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  4. teejay come to exp mentorship, you need to join.

  5. tfw the succ is too much.

    the fucc is too stronk.

    the ban is too cronk.

  6. feeling banned

  7. Team Feminmeninists has forfeited Reason : Not enough players are online or ready to play within his roster.
  8. Team Varrain has forfeited. Reason : His team was incomplete and was forced to forfeit.
  9. If I have possible players to add to my team, where should I put these additional requests?
  10. Recruiting

    Hey. I need each of the classes listed on the title. I would also appreciate if he/she has any experience being with a team. Please add me for more information. ifun http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030880491/ Don't be shy, I don't bite. -UPDATE- The only available slots are.. -2 SCOUT [sUBSTITUTE] -POCKET [sUBSTITUTE] -ROAMER [sUBSTITUTE] -DEMO [sUBSTITUTE]
  11. Hello, my name is ifun. What I main is soldier and engineer, I decided to get involved in AFL pugs because some say it's a different experience from the other pug servers I've been to. Well, as I said before, hello and nice to be in this community. [sorry for the double post, my internet was failing. Will delete asap, if I figure out how to do it]