asked about who she would be afraid of, she says: "I am fearless, please." Except Tharnos. Jester please, we all know everyone is afraid of Tharnos.


5. Raziel for Carry

And in this corner, we have Raziel For Carry, a team comprised of PGTF2 members as well as a few odds and ends to replace players that have quit or left for their respective fatherlands. (We'll miss you, great leader, Kig) Featuring their self-titled player, Raziel and Yeast on scout as well as Choc on demoman, players will want to watch for these three as well as TxN, a veteran soldier who will most definitely serve as the backbone of the team, cleaning up mistakes with his good positioning and experience.


With their recent scrims against fellow division 2 teams, Raziel for carry proves to be a strong team with decent coordination and exceptional DM skills from their scouts and demoman. Teams will want to have one eye in the sky and many more eyes everywhere else when their medic goes down because when this team goes on the offence, let the fragfest commence. (I'm a rhyme-master, check it.)


Disadvantages of this team would be their constant awkward positioning which is really a double-edged blade because Raziel for Carry has at times turn these awkward positioning to their favour. With regards to rivals as well as favourites to win, Constable Choc says: "Most probably Cataclysmic. To win? All-Stars and Cataclysmic because they're strong and solid teams."


6. I'm Gosu

I'm Gosu is another team just like Cataclysmic.KR, originally registered in a different division but got screened and was promptly placed into Division 2. However, what's different is that I'm Gosu originally registered in Division 3 due to a lack of confidence and possibly a desire to "raep nobos." as explained by a very handsome and talented Mameshiba.


With Cobalt, a Division 1 player, at the helm, players will want to watch out for an advanced mindset and tactics despite a rough execution of said tactics. Featuring inexperienced players like Lexxy, Camou and Drewbie as well as older players like Reetz, Elterwisp (who has a Quake background) and Prodirus, teams will want to watch out for some crazy, awkward, weird combination of gameplay that might throw people off but is actually just an awkward execution of tactics.


Disadvantages of this team would be their lack of experience as well as subpar DM skills but with Cobalt at the helm, it may not matter. Will I'm Gosu stage an upset? Or will they just sink into mediocrity? ONLY TIME CAN TELL.


7. Lust Lust Lust

This team has just been one mysterious enigma throughout pre-season, with any question asked about them going: "Who the fuck are they?" They've been generally unheard of, but as the Malay saying goes: "the quiet potato doesn't mean it's empty" or some shit like that. Yeah, basically what I'm saying is that teams will want to avoid underestimating them because they come from the land of the sun and we all know what crazy players that land has produced. Also, I think we've all watched enough Hentai Anime to know that the quiet ones are most often the craziest ones.


Their disadvantages would be their ping latency, as with most foreign teams. And their advantage? No one knows what to do against them but play blindly without any specific counter tactics.


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