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Mar 25 2014 07:58 PM | Misfit in News

(From left to right: Pinkie Pie, Puzzled, Summer, Rufus, Zee & Sud)


Congratulations to 6Kings E-Sports




AFLAN.SG has come and gone! Thank you to all who helped, came, played and supported! Even though we encountered a series of hiccups while planning and on the day itself, the fact that it could happen is truly a success! Congratulations to Coy and Sharkbait who came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively! All the teams brought their A-Game to the LAN and fought a good fight. Special shoutout to Sharkbait & The Homely Hobos. These two teams have great chemistry and teamwork. We look forward to seeing big things in your future!


Congratulations to Bigfoot who emerged as MGE Champion, with Ketiak coming in 2nd and Combustion 3rd!


Big thanks to Colosseum for sponsoring the venue for us with what limited funds we had. None of this could have happened with you. A special shout-out to Donald for pulling through in more ways than one and to Jacky, the on-site technician, for being so patient running around tirelessly all day!


Thank you to the other Team Fortress 2 communities: Lowyat, OAG and Nietono who helped us advertise AFLAN.SG. Biggest thanks to eXtelevision for their shout out on eXtine's vlog!


To Cuteman, Saki, Puzz, Rufus, Summer, Cleric, Madman, Russkan, Azazel and Bait who helped with the casting. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Cuteman you deserve a medal. Your energy at 1am in the morning was still bouncing off the roof!


To nagy, thank you for being the photographer for the event!!! The pictures look amazing and hopefully will be up soon :D


To Candice, thank you for helping out with the amazing posters and lanyard designs. I know there were a lot of changes to be made a long the way so thank you for being so patient (:


To my organizing committee, thank you for keeping me sane. Caldoran, even though we roped you in last minute to help out with the servers, you did an amazing job! Thank you so much. Erio, I know we've had trying times, but you handled the challenges that came your way despite everything that has happened. Also, thank you for taking on additional work load because you knew I had exams the past week. To Summer and Madman, despite serving time in the army, the insights that both of you have truly made a difference. Thank you for not losing the faith!


We know that we have a lot to work on in order to make the next Asiafortress LAN better, so do remember to leave us your feedback in this thread.


It has been a rollercoaster ride for the past few months trying to make this LAN happen, All of you make me feel like the past few months were not a waste. I cannot thank you enough for that.

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Feb 17 2014 07:51 PM | Misfit in News





Why Is This Happening!

This is THE FIRST LAN Event for the Singapore (and Malaysia, if you do wish to take the short trip down!) Asiafortress Community. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and support while we were working with our sponsors to make this event possible for you!

We feel that this community needs a pick-me-up, and we believe that this LAN Event will not only bring our community closer but grow it as well. We need YOUR help to make this event a success, and we look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces there (:


Who Made This Possible!

According to the poll that we did in this thread, the community has expressed their desire to see EIGHT 6v6 local teams take part in AFLAN.SG! We're so proud of your confidence in this community and we can't wait to see all of you battle it out at LAN :D

COLOSSEUM has been a great partner to work with for this event, helping with securing their space as well as approaching various product sponsors for us! We also would like to thank all our sponsors, all who have been willing to put their faith in this event by providing us with prizes that we otherwise would not have been able to procure.


What, When & Where!

There are going to be not one, not two, but THREE events happening on

22nd MARCH 2014 @ Colosseum!

10AM - 10PM
(Save the Date!)


All 8 teams will be subject to a DOUBLE ELIMINATION - BEST OF 3 tournament format. We feel that this format is the best and fairest way for each team to showcase their abilities as well as giving you plenty bang for your buck! The first 6 non-elimination round matches, will be held online. Please go HERE to find out about the format, rules, schedule, map list and the white-list. The Lower Bracket, Semi Finals and Grand Finals matches will be held at LAN.

The registration fee is set at SGD$15 per player. Only the teams taking part in the 6v6 tournament have to pay the registration fee. Those who have registered and paid will automatically be given a 1 Year Membership Subscription with Colosseum, on top of the TOP 3 prizes that they stand a chance to win.



Now we know how all of you love showing off your e-peen in the MGE servers ;) This event is for all the spectators and supporters heading down for this event to show off your skills! Whoever emerges the TOP DOG stands a chance to win a prize! Come down and show us what YOU'VE got :D






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Mercenaries Cup 5

Feb 10 2014 10:17 AM | Shounic in News


Registration ]

Rules ] Unlocks ] Maps ] Key Dates ] Discussion ]

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Jan 09 2014 06:59 PM | eriotic in News

Hey guys, you know what's coming up around the corner? Oranges (no, not natapon), red packets, great food and family time?
Perhaps your guess is right, LUNAR NEW YEAR !!







