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    Pronessf \ˈincapable of using more than 1% of his brain\

    The more dumbed-down version of human waste


    Looking at Pronessf's TF2 career would make anyone laugh out loud; in the short span of 3 years, Pronessf has managed to clock in one of the most consistent resumes in Asiafortress and has had arguably the most stagnant progression in the entire gaming world.


    Despite being part of the new influx of latent talent that started in AFC 10, one that represents a new generation of Asian TF2, Pronessf distinguishes himself through his rapid continuous feeding, having become the same exact player the next 4 seasons.


    Pronessf's descent to the bottom of the barrel symbolises the never-ending quest to win Division 3 1st, personified in his journey from Participant in Div 3 to 2nd in Division 3 in every single team , yet not able to take home the trophy. Every time he reached the familiar stage called grand finals, he was forced to take on another challenge that he could never finish. So far he has encountered the exact same test the past 3 seasons, but how does he proceed from here?



    The original impetus that propelled Pronessf into AFC10 was with REDDIT HEADLINERS. Already in Week 1, he was given the title of Promising Talent (something that he would onto for unfortunately way too long) by facing Hoomanitee and easily destroying them. Steadily, reddit headliners established themselves as a mediocre Div 3 team. Alas, despite trying their best, they were unable to make it to playoffs, being defeated by every above-average team in the season.


    Here, Pronessf’s Achilles heel has already started to rear it's head: His absolute horrendous volume of his voice and lack of discipline when against any competent team. In the first few pugs pronessf’s has taken part in, there were multiple complaints from many notable players.


    Manceloot: “ Just hearing his noisy ass squeaking vocal range makes me want to quit this dead game”


    Spe0: “ I deadass want to kill myself”

    Pronessf: “ god why isnt my team pushing with me”


    Yet upon being shunned by the community, Pronessf decided to continue with his way. While it's impossible to know how much of the decision was on Pronessf ( I suspect it was all him cause no one wanted to pronessf to stay the same), this is the first example where he displayed a distinct lack of social awareness in TF2.


    And yet, this seemed not to matter by the advent of AFC 11. Together with adopted brother Nameloc, Pronessf created the new super team for Div 3, with him showing lower vocal ranges which allowed him to be tolerated by players due to puberty. He wasn’t an average player like Drc, or possessed huge amounts of natural talent but whatever innate skill he possessed when he began playing TF2, it was soon eclipsed by cursed +wm1…..

    Especially during AFC 11, one would find Pronessf at the pinnacle of Division 3 drama; the Chinese simply could not shut his mouth.


    As a result, CTZ  quickly found themselves taking out every other team in Division 3, only dropping 2 maps over the entire season. Both to Technical Difficulties before playoffs. The very fact that CTZ only lost to one team with this innate pile of human trash speaks to volume as no other team has done this before.


    By this point, while Pronessf was not hard carrying his team ( players like momo, nameloc and Striker were all playing very well ), he had shown complete mastery on the arts of walking forward over the rest of his peers, and his all around play was so far strong enough to cover his biggest weakness: the lack of discipline.


    Everyone thought that this would be the roster to win AFC11 Division 3. However, by the time the first map started in the Grand Finals against Teme Machines, the chinese superstar had fallen. Dying multiple times despite teammates complaint, who could even guess what was going through his thick skull. Alas, this would prove devastating to Pronessf as while the rest of his peers advanced through the divisions, he decided to take something no PLAYER would ever dream of : a break.


    Fast forward a season, players that he had grown up with were finally in Division 1 and his adopted brother Nameloc had his team disbanded because of poaching reasons. AFC13 was going to be HIS season. Now this time, Pronessf wanted to be smart, he wanted to win. Thus, he decided to join STANK industries, consisting of Division 1 medic main, ifun,  and AFC medals leecher, Pure ( banned right now LOL). Now things were looking great for Pronessf, he had all the right pieces and everybody wanted to win Division 3. However, something forsaken happened, something no one would ever imagine happening: the B U M P. This caused STANK industries to immediately remove every single weak link in the roster, including our beloved feeder, Pronessf. Still wanting to make something out of his pathetic career, Pronessf immediately jumped ship onto Ogygia.


    Here on Ogygia, Pronessf realised that he had to play with 5 players that were inferior to him, resulting in him having to maincall (??????). This would prove to be quite successful. However, as this brilliant mastermind had only joined in TW1, he was far too late to change Ogygia’s last few placings into a spot in playoffs.


    Yet again, the stars aligned. Pronessf’s buddy and roster rider, Megu, had spread the good name of this 15 year-old and allowed him to join with a top Division 3 Team, Abnormal Sodium, giving him a chance to play with Asiafortress’ oldest player, spikycactus. This would be probably one of the most successful runs to Grand Finals as Pronessf finally had someone that could put him in his place.


