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A public service announcement

Jul 27 2014 02:54 AM | iridescentFUZZ in News

Greetings from the admin team at AsiaFortress!

We will be cleaning up the AsiaFortress mumble server, specifically all channels with excessive sub-channels, and inactive team channels. We will also be setting a new sub-channel limit of 2 sub-channels per team channel, and will not be allowing nested channels(channels within sub-channels). We are also restricting the contents of channel comments. Images will not be permitted in channel comments and will be deleted without warning.

From here on out, any teams with more than 2 sub-channels will have the excess channels deleted without warning.Teams will have till the 1st of August to clean up their channels themselves.The sub-channel limit is subject to change in future.

Lastly, we request that you report any suspicious player activity(alt accounts, hackers) to an admin via steam.

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AFA MASH#2 - Grand Finals!

Jun 22 2014 01:07 AM | Shounic in News


Hello hello! What a crazy day. Here's what's going to happen tomorrow!



7:40 PM - Check-Ins

8:05 PM - Team 1 vs Team 2 & Team 3 vs Team 4 [cp_snakewater]

9:00 PM - Bronze Match (Loser vs Loser) [cp_badlands]

9:30 PM - Grand Finals (Winner vs Winner)[cp_gullywash]


Your Top 4 Teams for this MASH, who will be entering the GRAND FINALS are....






(Challonge available here: http://challonge.com/mash2)


Post some feedback below if you guys want to see a highlight reel (I'LL POST THE FIRST ONE WITH THIS ONE OKAY I PROMISE IT'S STILL HERE) and what not.


A thread for your feedback will be posted soon, as well as one thread for mentors to post their reports on who was a good player, who wasn't, etc. I'll also be posting a wrap up report on MASH after the grand finals with some ideas to improve the next mash you all can comment on, to make this a better event next time!


That's all from me, hope you all had fun!

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Jun 21 2014 01:17 AM | Shounic in News


It’s time for that thing again! Let’s get to the teams.



Cloverella / Netflux \\ Freyja / joey / hershey / cyrus



jigglesaur / bait \\ ZED / YuriSunshine / Jaku / crimsonfirebird



biotics / gene \\ ty / ellie / tormented / ichi. bun


Team 4 - DIM SUM CREW:

destiny / cactus \\ zvanilla / dll / blurr / fanzone



moosepi / astroboy \\ dhiva / floaty / c^addict / coolkid



shounic / w40klife \\ combustion / surf / defi / error


Map List:










1. Joi
n the AsiaFortress PUG Group Chat and let us know you’re ready to start BEFORE 3 pm. 2. Join your respective team mumble channels and help gather subs if necessary.

3. Get ready and join up in the appropriate server at least 2 minutes before the game is supposed to start so we can start in a timely manner!


Organizing Classes:

Anybody on the team is allowed to play any class, it is up to you to adapt and work together as a team!


Reporting Scores:

1. Anyone from the team is allowed to report scores to the group chat, but there should only be one person who report scores for the team.

2. Scores should be reported in this format:

“team 4, 5 - 1”

Team number first, then score. The score on the left should be the amount of points your team scores. E.g.  If I played against Team 4, I would type “team 6, 1 - 5”.




glhf nerds!!!

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AFA Presents: The MASH Potatoes #2

Jun 16 2014 05:30 PM | Shounic in News



Presenting: The AsiaFortress Academy Mashed Potatoes #2!



Nobody can say no to Solanum Tuberosum, even Bruce Lee agrees!


For those who weren't around for the first mash, this is a 6v6 event we host where we pit you all against each other in random teams. “wow that sounds incredibly boring!” - said nobody. But if you’re nobody, then get this: we're also mixing in the most professional of professional gamers our community has to offer into the fray.


Each team will have two experienced players along with four other newer players to balance it out. Our experienced players have to lead their team to victory and glory! (a.k.a. give me free tf2 items). Before I forget, we should honor the previous mash winners led by RUFUS, here’s a picture of him in real life:



Erectin' a dispenser.....


