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    Aqua felt cold, an odd thing to feel when you were in the middle of the city. He was still wet and shivering from the horrifying tsunami, plus he was sure that he was bleeding from his stomach. Although the blood flow had slowed down, the wound was still stinging painfully. It had been nearly ninety minutes since the couple had phoned Floaty but there was no sign of a rescue; Aqua believed from the deepest heart that he would come for them. Before he came, Aqua had a job, and that was to keep Aishou safe.

    "H-how are you holding up?" Aqua asked the equally cold but still charming boy beside him.

    "My eyes are not hurting as much now," Aishou answered, still sobbing a bit and weighted by anxiety.

    "I'm going to try and open them now, can you check them?"

    "Sure," Aqua replied, a little scared of what he might see.

    "Ok." Aishou took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes and it took all of Aqua's mental strength not to gasp;

    The whites of his eyes had little cuts across the eyeballs and the pupils were fixed in a small dilation thus not adapting to a dark environment. There were no two ways about it that Aishou was blind but Aqua just hoped that everything would be fine.

    "How do they look?" Aishou asked in an uncertain and pained voice, having his eyes opened was really uncomfortable at the moment.

    "Beautiful." Aqua glossed over.

    "When we get to the hospital, I promise they'll fix you up. I bet Floaty knows a great eye doctor."

    "But what if I'm stuck l-like this?" Aishou asked, beginning to shiver.

    "Don't talk like that, it'll be OK," Aqua assured, his teeth starting to chatter.

    "But what if I'm blind forever, what's going to happen to me?" Aishou panicked, too cold to cry.

    Aqua embraced the boy he adored to share some of his body heat and spoke softly, "If you're blind, we'll deal with it. Your parents, my family, our friends will be there for you and I'll be with you all the way; I'll be your eyes I promise you."

    "A-Aqua…" Aishou sobbed. Despite freezing, he felt warm, like sunlight shining on his heart. He slowly raised his hands to find Aqua's face, caressing the blood stained cheeks and guided him in for a kiss. Time slowed down, feeling like an eternity for the couple even though their lips were ice cold.

    The kiss ended and the pair stayed wrapped in each other's arms, both of them shuddering from the low temperature. Their bodies were succumbing to hypothermia; their clothes were still drenched, coupled with the wet environment. It's toll on their already wounded and tired bodies, and unbeknown to the couple, their bodies were beginning to shut down.

    "I-it was a wonderful date though." Aishou forced a smile.

    "Yeah,…it was like a dream," Aqua replied, his voice growing tired.

    "Aqua, are you alright?" Aishou fretted, noticing how tired his boyfriend sounded.

    "It's ok…I'm just a little sleepy," Aqua answered. His body was going numb, no longer feeling the pain in his stomach.

    "No, Aqua stay awake! Don't go to sleep! Don't leave me!" Aishou cried, shaking Aqua to stir him. Just then, the sound of sticky jumper came to his attention; it was really close. "Floaty!" Aishou realized.

    "Aqua wake up, the rescue team is here!"

    There was no response. Aqua was breathing but not steadily; his body was trembling; he was going into shock. The sound of the sticky jumper landing on the roof blocked out Aishou's pleas "I beg you, please wake up!"

  2. Justintayz12345
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    The whole 'facing a pack of lions' thing still stands.

    My stomach wont stay still and my heart is going at 5000 km/h. I spot his house as I turn a corner. I could easily turn back now, let him go and let him move on…whilst regretting not saying anything for the rest of my days.

    Walking up to his front door, I pause before I let my fist hit the door. Looking through the window, I see him sitting on the stool. He's flicking through an old photo album that I remember giving to him because he wouldn't shut up about having no where to put his photographs. I smile at the thought and then it hits me : I was going to do was simply stupid. He's going to the EU and its not like I can stop him. Sighing in defeat, I let my fist drop to my side and turn away. Its all for the best...


    Turing, I see him standing in the door way. Stupid mental thoughts. Too preoccupied to hear him.

    "Hey. I just wanted to say bye." Turing back, I close my eyes and mentally hit myself. I could have thought of something better to say, couldn't I?

    "Don't go." Stopping, and making sure I heard him right, I turn back to face him.

    "Why not?"