    However, this would prove too good to be true. As ABNA slowly crawled their way in Grand Finals, tragedy struck, but this time in the form of a LUXURIOUS HOLIDAY FOR MR. STARVOX TO NIHONLAND (HELL YE)!!!!! Unfortunately, for Pronessf and his Grand Final crew, they were in deep trouble. They had lost their most powerful player and needed to field a merc ASAP. This would eventually lead to the unofficial signing of ABNA Manceloot, something which both Pronessf and Manceloot wish had never happened. ABNA put up an amazing fight against eventual Division 3 Winners, Alphadogs, but they were yet unable to defeat them as the Pronessf Curse held strong.

    That day, Pronessf gained two little spots on his resume: Yet another Division 3 2nd and the constant belittlement of Manceloot.


    After a failed stint in PURE IM division where he was cut in TW1 and replaced by drc on scout (god kill me) due to feeding habits, Pronessf realised that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH, he wanted to prove everyone else wrong, he wanted to show that he was not a disgusting tumor. Thus, he began adventuring even further, he went to the land down under, “I lost to a bunch of emus” land.


    Here, Pronessf got his name out, even forcing a certain member of the OZF community to forever have the letters “ P R O N E S S F” printed on to the back of his head. This man was called Vivi. Vivi here was not a gigantic fan of Pronessf, but soon time showed that despite how hard you tried, you could never really cure cancer, and that you could only accept it. Soon enough, Vivi picked up Pronessf to play for his AFC14 team, Butters Fan Club. However, this time Pronessf wasn’t picked up to play his signature scout, but instead he was forced to take on the mantle of Pocket. This would prove to be a very new experience for Pronessf as not only was he picking up a new class, he was also playing with a bunch of very english people who had low tolerance for noise pollution. Despite being his 4th season, Pronessf was still producing the most useless and loudest information.


    Thus AFC14 began. Despite having a minor bump fighting against wubwub’s team, Pronessf managed to turn the tide around and defeat every other Asian team even with a minor ping disadvantage. They also managed to destroy Cute Little Sister 6s through a brain play Pronessf likes to call “ Jump Quasar”. After 7 weeks of putting up with players from different continents, Pronessf found himself on the top of Division 3 leaderboards. Unfortunately, despite showing his wrath and capabilities he has on pocket, many Division 3 player3 who failed to conquer a spot in playoffs criticise his ability as a player, players like these include w4lker from Signatured.


    The tale of Pronessf is far from over. This week marks the start of playoffs and the start of Pronessf’s journey to first place. Will he achieve what he had aimed for so so long, or will he add another Division 3 2nd place to his unbelievably disappointing resume?



    Written by TF2 Extraordinaire and in no way copied from K1lled’s blog post,


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    Spearheaded by well-known community member Spartan117  “Anti-Clockwise” looks to be the strongest team in div3. Fielding DM Powerhouses Demoman Gunguy and Roamer uniq, two long time vets who’ve returned to prove their mettle and Scout lisa, who’s arguably the best HL sniper in SG. The team also features Medic Waffleiron a HL medic main who decided to dabble in 6s and Pocket hailster whose experience in the upper echelons of the league might give this team the strategic edge to take it home. 

    But do they have enough time before their competition catches up?



    From the opposite side of the spectrum we have Signatured. Not many would consider Signatured to be a DM team but they have the experience and the synergy. Formed from the backs of xdstalememes (aka j4), the core of this team has survived for many seasons. With Scout duo Haze and co-captain zysf, pocket rave and medic hemstar, players who’ve played with captain and roamer memes since afc12 and they’re looking stronger than ever. Rounding out the roster is demoman –ideknoo; while he’s mostly known for his medic, his demo is not to be trifled with.

    Where ever this team may fall short, the seasons upon seasons of synergy that the players have built up will surely prove its worth in the battlefield. And with coach w4lker they’ll be looking to leave a lasting impression that’ll be spoken of for seasons to come. 




    Another team with seasons of synergy, we have the pure Japanese team Grilled Chiken. The roster has survived for seasons now in one way or another; and while they’ve always fallen short of any placements , this season looks to be their best chance. Team captain and medic moya is the heart and brain of the team, a player who has played on the team since its inception. Scout duo cowcow and yucky are, while unproven, a force to be reckoned with. Soldiers luke and tom are two exceptional players molded by the fiery foundry of hatena pugs and Demoman Pestoman, has always been known for his outstanding deathmatching abilities.

     When the pressure increases and the eggs start to crack, will the Ducklings turn into a delicious grilled chicken… wait wat? 


    The wild card for this season, this venomous combination of players might as well slither themselves into playoffs. To be honest, I have no idea what their players are playing and I’m not sure they themselves know either. All I know is that any team with ex-div1 player ifun will be a spectacle to watch. But durian isn’t the only person looking to farm, for this team features more highlights than the mememaster himself. Players Guitar, Holographic and Drae are not any newcomers to the competition and over time have built up their dm from the deepest darkest areas of MGE. Players Sam and Seokjin , while not as skilled as their teammates, they’re not to be passed over and OZF IM player Greek will also bring his experience from the land down under into the battlefield. 

