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  1. itsdeadrip: hey r u confirmed with friday 8:30PM gmt8 for the match? RayXay: Yes itsdeadrip: aight ill post it RayXay: okay thanks Match will be played on Friday, 8:30PM gmt+8.
  2. Hey, I'm Asuna from The 6 Gents in div 3 of afc12. I am planning to make a frag video, or highlights from players in Division 1-3. Please upload your demo with ticks on via Dropbox, Mega...etc. IMPORTANT PLOTS ---> 1. Only accepting clips from OFFICIAL MATCH IN AFC ONLY! 2. Only accepting 4 killstreak+, airshots, amazing picks, huge plays...etc. 3. Please do not upload normal frags. 4. Each person is only permitted to post at most 5 frags or highlights. 5. Please do not be mad if your demo file is not chosen and made into the video. Please follow the structure below in order to submit your frags: Player Name: Type of Highlight: Demo File Ticks: Player Division: Demo File Download Link: Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Example: Player Name: Asuna Type of Highlight: 5 killstreaks Demo File Ticks: 44500 Player Division: 3 Demo File Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!I4gEELRQ!m4UuidlYMxZMP8eEoeTzWEf_TTtuFxH03a6ov1IDPic Is This Clip From Asia Fortress Official Match Only? A: Yes, it is P.S. : {I apologize if my editing skills is not as good as Beater since I'm only amateur :| }
  3. ⠀⠀: can grand final be on Saturday May 13th 9Pm gmt+8? Nettlebane.: give me a sec ⠀⠀: k Nettlebane.: sure ⠀⠀: aight Match is scheduled to be played on Saturday May 13th 9PM gmt+8.
  4. a reticent flower: CTZ will postpone grand final til next week since some of our players arent available a reticent flower: thank you for understanding a reticent flower: also, can we postpone to next Saturday 9PM gmt8? Nettlebane.: umm Nettlebane.: ok Nettlebane.: maybe Match will likely be postponed and moved to next Saturday 9PM gmt+8.
  5. Results: Gullywash Ctz won 3-0 Process Ctz won 5-1 Alex's Twitch
  6. Apples just told me "apples: It's not your place to accept the decision or not. And also every league doesn't share the evidence of hacking. Very questionable answer. "
  7. On the last ban of JLOSA the admins have shown the ip address evidence of the smurf accounts to their main accounts. However, this time, there is no evidence shwn and proven. I am not accepting the decision without any evidence told to us members.
  8. I'm very sorry but I DO NOT ACCEPT THE BAN. This is non-sense if you just accuse of a good player cuz u think he is hacking. I would like to have a conversation face to face to admins to understand what your evidences are before you execute this ban. This is totally unfair.
  9. Snakewater Twitch by Alex Process Proof Shana 2 was the server used to play on