Now on a more serious note, this event is made for you newer players to learn. If your mentors have reported significant stress and annoyance towards you, you will be considered for being banned from the next mash event. Obviously we will investigate the cases being reported to us, and we hope that we don’t have to ban anyone. But the point is that this is a learning experience, not a time for you to troll.


Listen to your mentors and try your best! We can see the difference between someone who don’t want to listen and someone who is really trying their best to take in the feedback. They have taken the time out of their busy lives to help you play better, that’s something you all should respect. This is all for the purpose of ensuring that the experience is fun and enjoyable for both the mentors and the players.


Regarding Mercenaries, consult the admins in charge of the event to confirm whether or not your mercenary is okay to use. In general, the mercenary should be of the same skill level as the person who is being replaced. If such a requirement absolutely cannot be met, then a higher-level sub is tolerable. All mercenaries must be approved by an admin first.


Having said that, the event takes place this Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd of June. A schedule is available here with more information.


There will be 15 minutes breaks and we are conservatively expecting 8 teams. If there is more, we have set-up Sunday Afternoon as a buffer so that we don't get overloaded on one day. Schedule may vary to space out the games more and utilize both days depending on how accurate our guess is.



If you do not show up or arrive [way too] late, you WILL be heavily penalized. If you're not sure if you can play or not, please do not waste our time.


Registration will be closed on Thursday Night the 19th of June.


[ Registration ] [ Schedule ] [ Questions ]

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Congratulations to the winners of the first Ult...

Jun 01 2014 03:33 AM | Caldoran in News


Credits to Error for the SFM artwork!


Congratulations Caramel for being crowned champions of the first AsiaFortress Ultiduo Showdown!


What a fierce battle it was!


Going all out in the Grand Finals to shock and awe, mel and viser demonstrated unyielding teamwork as well as impeccable synergy to earn the crown.


Notably putting up a fierce and relentless fight against them, AlreadyGG's team members Puzzled and Kol had also put on their A-game, clinching the title of second place.


Also worthy of commendation are 好游戏,很靠近!, who fought with all their might through the matches, with members 鱼ee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ and 苜姑娘 taking home the bronze.


Thank you to all participants for your support!


We would deeply appreciate it if participants could provide their post-event feedback and suggestions in this thread.


Good games, and see you all next time!

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The first AsiaFortress Ultiduo Showdown!

May 22 2014 02:50 AM | Caldoran in News

Coinciding with the launch of our new Ultiduo servers, we are holding the first ever AsiaFortress Ultiduo Showdown!
Think you and your combo partner have what it takes to be crowned the first AsiaFortress Ultiduo Showdown champions? Then prove it in this two-day tournament which will pit you against other combos in an all-out brawl for the title!
The victorious duo won't just get to bask in the glory of winning the competition, because there will be a prize of 8 refined for each of the two champions! Who said winners have to be hatless?
Signups open on Saturday, 24th May and close on Thursday, 29th May.
The event will run for two days, on Saturday, 31st May and Sunday, 1st June.
Entry is free!
Register here!
Are you ready for the showdown?

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GRAND FINALS: Lee Jong Beom vs for freak's...

May 04 2014 09:12 PM | Shounic in News

Watch it here! Commences at 9:30 PM, casted by Admirable, Shounic and Camera Work by Jon! http://www.twitch.tv/teamfortresstv

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Mar 25 2014 07:58 PM | Misfit in News

(From left to right: Pinkie Pie, Puzzled, Summer, Rufus, Zee & Sud)


Congratulations to 6Kings E-Sports




AFLAN.SG has come and gone! Thank you to all who helped, came, played and supported! Even though we encountered a series of hiccups while planning and on the day itself, the fact that it could happen is truly a success! Congratulations to Coy and Sharkbait who came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively! All the teams brought their A-Game to the LAN and fought a good fight. Special shoutout to Sharkbait & The Homely Hobos. These two teams have great chemistry and teamwork. We look forward to seeing big things in your future!