    All I can say about this team is: O.o



    Well there you have it folks- my predictions. Here's to a wonderful season and before you get your pitchforks up 'cause you didn't get in, always remember that will make your playoffs placement that much more sweeter :)

  1. Have you ever felt a sense of impending doom when waking up in the morning? The feeling of waking up in the morning to realise that you haven’t woken up from a nightmare, instead finding yourself waking up to a nightmare? Sort of like waking up in the morning to realise that the millions of dollars you inexplicably won in the lottery despite not buying a ticket was in fact just a part of a cruel, sweet dream? Well that was the way i had felt when i woke up this morning, for it was the morning that i would finally try and confess my feelings to my childhood friend.


    It’s been 8 years since i met her, and 3 years since i’ve realised that i fell for her. Those 3 years i’ve always searched for an opportunity, anything i could do to finally tell her how i felt, yet nothing has come from it since i was such a coward. I’m more or less a natural born coward, a person who always shied away from any challenges or any threats, and did nothing that had so much as a slight chance of a risk. There were so many times and chances given to me to tell her how i felt, or a hint of some kind, like last Thursday in the cinema, or during lunch break when we were left alone by our classmates on Tuesday, or even when we were walking home together yesterday, i’ve been given far too many chances that i’ve never took advantage of. It’s not like i was good at hiding my feelings either; If i was then maybe everyone in class wouldn’t already know about how i felt, at this point i’m sure that the only person that’s blissfully unaware of my love is Vonix herself. She was always laughing at my silly antics, my clumsy nature when i stumble over nothing while carrying my tray from the cafeteria, my forgetfulness in bringing my lunch in the first place, even during my embarrassed stuttering when talking to her at times even after 8 years. In fact, i can’t think of many moments where i’ve seen her not smiling, maybe except that one time of course.


    When we were 14, which was about 4 years ago, i was always getting bullied in class for my short stature, as everyone around me towered high above, sometimes even 30 centimetres or so. Everyone loved to make fun of me because they knew i couldn’t fight back, and i didn’t put up a fight. This went on throughout the school year, until it got out of hand one day when the notorious class bully tried to hit me for accidentally knocking into him while i was dashing for the toilet. “Have you no eyes? Could you not see me here, or are your eyes just as small as you are?” I didn’t have time to argue with him as i really needed the toilet, so i gave him a half hearted apology and tried again for the door, but he didn’t let me pass. As he raised his fist in a fit of anger, i braced myself for the impact that would probably have landed me in the hospital should it connected. As i stood waiting for the imminent right swing, i heard someone rushing to my defence. “He’s already apologised, it’s not like he did it intentionally either, so just let him go already!” It was Vonix, as she placed herself between me and the bully. There was a different air to her this time, not the usual calm and playful aura i was used to. I couldn’t put my finger on the difference, until she managed to chase the bully away and turned to face me. She was not smiling.


    ‘Today’s the day!” Trying to psych myself up to do something, i realise that today’s the perfect time to confess my feelings to her, it was the 14th of February afterall. Motivated, i put on my shoes and stepped outside. That was when i realised, the moment the warm rays of sunlight touched my skin; What do i even get her? I’ve tried so hard to convince myself to finally muster up the courage to do something, that i forgot to plan what that something was. I strolled aimlessly along the asphalt pavement, trying to think of a suitable plan to confess. I must have passed several blocks by the time i realised where i was headed, as i was slowly but surely making my way to the shopping district. “Wow,” i wondered, “Even my legs and my subconscious mind knows more about confessing and what to do than me, maybe i should just perpetually stay in that trance…” The echoes of people trying to market their products and middle aged women trying equally as hard to bargain with them filled my ears as i entered the district. There were many items on sale, ranging from an assortment of coloured towels and pretty keychains. There was everything in here, from people selling cotton candy and popcorn to stores selling wooden furniture. There were also many stores selling Valentine’s day themed items, such as boxes of pretty chocolate and pendants that you could engrave your significant other’s name on. I was jolted out of my daydream, as i realised that i was just staring at the plethora of items on sale, and that i had long forgotten my purpose, getting a gift for Vonix. It was hard to think with all the noise, but i had to come up with something, anything that i could give so that it’ll be easier for me to confess. As i reached out for the box of chocolates that was on Valentine’s sale, i was pushed along by the sea of people. “Hey!” i tried to squeak, but it was no use, i was too far away from the shore. Further and further i drifted away from the pretty pink shop that sold Valentine’s day items, and i stopped struggling to fight the current as i decided to let the massive crowd of last minute shoppers take me wherever they wished. As i found myself washed up on a quiet deserted island where nobody inhibited, i stumbled upon a lonely floral shop.


    This is the one.


