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I make Team Sheets!

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Hello there, competitive TF2 players! I'm Robin/Potapro and I'm making teamsheets for AsiaFortress in the upcoming AsiaFortress Cup 10! (and for future events)

If you don't know what teamsheets are, they're like the ones that Team Fortress TV makes and uses in their streams to show off a team's stats.

I have free time on my hands and so I thought of making teamsheets for you competitive folks! 

Of course, I can't use TFTV's design so I came up with my own to use for AsiaFortress.


Edit : The team sheets, as well as the stats are being revamped and remade to look better. Still finding ways to make it look neater, should be ready when AFC starts!

Edit 2 : You can find what's happening to the sheets in this log right here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YIsMnsHsMm2gnGCEb4Z4uqXuLSlirwBS7jQYRU43IRU/edit?usp=sharing

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great initiative m8


its mildly frustrating that the texts are not aligned properly though


I agree. The software I'm using doesn't make it easy for the text to be aligned properly. I'm using freehand (which sucks) and it takes a long time for it to look even. We don't have an automatic sheet creator like TFTV does, so it's very difficult to make the sheets look the same. However I'm still finding ways to make it look neater and better. :)

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