Yes indeed, villagers of the valley of peace, it is the time of year where you shall obtain red packets containing money from married couples for your own diabolical use. (Hey kids! That means you can get money from Erii jiejie soon! ;DDD )

Being the year of the horse, we expect some totally majestic new artwork for this year for our website! :3
We are really excited to see what you have in store for us!



So you think you got what it takes to strut your digital pen and brush? HERE; PROVE YOURSELF IN BATTLE against OTHER EXCESSIVELY SELF CONSCIOUS AND CRITICAL ARTISTS (most likely using paint.exe).




Hold it right there, before we leave you to your digital pen and brush, we have TWO more exciting news for you!



The leaders of B@conCrew (^bc) are hosting an upcoming 6v6 tournament!

It starts this Sunday, 12th of January, 2014. You can check HERE for more details!



Guess what? We've added two new forum badges for you helpful members of the community!



It's creepy yet lovely at the same time. The first batch of these lovely bugs have been awarded to these devoted bug catchers - repulse, facecake, cloverella, destiny, bob, toshihiko, combustion and jopperstaluf!! Did it catch your interest?? If it did and I'm sure it did, you can check it out HERE!!




Image made by Kaiwan, Visit her site @ kaiwan444.tumblr.com

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Highlander Mixes are back!

Jan 05 2014 11:56 AM | Caldoran in News

Hello everyone!


Have you missed the Weekly Highlander Mixes? We're sure many of you have! That's why we're bringing them back to kick off 2014 with a bang!




Not sure what Weekly Highlander Mixes are? They are basically two Highlander maps played each week by two teams scrambled against each other in a fight to the end!


Players can post their registrations each week into a sign-up thread starting every Monday, and the staff in charge balance the teams to ensure that games are as close as possible. The Mixes will be played on alternating Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM GMT+8 to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate. All are welcome!


We are well aware of the issues that plagued the old Mixes, and so we have come up with a whole new set of rules (along with some strict penalties for rulebreakers) to avoid a repeat of the past. Of course, this will only work if everyone cooperates, and so we ask that you carefully read the rules to ensure everyone will have a good time! We'd also deeply appreciate any feedback given after every Mix is played, so we can continually improve how things are run.


Excited already? The first Mix will be on Friday, 10th of January 2014 at 8:00 PM GMT+8, so head on over to the first sign-up thread here to claim your spot if you can make it! Remember, classes are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis!


In other Highlander-related news, the map pool has been updated with koth_arctic_b3, pl_borneo_rc2, cp_yukon_final and koth_lakeside_final which have been voted in! The whitelist has also been updated to match UGC's current one, with notable changes being the restriction of Crit-a-Cola and the Short Circuit.



Nominate maps you'd like to see here, and ask any questions you may have regarding Highlander here!

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Jan 04 2014 05:11 AM | Misfit in News

Hi All,
I'm sure you have heard word about a TF2 LAN being organized just for you guys. I'm here to tell you that it is going to happen, but I need your input to help make it happen! The team organizing the LAN has approached a few LAN venues and one of them has been very supportive of our idea!


The LAN will likely to take place on 16th March (Sunday). The March School Holidays would have started on the 14th!  


We need to come up with a detailed proposal, and we find ourselves wondering about the commitment level of the community with regards to this event. Now, if you could show your interest by answering the questions in the poll, we would appreciate it very much!


If you have any questions, please do ask them on this thread and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you!

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!RECAPS OF 2013 / HAPPY 2014!

Jan 01 2014 04:21 AM | eriotic in News


Happy New Year!
Selamat Tahun Baru! 新年快樂! 明けましておめでとうございます! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! سنة سعيدة!



2013 was a fantastic year for Asiafortress, here's a recap on the craziness that has happened over the past year!

Starting off the year with Mercenaries Cup 4, we saw intense competitions amongst all the teams who participated, all vying to grab onto that first place trophy. Halfway through the season, we had our local derby where Secrets.tf2 and All Stars struggled against each other. The evenly matched teams had many close matches, but All Stars emerged victorious against Secrets.tf2 with Summer's glorious moment as scout carrying his team during the Golden Cap round. However, the limelight shines on the last two teams standing for Mercenaries Cup 4 - Muk Eun Ji from Korea and Green Leaves from Japan!! After numerous neck-to-neck games and clutch plays from both teams, Muk Eun Ji triumphed over Green Leaves to claim the title of Mercenaries Cup 4  Champion. HURRAY TO THE ANCIENT KIMCHI! \O/
Fast forward to the middle of the year, we also held the seventh iteration of our flagship tournament, the AsiaFortress Cup! Blood and tears were shed as the competitors all fought tooth and nail for the title of AsiaFortress Cup  Champions in their respective divisions, with Kuso Scout in Division 1, ColorGaming in Division 2 and Azure Celista in Division 3 emerging on top at the end. We had such a huge response from the community watching the match, and we even had coverage by Teamfortress.TV!! BIGGEST shoutout to our casters, Admirable from VanillaTV and Yuki from Ozfortress!

