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Week 2 Round-up + 9th December Matchday

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p><p>Division 1: <a href=http://league.asiafortress.com/misc.php?page=div1

Division 2A: http://league.asiafortress.com/misc.php?page=div2a

Division 2B: http://league.asiafortress.com/misc.php?page=div2b



With that, Week 3 officially commences and this is the first game of the week!


[align=center]Team Trolly vs. Sexy Team


cp_granary 5 - 0 to Team Trolly

cp_warmfront 5 - 0 to Team Trolly


[align=center]Team Trolly vs. Sexy Team

[ Scouts ]

[ Soldiers ]

[ Demoman ]

[ Medic ][/align]



Also, if you competitors have recorded any interesting clips from your matches via demos, remember to submit them at the Asiafortress Top 5 Plays thread submission link: http://league.asiafortress.com/showthread.php?tid=1988


For quick updates, add us at the following social mediums.

http://asiafortress.com/sn/facebook.png' alt='facebook.png'>: http://www.facebook.com/asiafortress

twitter.png: http://twitter.com/asiafortress

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