    A wave of cowardice hit me again, as i found myself nervous to enter the store. Pacing back and forth, worrying thoughts filled my mind. ‘What if she doesn’t like it, what if she has a flower allergy… what if…” I was all too confused with what to do as a fresh wave of anxiety hit me. The sun was already high up in the air, and i hadn’t a moment to waste if i wanted to confess to her by today. With new-found conviction, i entered the beautifully decorated store. Flowers were everywhere, gorgeously arranged and placed neatly in clear glass vases. The entire rainbow was represented in the store, and the bewitching scent of flora pleasantly wafted into my nostrils. It was then that i realised; What flowers do i even purchase? I haven’t an inkling of knowledge regarding flowers, as well as what Vonix might even like when it came to them. That was when i heard the voice of a woman in her twenties call out to me.


    “Hello, how may i help you?”


    As i turned to face the woman, i realised that it must be the florist that owned the store. The florist smiled warmly at me, as she picked up a rose from one of the vases around. “Sorry for standing around without saying anything, i was just dumbfounded by your selection of flowers here...” I found myself muttering, as i hung my head in guilt. How long have i been standing there without saying anything? She approached me with the rose still in her hand, probably assuming that i was trying to buy a rose for my beloved. ‘If you’re looking for flowers for your Valentine, i have a wide array of them, however i do think this rose would probably be the most foolproof item you could get.” I shook my head in disagreement, as i stared at the variety of flowers behind her. I was spoilt for choices as there were as many flowers in this tiny store as the stars in the night sky, but i knew that the rose would be the wrong choice. “I’m looking for a flower, but i’m afraid the rose may not be the one. I’m afraid the thorns might cut her so i’d prefer something else…” This came out no more than a mumble, as i was afraid she might try to educate me on why the rose was the best choice for this special day, and i haven’t the time to discuss it with her. She tensed up, almost dropping the rose, as if i had said something horrible. Gesturing me to follow her, she paced away from me until she was standing in front of the back door of the store. “In the many years i’ve worked here, that’s the first time i’ve heard that. Come here, i’ll show you a secret!”


    What awaited me was a well kept garden, possibly filled with an even larger variety of flowers than the shop. As i was careful not to trample on any of the pretty things, she sat down beneath a small tree, as if she’s done so many times before. “Well, of course the garden isn’t a secret, everyone around here knows i’ve got one here. The secret i was talking about is this flower right here, the Salvia.” It was an azure blue flower, as big as her palm. The flower stood out amongst the rest, as if the garden was constructed to compliment the sole cluster of Salvia flowers. “The Salvia symbolises modesty, sensuality, and most importantly, love. It was a gift from my boyfriend, whom is now overseas, working hard to master his passion.” Those words seemed distant, as if she was longing for his return. She was careful not to look at me while uttering them either, as she looked to the sky, as if searching for him, somewhere. “He wanted to pursue his career in medicine, and decided that the best way was to further his education somewhere far, so he went to Germany. He gave me those flowers as a parting gift, saying he would return eventually. There is also a phrase that’s linked to the Salvia, being the phrase “I’m thinking of you”.” While she kept up her smile, it was clear that she was heartbroken. She clutched her flower tightly to her chest, now staring right at me, her clear hazel eyes shining with resolve. “When i heard what you told me earlier, i saw the determination and love you had. Even though you were unsure about yourself, you knew not to harm the one closest to you. With this flower, i want you to cherish her, as i’m sure she’s important and very dear to you.” She stood up, handing me a pink and white flower from beneath her apron. On the plastic wrapper that bunched up the enchanting stalks of Marjoram’s, there was a label that read, “Joy and happiness”.


    It was clear what i had to do then.


    I paid for the flowers, and left hastily for her house. There was a sense of lingering loneliness that i felt from the florist, and i was determined to help her out when i was able to, but i didn’t want to lose the determination and the guiding light i had received from the florist. Why had i been so convoluted with thought before? The answer i needed was never in the gift, the answer was what i was able to give. I will make her happy, i will be the reason she smiles in the morning. The present wasn’t important, it was what i gave to her afterwards that mattered. I ran, as fast as my legs could possibly take me, towards her house. It was a long distance from the shop, but that didn’t matter to me as the adrenaline in my body spurred me forward. She’s always been there for me, always smiling and helping me out whenever she can, never with a complaint. This time, i want to be the one to be there for her, always supporting her, always caring for her, always loving for her. I will provide her with the present, but i will also be there for her in the future.


    “Is Vonix here?”


    As she opened the door, i was speechless again. Her long jet black hair cascaded behind her back, with her dark eyes widening at the state i was in. Perspiration dripped from my brow, and my shirt was soaked through. There was a sudden ache from my legs, but at least the flowers were safe. “Are you okay? Have you always went for an evening jog? No fair, you should invite me along next time!” She teased as she gestured for me to enter her home to rest. Evening jog? I was sure the sun was still up a moment ago, just how long have i ran for? Looking at her concerned face as i didn’t react to her kindness, i realised i had so much to say, so much i needed her to know. Unable to bear the weight of my own crushing heart, i blurted out my feelings in their entirety.


