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The Storm by Leshley

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hiho all! Another day and another amazing work from those russian guys from SyncTheory (you haven't yet subscribe? oh damn you!)



This time Leshey will present you his awesome movie called "The Storm":


"So how’s this video different from the bunch of other movies? Well, it’s got a unique graphic look (you’ve never seen TF2 like this), some neat visual effects that stress the main theme of the video. Plus you’ll find an unordinary choice of music for this kind of fragvids. And I hope that you’ll feel all the romance and atmosphere of the storm ;)"


You can download two versions of this video : 10mbit/sec (450 mb): link - 6mbit/sec: link


P.S. A small message for those who actually downloaded this vid: if you’re curious what’s in the archive - I’d advise you to watch the movie a bit more carefully ;-)


- Galant

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