    "Just come in. You're freezing and wet." I follow him into the house as he closes the door. "Give me your coat. I'll go get a towel for your hair." He walks into the kitchen, leaving me standing there. I walk into the sitting room and glance at the photo album. It was full of pictures from when we were at the beach last summer. I smile as I look at the one of me and K1lled. I have that one too. The better days. "I got you a coffee too."

    "Thanks," I mumble, taking a sip then cursing as it burnt my tongue.

    "Its hot."

    "Really?" I mentally shout at myself as I see the look on his face

    "Why did you call me in? Its not like we're the best of friends now."

    "You're always going to be my best friend."

    "Yeah, you made that so clear these past few days."

    "Don't Smiley."

    "Why not? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't react like this?"

    "Because I need to explain myself."

    "You don't have to explain. I get it. You don't love me like I love you. I can accept that. I got it crystal clear in the café."
    I could already feel my throat tightening as the words came tumbling out.

    "I didn't mean to be like that."

    "Of course you didn't mean to give me the cold shoulder."

    "I was confused."

    "I don't care if you were confused. How do you think I've been feeling?" He steps back away from me in shock. 

    "Don't make this any worse for me than it already is."

    "Enlighten me K1lled. How can this be bad for you?"

    "Because I'm not sure what I feel for you." What a way to shut me up. He was always good at that. I sit on the couch as he sits opposite me. "I was shocked and confused, so I shut everyone out until I could sort myself out first. I didn't expect it. I didn't expect for my best friend to turn around to me and say she loved me. And for 2 years too. And my girlfriend of 2 years had just told me she loved my brother. Can you see where I'd get slightly confused?"

    "Ev.... I could deal with. There had always been this nagging thought in the back of my mind that she felt something for Itache. But I never wanted to develop that thought because things seemed to be going so well. 2 years and we were going to grow old together..... But then…then you said you loved me…and everything started spinning."

    You want to know something that's spinning right now? My mind.

    "What if those 2 years had been a waste? Why didn't I play on my first thoughts? Why didn't I see the signs? Why did I keep ignoring them?"

    "K1lled, what are you talking about?" Ignoring my question, he carries on.

    "I didn't love her at the start. I began to love her. Or maybe it wasn't her that I fell in love with. Maybe it was the idea of someone being there. It wasn't her to begin with, but I ignored it, hoping it would go away, but it didn't. It just stayed there in the back of my brain…in the back of my heart…dormant."


    "You know when we became friends?"


    "There was one thing that I always kept from you."

    "What?" I ask quietly, hesitant of hearing his reply.

    "That I loved someone, and it wasn't ev." What a way to cheer me up K1lled, tell me that there was someone else too. What a way to repair my broken heart.

    "I don't want to know K1lled." I feel the tears prick my eyes as I stand up. "If you think this is helping me, then you're wrong, so wrong. How can it help me to tell me that there was someone else you loved too?"

    "You might want to know," K1lled replied, standing up to meet me.

    "I don't think so."

    "Its someone you know."

    "That makes me feel a million times better."

    "Someone you know extremely well."

    "Why, this is the best news I've had all year," I reply, half sarcastically, and half about to break down.

    "Smiley." The softness of his voice shuts me up. "Remember that mousepad I got you for your birthday?" I nod. "Don't you think it was a bit too much for someone who was only meant to be a friend?"

    "I thought you were being nice."

    "Too nice," he laughs. "That cost me a fortune. To get it I didn't spend nearly as much on ev as I wanted."

    "Nice move…the whole guilt trip thing."

    "I'm not trying to do that, I'm trying to make you realise. I've always spent more time with you than I have ev. I always put you before her when it should be the other way around. If you ask, I come running. If you cry, I want to be the shoulder you do it on. If you laugh, I have to be there to hear it because my day isn't right if I don't hear it."

    "K1lled…what are you-"

    "Don't you get it Smiley? I didn't until after the café. It was you all along. I loved ev because she was someone who could be there. I loved ev because I couldn't come to terms with the fact I loved my best friend, my girlfriends sister." I drop the coffee mug I'm holding. "Isn't that a laugh? I love my best friend who is my ex-girlfriends sister and my brother loves her too."

    For some reason, I have a weird deja vu vibe.