    “I’m so sorry for always causing trouble for you, Vonix! All those times i’ve made you worry, all those times i’ve made you sad, all the times you’ve had to help me out, like that time with the bully… I don’t know what i’d do without you, Vonix, i just want you to stay by my side… “


    With all the remaining courage i could conjure, i found myself raising my voice as i told her the final piece of the puzzle still left empty;


    “I love you, Vonix!”


    There wasn’t even a seconds delay. She embraced me, taking the Marjoram’s from my hand and giving me something i had not expected in the slightest; A kiss.


    “AiShou, I love you too…”


  2. LERL \ˈlər(-ə)l\
    The more sophisticated version of lol

    Looking at Lerl's TF2 career would make anyone laugh out loud; in the short span of a year, Lerl has managed to clock in one of the most successful resumes in Asiafortress and has had arguably the most meteoric rise to the top.

    Despite being part of the new influx of latent talent that started in AFC 10, one that represents a new generation of Asian TF2, Lerl distinguishes himself through his rapid improvement, having become a top demoman within 3 seasons.

    Lerl's rise to the top symbolises the never-ending quest to win, personified in his journey from 3rd in Div 3 to one of the best teams in Asia, yet not quite the best. Every time he reached one level of success, he was forced to take on another challenge that no one else could finish. So far he has passed every test presented before him, but how does he proceed from here?



    The original impetus that propelled Lerl into Asian TF2 was with BRG. Already in Week 1, he was granted a taste of the high of competitive TF2 when Rednexxala casted his match against rivals TMG. Steadily, BRG established themselves as a top Div 3 team. Alas, despite being granted a free FFW by TechE, they were unable to win a single match in playoffs, being eliminated by eventual champions TMG in the lower bracket.

    Here, Lerl's Achilles heel has already started to rear it's head: His indecisiveness and weak mental game. In the first map vs TMG in playoffs, Lerl was playing pocket for his team. Yet upon losing that map, the team decided to switch Lerl back onto medic. While it's impossible to know how much of the decision was on Lerl, this is the first example where he displayed a distinct lack of confidence in himself and his abilities.

    And yet, this seemed not to matter by the advent of AFC 11. Together with longtime teammate Ifun, Lerl created the new super team for Div 2, with him showing rapid improvement in terms of deathmatching and decision making. He wasn’t a prodigy in the mold Aishou, or possessed huge amounts of natural talent but whatever innate skill he possessed when he began playing TF2, it was soon eclipsed by his work ethic.

    Especially during AFC 11, every night one would find Lerl scrimming with his team or playing with some sort of mix without fail; the pinoy simply loved playing TF2.

    As a result, TCF quickly found themselves as the undefeated champions of Division 2, only dropping 2 maps over the entire season. One to TMG in Week 2 before they had their final roster, and another to their closest rivals TechE on their best map in the UBF. The very fact that it was considered amazing that TechE managed to win a map at all, speaks volumes to the dominance that TCF displayed over its run.

    By this point, while Lerl was not hard carrying his team ( players like vetia, Ifun and Itache were all playing very well ), he had shown complete mastery over the rest of his peers, and his all around play was strong enough to cover his  weaknesses; he was ready to face the upper echelon.

    Thus, the core of TCF was brought into Div 1 and forming Supa Strikas, picking up superstar scout Fwishy along the way. With their strong base play of Lerl and Fwishy, coupled with Ifun's maincalling, the team cruised to playoffs. Despite finding some trouble with AMC, the team quickly found themselves in the grand final, where xiao was waiting. Sadly, it was a swift 3-0 win to xiao , who barely broke a sweat while doing so.

    Behind the scenes, things were far from pleasant. Ifun's lack of motivation, coupled with an ever changing roster and almost never playing scrims, simply resulted in them being unable to properly challenge xiao despite the amount of talent on paper.



    Lerl's biggest strength has always been his raw deathmatching ability and gamesense. He tends to play passive roles in his teams, yet he is able to playing it to nigh perfection; knowing how to survive without heals while being a high impact player. When he has been feeling confident, he can outright carry the game for you.

    Furthermore, playing within Ifun's system of maincalling has definitely contributed towards his success, showing his ability to play well under clear and firm direction.

    Finally, it cannot be understated Lerl's drive to win and improve himself Although his motivation had a tendency to dip, he was one of the few players on Supa Strikas who was constantly playing and improving his game.

    By this point, it is a game of diminishing returns. His mechanical skill and ingame play is rated very highly , and rightfully so, but the one hurdle he has yet to overcome is his weak mental game.

    Lerl has never shown the resilience to meet every challenge boldly, instead oftimes opting to give up and accept defeat. He has never been the one who shows initiative by leading by example and persistently trying new ways to solve the proble. He simply prefers to let others make a decision without him or resort to passive aggressiveness. Without a commanding presence, Lerl's game quickly detoriates, as he enters a cycle of self deprecation.