Congratulations to Bigfoot who emerged as MGE Champion, with Ketiak coming in 2nd and Combustion 3rd!


Big thanks to Colosseum for sponsoring the venue for us with what limited funds we had. None of this could have happened with you. A special shout-out to Donald for pulling through in more ways than one and to Jacky, the on-site technician, for being so patient running around tirelessly all day!


Thank you to the other Team Fortress 2 communities: Lowyat, OAG and Nietono who helped us advertise AFLAN.SG. Biggest thanks to eXtelevision for their shout out on eXtine's vlog!


To Cuteman, Saki, Puzz, Rufus, Summer, Cleric, Madman, Russkan, Azazel and Bait who helped with the casting. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Cuteman you deserve a medal. Your energy at 1am in the morning was still bouncing off the roof!


To nagy, thank you for being the photographer for the event!!! The pictures look amazing and hopefully will be up soon :D


To Candice, thank you for helping out with the amazing posters and lanyard designs. I know there were a lot of changes to be made a long the way so thank you for being so patient (:


To my organizing committee, thank you for keeping me sane. Caldoran, even though we roped you in last minute to help out with the servers, you did an amazing job! Thank you so much. Erio, I know we've had trying times, but you handled the challenges that came your way despite everything that has happened. Also, thank you for taking on additional work load because you knew I had exams the past week. To Summer and Madman, despite serving time in the army, the insights that both of you have truly made a difference. Thank you for not losing the faith!


We know that we have a lot to work on in order to make the next Asiafortress LAN better, so do remember to leave us your feedback in this thread.


It has been a rollercoaster ride for the past few months trying to make this LAN happen, All of you make me feel like the past few months were not a waste. I cannot thank you enough for that.

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Feb 17 2014 07:51 PM | Misfit in News





Why Is This Happening!

This is THE FIRST LAN Event for the Singapore (and Malaysia, if you do wish to take the short trip down!) Asiafortress Community. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and support while we were working with our sponsors to make this event possible for you!

We feel that this community needs a pick-me-up, and we believe that this LAN Event will not only bring our community closer but grow it as well. We need YOUR help to make this event a success, and we look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces there (:


Who Made This Possible!

According to the poll that we did in this thread, the community has expressed their desire to see EIGHT 6v6 local teams take part in AFLAN.SG! We're so proud of your confidence in this community and we can't wait to see all of you battle it out at LAN :D

COLOSSEUM has been a great partner to work with for this event, helping with securing their space as well as approaching various product sponsors for us! We also would like to thank all our sponsors, all who have been willing to put their faith in this event by providing us with prizes that we otherwise would not have been able to procure.


What, When & Where!

There are going to be not one, not two, but THREE events happening on

22nd MARCH 2014 @ Colosseum!

10AM - 10PM
(Save the Date!)


All 8 teams will be subject to a DOUBLE ELIMINATION - BEST OF 3 tournament format. We feel that this format is the best and fairest way for each team to showcase their abilities as well as giving you plenty bang for your buck! The first 6 non-elimination round matches, will be held online. Please go HERE to find out about the format, rules, schedule, map list and the white-list. The Lower Bracket, Semi Finals and Grand Finals matches will be held at LAN.

The registration fee is set at SGD$15 per player. Only the teams taking part in the 6v6 tournament have to pay the registration fee. Those who have registered and paid will automatically be given a 1 Year Membership Subscription with Colosseum, on top of the TOP 3 prizes that they stand a chance to win.



Now we know how all of you love showing off your e-peen in the MGE servers ;) This event is for all the spectators and supporters heading down for this event to show off your skills! Whoever emerges the TOP DOG stands a chance to win a prize! Come down and show us what YOU'VE got :D






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Mercenaries Cup 5

Feb 10 2014 10:17 AM | Shounic in News


Registration ]

Rules ] Unlocks ] Maps ] Key Dates ] Discussion ]

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