    "I want to say sorry for not saying anything. I didn't know you felt like that. I'll understand if you cant stand the sight of me after what I put you through, but after 2 years, I felt like I had to tell you. Because in my opinion, its 2 years too late and I couldn't wait any longer."

    I could pinch myself right now just to check that this isn't a dream.

    "Please, just say something Smiley."

    Oh god, help me say something that makes sense. Anything, just something he can understand.


    "Four words. Just say them to me and I wont leave. I wont go to the EU."

    "But that's what you want. For the past 2 years that's where you've wanted to go."

    "But I want you more." I smile as a tear slides down my cheek.

    "Say it to me. Those words."



    "I love you K1lled."



    I smile as more tears roll down my face. "So god damn much." I laugh and throw my arms around him, hanging on for dear life, crying into his shoulders

    There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. 

    To shed tears for the one I love is only natural.

    "I love you too." I feel him smile against my neck. "So god damn much." He laughs as he pulls away to face me. His smile…Leaning forward, he places those lips on mine. This is what I've been waiting for. And so I swear to god, I will not waste this moment

    He kissed me and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below my ear, his thumb caressing my cheek as our breaths mingled. I ran my fingers down K1lled's spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between us. I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest.

    We are one


    The End

  3. // 0:Random 1:Scout 2:Soldier 3:Pyro 4:Demoman 5:Heavy 6:Engineer 7:Medic 8:Sniper 9:Spy

    bind kp_end "joinclass scout"
    bind kp_downarrow "joinclass soldier"
    bind kp_pgdn "joinclass pyro"
    bind kp_leftarrow "joinclass demoman"
    bind kp_5 "joinclass heavyweapons"
    bind kp_rightarrow "joinclass engineer"
    bind kp_home "joinclass medic"
    bind kp_uparrow "joinclass sniper"
    bind kp_pgup "joinclass spy"
    bind kp_ins "joinclass random"

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    It was that usual afternoon,
    floaty would log in on steam immediately as soon as he got home. So that he could hop into AsiaFortress SG #10 | Jump Advanced | Tempus Network's server to start his daily dose of rocket jumps practice. Rocket jumps are not just a game mode to him, it's also his passion, his fuels, his affection. And tempus means something more to him, it was here at tempus, where he first met meejaey, his bff, crush and senpai.
    "Maybe if I stay here longer, meejaey would eventually come online and jump with me." Floaty giggled at himself like a Japanese high school girl.
    5 hours has passed. Meejeay still has't came online, floaty still stuck at stage 9 of jump_beef. Floaty starting to get depressed, he couldn't get through the jump without the support and cheering from his fellow jumping partner Meejeay. He wondered where did Meejeay go...
    Finally, at 8pm Singapore time (GMT +8), Meejeay ( Rank 89/24537 demoman ) has joined the sever.  Floaty could not contain his excitement, he spammed meejeay with 30 steam messages explaining how he missed him, how desperate he was without him.
    Normal people might found it annoying. Nevertheless, meejeay found all these so sweet so pleasant to him, because he knew, floaty would only do this to him, not anyone else.
    Meejaey proceed to enter their own little mumble channel "Love nest of MJ x FlTy"
    "Why are you so late today darling...what happened.." Floaty moaned to Meejeay.
    "I was preparing something special for you, its your birthday today bae... don't you remember?" Meejeay whispered back in his sexy Japanese young boy voice.
    "I bought you this strange specialized killstreak Original with white sheen. Hopefully it will remind you of my gigantic pickle whenever I'm gone." Meanwhile Meejeay gift wrap the original and himself in order to deliver to floaty
    "I...I am speechless LKldsjflksjfoiqjfoqfjqofiq" Floaty mumbled back while getting turned on.
    And then they fucking hard core e-sex ed.
    While alteria, ely and 26 were in spectators watching them crawling over each other and listening to their mumble coms. They were delightful for them as well.
    Meejaey and Floaty are now both rank 69 in tempus. God bless this power couple.
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    Ray woke up alone in a desolate room, the feeling of loneliness creeping up to him slowly, but surely. This feeling was nothing new to Ray however, as he's been accustomed to being alone for all his life. Getting up from the cold bed that knew no warmth, he staggered towards the bathroom to get cleaned and dressed. Gazing at the mirror, all he could see reflecting from it was a disheveled young man that had no purpose in life. It was always the same story in the morning; After seeing such a pitiful state, he vowed to change, but yet he was not resolute enough to do anything about it. No one could blame him, what else did he have to live for? He was alone in this world, with no one to enjoy the greatness and joyous thing we all have come to know as life. “I’ve long since given up….”