    Despite all this, Lerl is still the one you should pin your hopes on dethroning the firmly established top scene. The problem is that Lerl has never been in this situation before; he's always been in a comfortable state where he's clearly the best, and if not he's always had Ifun and his confident maincalling with him. Now, the duo have finally separated , with Ifun electing to play other classes, and Lerl has to learn to stand on his own two feet.

    If his goal is to become a good TF2 player, he has already long since accomplished this. His goal is to become the best TF2 player he can be, and so far he hasn't fully displayed the dedication and grit to overcome the perpetual roadblocks that confront those who aim to become the best.

    With xiao potentially becoming even more dominant with the addition of Fwishy into their roster, Lerl has to change. If he ever hopes to beat them, he has to grow as a player and as a person, and become a superstar.

    When I say superstar, I'm not just thinking of good players, I'm thinking of one man armies who could legitimately win any game through their incredible talent and indomitable will; they are practically able to push, drag and force their teams through elite opponents, especially when things aren't going right.

    The nuance of superstars is that you know they will perform in every match and against any level of opponent. This is the difference between superstars, and good players like Lerl; he's great in terms of his stable performances and ability to rack up damage and kills, but at times not having as much impact in the kind of games from which superstars are expected to elevate their teams to greater heights.

    In essence, when his team won Lerl looked dominant, when they lost he seemed to go missing. While never letting his team down and continuing to be a stable source of damage, when their backs were against the wall in the he never looked like the player to kick-start the comeback for his team. 

    Mechanically Lerl is a beast, with consistent performances across every map. He never seems to struggle but on the flip side, he never seems to be the difference maker. In other words, he always seems to be a background character when his skills warrant him to be leading the charge.

    In fact, Lerl at times has a tendency to underperforming or tilt under pressure; He lacks
    the inner strength to say "I don’t think I’m the best, but I don’t think there is anyone better" (olofm). He's great when things are going well, but when shit hits the fan, as it inevitably will against teams like xiao, what can he bring to the table? 

    Lerl's conundrum is one that should be studied as it deals with the most fundamental problem of competition. I don't know if he will ever reach his ultimate goals, but if Lerl is to once again elevate his play to another level, and become the superstar he is destined to be, he has to first conquer himself.


    PS I have a blog https://k1lledblog.wordpress.com

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    My name is Kachow, Mememachine or ifun. I am a div 1 medic in AFC12. 

    Why is Asiafortress' new ruleset a "hideous blot"?

    The AFC12 rule set is an indication of the entire administrative staff's negligence of the abuse and exploitation that may result from its lax creation. Compared to the old rule set, granted it was revised much more than the new one, it is more detailed and touches in many more varying factors and areas that may need reference in the regular occurrence of a tournament.  I will try to dissect as much as I can with the little time I was provided by my circumstances but let's get on to the point. 


    You can pause infinitely, as a technicality in the AFC12 Rule set

    I cannot quote anything here due to the AFC12 rule set lacking in pause rules. There are no areas in the ruleset that specifies the nature of pauses, how long it can be used and how many times it can be abused. As such, it brings it to my attention that this is a huge loophole that players may abuse/exploit. Despite the reports I've made and solution I've suggested, it has yet to be fixed. In what capacity does an admin have to be forced to change the rules? I was told by an admin, whom I refuse to name and is my friend, that it is not going to be abused and they cannot forsee any abuse that will be done. This is a shortsighted view by the administrative staff (I'm not saying it is their collective opinion but rather their negligent stance says otherwise).

    The abuse of the rule set is what must be called to force the admins to fix the aforementioned. What the administrative staff fails to realize is that the exploitation of the rules must not be the initiative force to create change but rather to prevent such exploitation to occur in the first place. Rules are set in place to protect AsiaFortress from trickery, cheating and whatever the administration deem punishable.

    In the AFC12 Rule set (as of 10/2/17)

    • You can pause for as many times as you want
    • You can pause for how long as you want
    • You can pause the moment you start your match and wait for your player to come
    • In the case that you are losing, you can pause and wait for how long as you can until your opponent's team cannot meet the requirements of team composition in a regular match.


    Lack of a server crash rule set

    It may seem I am nitpicking in this area but I believe that in the event that a server crashes, there must be a proceeding that must be followed. This is to avoid favouritism, inconsistency and etc. in the judgement of the administrative staff. 

    • The rule set may be faced with what is counted if the circumstances do appear. Whether to count captures, time, kills, spawn time and etc.



    Disclaimer: This is not a targeted attack on the admins but rather a call to action.

    Additional rule problems are going to be added later, I gotta go to school boyos.

  3. Today we're back looking at some of the 2 expected lower teams in Division 2, Dark Wolves E-Sports and Kachow Fan Club.

    Maps played were cp_gullywash and cp_process, both in AFL SG servers. It would be fair to note that there was a significant ping disadvantage to the side of Dark Wolves, given that none of them had below 90 ping.


