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TF2 Celebrity Mix-up 4

An amazing event to bring together the many TF2 communities and also to parade a bunch of gaming Celebrities in TF2 to show the world how good our game is!

This is the 4th edition of Mix-up Match and features the biggest list of stars and a bigger and well-oiled team to run the event.

Check out the below links to the many announcements being plotted all around the world and be sure to follow each of the celebs on their medium of choice (twitter, youtube..etc) so you don't miss out on the banter to come and... most of all..


We decided to run this Mix-up match in a similar fashion to the way we ran C4C and C4C2 except compressed into one game. Donate now and go into the running to play in the game with the stars. There's also signed mechandise up for grabs!

Everyone should check this event out and be sure to stay tuned later for vods of the game itself.

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