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Love Story

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Chapter 2

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"Oh Aishou, what are you doing here?"

"Well…" Aishou began but ceased talking when a jittery Aqua appeared from the hallway with an excited looking Floaty behind him.

"H-hey." Aqua stammered. His nerves wracking and feeling like an idiot in his kigurumi.

Aishou's ignitus red eyes absorbed the beauty Aqua was radiating from himself right now. If Aishou was smitten before, he was definitely hooked now. "You look cute." Aishou breathed.

"Thanks, you look amazing too." Aqua replied with a bit of shyness.

Aishou took a step forward and handed Aqua the bunch of peonies "I got you these, you always said they were your favourite." He charmed.

"Thank you." Aqua smiled. Touched by the sweet gesture. Now or never, he mentally rallied before biting the bullet, leaning in and kissing his boyfriend on the lips. Aqua pulled back and whispered to Aishou "Will you marry me?"

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