    Dark Wolves E-Sports

    Scout: Peekaf
    Scout: Kebee
    Soldier: Fury
    Soldier: Soap
    Demo: Sakuya.
    Medic: Kr4tus (1st map) Haze (2nd Map)

    Kachow Fan Club

    Scout: himari (merc)
    Scout: sir9
    Soldier: LED
    Soldier: Dmnator
    Demo: Poey
    Medic: Alyssum

    Before we go into what I can vaguely remember about both maps, this was honestly a pretty back and forth game purely off the back of both teams making TONS of mistakes. One of the funniest things I saw during the game was Fury's refusal to jump and Soap's controller-like aim. Uber trades always seemed to end in 1v1 fights distributed at different parts of the map, and holds were usually broken by players feeding accidentally.


    The map started out with a pretty swift victory to Dark Wolves, taking mid and rolling it to last; a trend I'm seeing among Gullywash games actually. Interesting to note was that Peekaf ran sniper to mid the first round, though he didn't actually win that specific game for them. The next three rounds went to KFC in the span of 11 minutes, showing off fairly convincing aggression that worked off the amount of mistakes Dark Wolves was making.

    During this part of the game, it was interesting to see the survivability of both medics was close to nil. Dmnator and LED put up a fairly good show in jumping Kr4tus and killing him post uber fights, but it was always after Aly had already died to Fury's 'waddle pocket' strategies. A lot of the ubers were centered around Fury just walking forward and ploughing out damage - customary to his old Cute Beast playstyle. However, I think having a lack of STRONG scout support did factor in a lot post pushes.

    Not to diss Peekaf, of course. The man pulled a great show after they were knocked down 4 - 2 at the 16 minute mark. I'd go as far to say that the only reason that the Kr4tus team won was because Peekaf was able to break stalemates and get picks fairly effectively as sniper. He was making up for the damage the rest of his team wasn't doing, especially Soap who was 9/25 with 157 dpm - not great stats from a once celebrated pocket turned roamer.

    It came down to the wire for Dark Wolves to tie the game, the last round going 12 minutes and only being capped with 18 seconds left. The intensity of the aggression and an upswing of mistakes from KFC (considering that several of their members love to feed or were always poorly positioned) led to a great momentum push in the last few minutes.


    After the fairly close game of Gullywash, Kr4tus was replaced by Haze for whatever reason. The first round was probably the closest of the entire game, lasting about 10 minutes and constantly going back and forth between mid. Although, it wasn't really a controlled back and forth so to speak; most of the time it was because someone or other had died taking a dumb fight somewhere, and that ended up triggering a push from someone else, who either THEN died in a dumb fight or managed to successfully pull something off.

    Props to himari during this game though; he was absolutely on fire with 7 medic picks, quite a few of them when Haze was surrounded by his teammates. In fact, in this first round alone himari killed Haze four times, allowing for largely more successful pushes out of KFC to eventually win a hard fought round at last.

    Not much to say beyond that; honestly the game was really messy. The only point KFC got was off a dominating display by Fury and Soap, who were key in killing the enemy medic in critical points throughout the game; mostly off the fact that KFC kept whiffing pushes and getting caught in Dark Wolves' momentum.

    Critically, Haze had 200 less heals per minute than his opponent, and Peekaf wasn't showing up to make the difference for his team, who SERIOUSLY lack in the damage department.


    If you ask me, both teams are honestly pretty lacking, its just that DM wise KFC was a lot more consistent this game (except for a breakup in Gullywash that led to Dark Wolves tying up). Coordination is a BIG factor in why these two are so messy. Watching the game, I never even had an inkling of what the teams were trying to do; it was as though they were both PUG teams. There's little to no cohesion at mids, and holds always end up with random 1v1s breaking out. It's not even good 1v1s either; there's no logic to when they fight, they would just fight because they felt like it or something.

    Based off the Gullywash game (which I consider a better example of the faceoff between these two teams), Dmnator and LED have some potential as soldiers, since they did match up against the experience of Fury fairly well. Both medics could stand to gain a pair of surfing shoes, as their survivabilty post fight and even when they see the roamer coming is pretty bad... One-third of each of the medics deaths were within 20s after Uber, if you look at the logs.

    There's definitely room for improvement on either side. There's no fixing the problems that either team has except to scrim more and discuss the issues with each other, because as far as I can see both teams have 0 chemistry.


  4. Love Story

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    Aqua felt cold, an odd thing to feel when you were in the middle of the city. He was still wet and shivering from the horrifying tsunami, plus he was sure that he was bleeding from his stomach. Although the blood flow had slowed down, the wound was still stinging painfully. It had been nearly ninety minutes since the couple had phoned Floaty but there was no sign of a rescue; Aqua believed from the deepest heart that he would come for them. Before he came, Aqua had a job, and that was to keep Aishou safe.

    "H-how are you holding up?" Aqua asked the equally cold but still charming boy beside him.

    "My eyes are not hurting as much now," Aishou answered, still sobbing a bit and weighted by anxiety.

    "I'm going to try and open them now, can you check them?"

