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Mumble isn't hard to set up :P But I have spent lots of time trying to get it to work properly. (Like my voice is always soft :/ or screeches) Could be that it's just me and my sheer stupidity.


In any case, do get a mic. :) Then follow the set up instructions. They're easy.


If you don't have a mic or headset, there are some pretty decent ones in the market. Range from 10-30 or so bucks if I'm not wrong, based on design and the quality of mic. Unless of course, you're looking into those really pro ones that I can never afford.


On a relatively unrelated side note, might I humbly inquire what Skill level/Division this recruitment thread desires?

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I don't exactly know which division you need, but I am playing up to division 4 as medic, and division 5/6 as solly. I have mumble, mic e.t.c (everything you need from your regular scrub). Just hit me up on steam: www.steamcommunity.com/id/NintendoHeart

See ya.


EDIT: Just realised it was 3 months since you posted this thread, and you probably don't need players anymore. ^^'

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