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AFC12 ruleset is a hideous blot

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My name is Kachow, Mememachine or ifun. I am a div 1 medic in AFC12. 

Why is Asiafortress' new ruleset a "hideous blot"?

The AFC12 rule set is an indication of the entire administrative staff's negligence of the abuse and exploitation that may result from its lax creation. Compared to the old rule set, granted it was revised much more than the new one, it is more detailed and touches in many more varying factors and areas that may need reference in the regular occurrence of a tournament.  I will try to dissect as much as I can with the little time I was provided by my circumstances but let's get on to the point. 


You can pause infinitely, as a technicality in the AFC12 Rule set

I cannot quote anything here due to the AFC12 rule set lacking in pause rules. There are no areas in the ruleset that specifies the nature of pauses, how long it can be used and how many times it can be abused. As such, it brings it to my attention that this is a huge loophole that players may abuse/exploit. Despite the reports I've made and solution I've suggested, it has yet to be fixed. In what capacity does an admin have to be forced to change the rules? I was told by an admin, whom I refuse to name and is my friend, that it is not going to be abused and they cannot forsee any abuse that will be done. This is a shortsighted view by the administrative staff (I'm not saying it is their collective opinion but rather their negligent stance says otherwise).

The abuse of the rule set is what must be called to force the admins to fix the aforementioned. What the administrative staff fails to realize is that the exploitation of the rules must not be the initiative force to create change but rather to prevent such exploitation to occur in the first place. Rules are set in place to protect AsiaFortress from trickery, cheating and whatever the administration deem punishable.

In the AFC12 Rule set (as of 10/2/17)

  • You can pause for as many times as you want
  • You can pause for how long as you want
  • You can pause the moment you start your match and wait for your player to come
  • In the case that you are losing, you can pause and wait for how long as you can until your opponent's team cannot meet the requirements of team composition in a regular match.


Lack of a server crash rule set

It may seem I am nitpicking in this area but I believe that in the event that a server crashes, there must be a proceeding that must be followed. This is to avoid favouritism, inconsistency and etc. in the judgement of the administrative staff. 

  • The rule set may be faced with what is counted if the circumstances do appear. Whether to count captures, time, kills, spawn time and etc.



Disclaimer: This is not a targeted attack on the admins but rather a call to action.

Additional rule problems are going to be added later, I gotta go to school boyos.

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