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Part 5

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Crap. Double Crap.

"I...Itache sempai?" I say quietly.


Okay, now is it possible to have a heart attack, brain shutdown and suffer a breakdown at the same time? Well, if not, I'm a medical marvel.

"Oh my god." I drop my bag onto the floor and stare at my locker.

By this point, you're probably wondering who Itache is. Well, lets just say its tricky. He's K1lled's brother. Twin to be more exact and only 6 minutes older than K1lled.

And you're also probably wondering why I am reacting so badly to this news. It can't be that bad right? Well, WRONG! (besides we need some drama right)

That birthday, 2 years ago, when I knew I had fallen in love with K1lled, Itache said something to me. I had only known him 4 months but heck, I'd only know K1llee that long. When I was with K1lled, hanging out, Itache would be there too, being the annoying guy. We weren't friends to the extent K1lled and I were, but we got quite close and got along fairly well. Then on my birthday, Itache cornered me in my garden and confessed something to me.

He loved me. He said we would be the best soldier duo in the world.

Well, you can imagine my reaction. I was in love with K1lled who loved ev who loved K1lled back whose twin brother was now proclaiming his love for me. And I had only just turned 14.

So it was a sticky situation that I didn't know how to get out of, not having a lot of past romantic experience (or any) and all that. So I just told Itache I didn't love him, I loved K1lled. BIG MISTAKE! So learn a lesson from this: Never tell a guy's brother that you don't love him, you love his brother. Make sense?

So, Itache feeling down and crushed by me, threatens to tell K1lled. That was something I didn't want to happen for obvious reasons. He was besotted with ev as she was with him and I couldn't ruin that. So I asked him to keep quiet. He refused obviously, due to the fact I had kinda ripped out his heart and virtually ran over it with a steamroller.

But he didn't get the chance to tell K1lled anything. Their parents split a week later and Itache abandoned TechE to go pinoyland. Now he was back. And he had unfinished business he would probably want to finish.

I'm not even 16 yet!

"Smiley? You okay?" I was brought back to earth by k1tty who had just placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Oh god. What if he tells him? What the hell am I going to do?"

"Well, firstly, clam down because K1lled is coming this way. Second-"

"What?" I picked up my bag and threw my books in, slamming my locker shut.

"Smiley?" I spun around and come face to face with a concerned K1lled. "You okay?"

"Why didn't you tell me Itache was back?"

"I didn't think it really mattered."

"Well, it just would have been nice to know. I thought we were best friends."

"We are you idiot," K1lled laughed. God that cute laugh. Okay, stop there Smiley. You'll go off on one again. "Well, Itache's back and he's mentioned you a couple of times."

"Oh." I could feel nervousness creeping through my veins. "Anything else?"

"No, not really. He just asked how you were and if you were seeing anyone. To be honest, the way he kept asking questions, I kind of got the impression that he has a crush on you." And my stomach drops again. I look up at him but he refuses to meet my eye.

"K1lled?" He finally looks at me but doesn't smile. His face is serious and it worries me. "What is it?"

"Nothing." Then he turn's and heads off to Maths without me.

I eventually caught up with him and he acted as if nothing had happened. Which annoyed me greatly. I wanted to know what made him react the way he did when he said Smiley might have a crush on me. Then it struck me. Well, hit me in the middle of a very bad headache. And I realised at the same time that I can be very slow.

Did K1lled fancy me?

Part of me said yes but part of me dismissed it. He didn't like his brother much so he could have just had a bad taste in his mouth. But maybe he didn't like the idea of Itache crushing on me because he was. But he always seemed so in love with ev, so why would he crush on me?

God, men can be so complicated sometimes. So can life for that matter. There should really be a book about all this.

And what's the cause of this current headache? Itache! Why did he come back? He was hell bent on telling K1lled last time so what if he hasn't changed?


What if he still loves me?

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