    “Ray? Let’s go for breakfast!”


    That’s right, the only thing he had in life anymore, that prevented him from doing anything foolish, was his friends. Keith, his schoolmate and best friend, was always trying to get him to do things other than staying at home rotting away. Sometimes shutting himself away from the world was the easiest way to continue surviving, nothing that can bother him, nothing that can remind him of the suffering he once felt…. Escaping was the easiest route to take, but also a most cowardly one. Getting dressed, he went to get the door where Keith had been patiently waiting. “Geez, you should at least comb your hair, you look like you just woke up!” Keith mused as he tossed Ray a peculiar black bag. Upon opening and inspecting the bag he found that it was full of daily necessities, and with them a little note which read “Please use all of it.” He carefully placed down the bag on the nearby table before coming back to ask Keith.


    “Why are you doing all this for me?”


    The simple question cut through the still air, silence permeating the surroundings. Keith took a deep breath and simply whispered something inaudible, almost as if he was embarrassed to speak of it. “I thought you needed some things in that old fridge of yours, you know? I don’t wanna always eat instant ramen everytime i come over~” The sudden change of mood caught Ray off guard, leaving him in shock. "I could have sworn i heard something different…"


    As they walked along the asphalt pathway towards their favourite cafe, Keith tried to lighten the mood by telling jokes and short stories that have happened in his club meetings. Nothing seemed to work though, as Ray remained stoic as ever, managing to scoff at one of the stories of a club mate being unable to get out of the club room due to leaving the key behind in the main office. This continued until they were standing outside their destination.  rose blanche, the huge signboard read, looming above them. The waiters here were nice enough to leave Ray alone, letting him savour his meals in solitude, which was something he really enjoyed. Today however, he was joined by Keith, who seemed to never stop talking. Sometimes Ray wished Keith would be able to perceive that he did not want to continue talking, and that he just wanted to silently sit and rot away. “I’ll have a Lemon Cheese cake, thanks.” Keith always ordered the same thing, without even looking for new specials in the menu. Ray ordered a Red Velvet cake, and they sat in absolute silence, patiently awaiting their orders to arrive. The suffocating silence became too hard to bear, and Ray could not hold his confusion in anymore.


    Why me?


    Ray blushed knowing it was a strange question, his cheeks stained red with awkward embarrassment. The words came out louder and sharper than he anticipated, and he immediately regretted his decision. He did not expect an answer, rather he did not even expect to blurt out his question. “Here’s your orders, enjoy!” The waiter chimed as she brought the two dainty pastries towards the both of them. Keith was still stunned by the sudden outburst, and he did not know how to reply. He took a small nibble of his Lemon Cheese cake, and he just gave a small grin in return…

    Because i like you.

  4. Ahh, HBZB and p00t1s; two evenly matched teams from different continents struggling not to be knocked out. It was an intensive match between the perceived underdogs of the playoff season, and lead to two of the closest maps in the season, though both were on completely different ends of the spectrum when it came to pure action.

    Maps played were cp_sunshine (in Hatena, Japan) and cp_snakewater (in AFL, Singapore), now classics in the TF2 map pool. 


    I only have insight to pregame for p00t1s because most of them are on my friendslist. Scrambling for players at the last second before having the main turn up anyway, not having scrimmed since after getting knocked into the lower brackets, an overall aura of defeatism and unconfidence; not exactly the most victory-inspiring aura going into the match. 

    HBZB were into the server long before p00t1s, but they (probably) were far from confident, having lost close matches to p00t1s previously. In addition, they'd been rolled by the revitalized Xiao roster (shoutout to teejay), and most of their stakes were on this match to not get slammed from the competition entirely. 



    Scout: ozr
    Scout: LK
    Soldier: Hwain
    Soldier: daylight
    Demo: starky
    Medic: kalpushy14


    Scout: fwishy
    Scout: oro
    Soldier: hirasagi
    Soldier: chongy
    Demo: shinka
    Medic: iMauriceiNoob


    One of the most fast paced games I'd ever had the opportunity to watch; it was just each team picking up rounds after their opponents had come out strong. HBZB and p00t1s basically traded round after round before P00t1s managed to clinch the final point in the last 40 seconds, pulling a good mid out of their hat.

