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  1. Process 5-1 Colon Three Won :- http://logs.tf/930429?highlight=76561198044246562 Logjam 4-2 Methyee Won:- http://logs.tf/930479?highlight=76561198044246562 ggwp
  2. 12:45 am - Cell: hey, any confirmation yet 12:45 am - shounic serenade: i think it should be ok 12:45 am - shounic serenade: so 9 right 12:46 am - Cell: can we use oKk as merc 12:46 am - Cell: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079059453/ 12:46 am - Cell: even sherlock can't play now 12:46 am - shounic serenade: k 12:47 am - Cell: thanks 12:47 am - Cell: thurs 9pm then!
  3. postpone till further notice.
  4. might have to postpone to 9.30pm gmt+8
  5. Why not allowing skull cutter?
  6. But your in Malaysia Saki. God damn it!
  7. 1. Okay, I'm not being persistent i am just asking a what if situation. 2. Okay. As far i know last season division 3 champions didn't get their prizes. So i was wondering if you guys are collecting even more refines to make a bigger prize pot from previous AFCs 3. Noted about the final list of teams posted. Trust your judgement about moving the teams to their appropriate skill divisions.
  8. 1. Is there any other admin or moderator in charge in case we unable to contact you if per say your not reachable? 2. Is the 4 refines registration fee part of the grand prize pool? 3. Will we be moved divisions as admin deem fit or we are confirmed to be playing at the division we signed up for?
  9. 1. Date of it starting? 2. Number of maximum players in roster? 3. Important dates? 4. Rules and regulations? 5. Map pools? 6. Weapon whitlelist? 7. List of admins that could be contacted in case of any issue? 8. List of approved servers? If possible it will much appreciated if you list the IPs of most used servers for scrims/matches over on this site. 9. Any specific changes or something you guys are going to try/experiment on this season? 10. Will there be a LAN finals?
  10. no any respond from the opponent team. Neither on the match thread or any of their teammates pm me or my other teammates.
  11. no any respond from the opponent team. Neither on the match thread or any of their teammates pm me or my other teammates.
  12. proposing for sunday 12/10/2014 9pm GMT+8 any AF SG servers available
  13. pokemon masters forfeit this match. Easy working wins. Grats and good luck in the future.
  14. Hi, Please scrap the compulsory demo upload rules. POV demos should be submitted to an admin or an anti-cheat team whenever there is an accusation to be made or something etc. EDIT:- will you guys listen to us if we do a petition?