    "Sure," Aqua replied, a little scared of what he might see.

    "Ok." Aishou took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes and it took all of Aqua's mental strength not to gasp;

    The whites of his eyes had little cuts across the eyeballs and the pupils were fixed in a small dilation thus not adapting to a dark environment. There were no two ways about it that Aishou was blind but Aqua just hoped that everything would be fine.

    "How do they look?" Aishou asked in an uncertain and pained voice, having his eyes opened was really uncomfortable at the moment.

    "Beautiful." Aqua glossed over.

    "When we get to the hospital, I promise they'll fix you up. I bet Floaty knows a great eye doctor."

    "But what if I'm stuck l-like this?" Aishou asked, beginning to shiver.

    "Don't talk like that, it'll be OK," Aqua assured, his teeth starting to chatter.

    "But what if I'm blind forever, what's going to happen to me?" Aishou panicked, too cold to cry.

    Aqua embraced the boy he adored to share some of his body heat and spoke softly, "If you're blind, we'll deal with it. Your parents, my family, our friends will be there for you and I'll be with you all the way; I'll be your eyes I promise you."

    "A-Aqua…" Aishou sobbed. Despite freezing, he felt warm, like sunlight shining on his heart. He slowly raised his hands to find Aqua's face, caressing the blood stained cheeks and guided him in for a kiss. Time slowed down, feeling like an eternity for the couple even though their lips were ice cold.

    The kiss ended and the pair stayed wrapped in each other's arms, both of them shuddering from the low temperature. Their bodies were succumbing to hypothermia; their clothes were still drenched, coupled with the wet environment. It's toll on their already wounded and tired bodies, and unbeknown to the couple, their bodies were beginning to shut down.

    "I-it was a wonderful date though." Aishou forced a smile.

    "Yeah,…it was like a dream," Aqua replied, his voice growing tired.

    "Aqua, are you alright?" Aishou fretted, noticing how tired his boyfriend sounded.

    "It's ok…I'm just a little sleepy," Aqua answered. His body was going numb, no longer feeling the pain in his stomach.

    "No, Aqua stay awake! Don't go to sleep! Don't leave me!" Aishou cried, shaking Aqua to stir him. Just then, the sound of sticky jumper came to his attention; it was really close. "Floaty!" Aishou realized.

    "Aqua wake up, the rescue team is here!"

    There was no response. Aqua was breathing but not steadily; his body was trembling; he was going into shock. The sound of the sticky jumper landing on the roof blocked out Aishou's pleas "I beg you, please wake up!"

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    bind kp_pgdn "joinclass pyro"
    bind kp_leftarrow "joinclass demoman"
    bind kp_5 "joinclass heavyweapons"
    bind kp_rightarrow "joinclass engineer"
    bind kp_home "joinclass medic"
    bind kp_uparrow "joinclass sniper"
    bind kp_pgup "joinclass spy"
    bind kp_ins "joinclass random"

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    It was that usual afternoon,
    floaty would log in on steam immediately as soon as he got home. So that he could hop into AsiaFortress SG #10 | Jump Advanced | Tempus Network's server to start his daily dose of rocket jumps practice. Rocket jumps are not just a game mode to him, it's also his passion, his fuels, his affection. And tempus means something more to him, it was here at tempus, where he first met meejaey, his bff, crush and senpai.
    "Maybe if I stay here longer, meejaey would eventually come online and jump with me." Floaty giggled at himself like a Japanese high school girl.
    5 hours has passed. Meejeay still has't came online, floaty still stuck at stage 9 of jump_beef. Floaty starting to get depressed, he couldn't get through the jump without the support and cheering from his fellow jumping partner Meejeay. He wondered where did Meejeay go...
    Finally, at 8pm Singapore time (GMT +8), Meejeay ( Rank 89/24537 demoman ) has joined the sever.  Floaty could not contain his excitement, he spammed meejeay with 30 steam messages explaining how he missed him, how desperate he was without him.
    Normal people might found it annoying. Nevertheless, meejeay found all these so sweet so pleasant to him, because he knew, floaty would only do this to him, not anyone else.
    Meejaey proceed to enter their own little mumble channel "Love nest of MJ x FlTy"
    "Why are you so late today darling...what happened.." Floaty moaned to Meejeay.
    "I was preparing something special for you, its your birthday today bae... don't you remember?" Meejeay whispered back in his sexy Japanese young boy voice.
    "I bought you this strange specialized killstreak Original with white sheen. Hopefully it will remind you of my gigantic pickle whenever I'm gone." Meanwhile Meejeay gift wrap the original and himself in order to deliver to floaty
    "I...I am speechless LKldsjflksjfoiqjfoqfjqofiq" Floaty mumbled back while getting turned on.
    And then they fucking hard core e-sex ed.
    While alteria, ely and 26 were in spectators watching them crawling over each other and listening to their mumble coms. They were delightful for them as well.
    Meejaey and Floaty are now both rank 69 in tempus. God bless this power couple.