    HBZB and p00t1s shared this in common; they apparently hated offclassing; the only offclasses we saw all map were at last, with HBZB running engineer or fwishy running heavy.

    The core of the game was: P00t1s' mids were complete shit, but all of HBZB's ubers were pretty much the same thing. On middles, shinka kept taking massive damage before the fights even started fullswing, and starky just seemed to be getting the better of him all the time. Without that demo presence to control scouts, Hwain and daylight's coordinated soldier bombs are just that much more effective. However, HBZB's ubers are just cringey; if they don't force out an uber from the enemy first, they're basically always pushing poor positions with a singular soldier. I don't know what it is, but HBZB seems to have a lot of faith in the Hwain bomb, sending him in with uber first to open things up. It always ended up poorly though; there were hardly any uber trades that ended in HBZB's favour.

    Then you have fwishy and oro, who seemed to be outclassing ozr in the DM fights. While hira and chongy play more controlled and 'slow' styles, fwishy and oro are roaming scouts at heart, and their push-pull mechanic was beautifully in-sync at critical moments in the game, clinching out rounds for their team and securing points with supreme prejudice. 

    Both teams seemed to collapse when it came to post fights though, perhaps lacking decisive maincallers to pull teams out of bad situations. The reason the game was so fast paced on this map was because players kept taking risks and getting caught out, initiating a domino effect where because someone was caught out, another person gets trapped trying to save him and dies, forcing the rest of their team backwards before someone else screws up again - so on and so forth. Furthermore, neither wanted to play more reservedly once the ball was rolling, and HBZB started taking fights and trades they really shouldn't have; like, neither team wanted to grind out an uber ad at all.

    I still don't think p00t1s really deserved to win sunshine, but shinka landed some MASSIVE damage at that final mid and fwishy just ran in and cleaned up. HBZB, caught off guard, couldn't get out fast enough and were just rolled all the way to last.


    Seriously, screw this map. If boring had a name, it would be HBZB vs p00t1s on snakebloodywater. Both teams played the most passive games of their lives, and I ended up having to cast this shit. 

    This is an example of tiebreaker tension taken to the extreme, where both teams settled in comfortable positions and started jerking off because neither wanted to make the first move, for fear of making the first mistake. Seven minutes of nothing before a singular uber trade that ends up putting both teams in the same position anyway, and then three minutes of CCTV footage as fwishy tries to find someone to backstab from the HBZB players, who are all playing atop the shack.

    Seriously though, why would you not push when you have mid and you lost the previous map? What I learned was that HBZB either play too passively or too aggressively, and can't seem to find the inbetween. Every time they picked out small advantages to push they didn't, and whenever it was a critical moment where the fight could turn against them, it did. I don't know if it's the DM of their players or poor coordination, but HBZB were just terrible at teamfights in general, and p00t1s had hira who could play the uber game much better than the HBZB. 

    Honestly, p00t1s should have won Snakewater so much more convincingly; HBZB had bad ubers, bad pushes and bad teamfights, but apparently their opponents couldn't seem to make the better of those situations. I would argue that HBZB started playing more passively to make up for those mistakes, identifying that the less opportunity they had to do something dumb, the less it would happen. In turn, p00t1s did the same.

    And that's how the map ended up being forty minutes long (with the golden cap included), with the first round being picked up at 8 minutes left. [ResidentSleeper]

    In the end, I'll just pin p00t1s' victory to fwishy and hira. Fwishy made all the plays necessary to break stalemates for his team, and hira won almost every single uber trade he took, plying out bad positions and flashing from kalpushy14. Mad props to Chongy for some direct hit streaks though.


    Nothing much to say except: how does a game go from being so back & forth, brimming with action and packed with excitement, to one of the best sleep-inducing matches I've ever watched? Well, take two teams who are extremely momentum based - one that is unconfident in itself and the other with full confidence in its defensive playstyle; have the latter one lose by a hair, and apparently, you'll make vetia want to die watching a spy creep around for three bloody minutes.