Hold your horses, it doesn’t stop there! AsiaFortress was not even close to being ready to settle down. We expanded into Hong Kong, exporting a bunch of servers out across the skies thus creating Asiafortress.com HK. These servers helped us reach out to our families in Japan and Korea! In addition to that, Spammah has used bleeding edge sand server hosting technology to bring competitive TF2 to the Arabs, while Natapon has provided them with the same plugin you see in AsiaFortress servers to help streamline their games, bringing AE (Asiafortress/MiddleEastFortress) to the surface.Our website also got a much deserved makeover! Big thanks to those who contributed, it looks lovely (:

We did not just expand into other territories like the Spanish did, our own AsiaFortress Administration Team grew too! With new additions to the team, we hope to bring you a pleasant TF2 experience and a better community for years ahead!

We ended December off with A BIG MASH - the greatest marathon of nerdgasm ever, the AsiaFortress Mashed Potatoes Food Fight! This was a fresh idea that we had and it worked surprisingly well! Ten teams went head to head in a Round Robin format to secure the title of Asiafortress first ever mashheads. After seven grueling hours of doing the “dance of the keyboard people” aka WASD, Team Rage A Lot emerged as Asiafortress' FIRST EVER MASHED POTATO CHAMPIONS!

Led by the solo mentor Austin, aka Rufus, he has brought his team through the deepest trenches of potatoes, past the massively wide arms of Gandalf and earned himself a spot in the Solanum Tuberosum Hall of Fame!


We are kicking off the New Year with a map vote thread for the maps that you’d like to see in the Highlander servers!

Check it out here!

Don’t like the maps you see? Think ctf_doublecross would be a great addition?

Nominate for new maps here!

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Dec 23 2013 12:19 AM | Shounic in News

AsiaFortress’First Ever MASHED Potatoes Food Fight's
Led by the solo mentor Austin, aka Rufus, he has brought his team through the deepest trenches of potatoes, past the massively wide arms of Gandalf and earned himself a spot in the Solanum Tuberosum Hall of Fame!
But let’s not forget the rest of the team that won the Grand Finals; Omega, Netflux, blurr, qj and Floaty. Well played!
Prizes will be announced soon, and they will be awarded to the Top 3 teams.
What exciting playoffs we’ve had! Everyone working together well despite only knowing each other for a day, is certainly something to be proud of. Well done to all of you who made it into the playoffs! Rest of the results are here.
Don’t forget about the MASH Highlight Reel! Caldoran and I are gonna be hard at work watching through all your demos and finally editing it all together. I would consider AFMASH#1 a great success! Please post your demo submissions here.
Since none of us actually knows how to mash potatoes we're stuck with these fucking non-mashed pieces of fuck, enjoy the potatoes under your name!
In other exciting news....
We also have a Christmas gift for all you avid Highlander-er-ers out there! Our HL servers now have a more diverse map pool, consisting of ‘popular’ (Everyone hates pl_beerbowl aka pl_badbowl AMIRITE HUE) choices from Season 8 to Season 11. Visit this thread to nominate the maps that you would like to see in the servers!
There have also been forum changes under the Recruitments Forum, we now have separate recruitment sections for 6s and Highlander, so things are easier to find. To make things even easier (is that possible??), you can now indicate whether you're “Looking” or “Recruiting” under the Topic Prefix. USE IT OR ELSE!!!
Finally, I would like to give special mention to two very nice community volunteers, Erio and Misfit; OUR NEW CHRISTMAS ELVES! They will be helping out around the forums as Moderators - keeping things in check and opening the backdoor for the NSA to ensure there are no terrorists on the forums uhhhhhhhhhhh……

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Dec 21 2013 11:35 PM | Shounic in News



Hey MASHHERITOS! Hope you all had a good time! The Group Stages are finally over; what a crazy day! But man, was it intense. I know a lot of our mentors are exhausted... they’re getting too old for this game. But let's jump into it! First up....


Playoff Details-


Playoffs are set for the 22nd of December (Tomorrow at 9:30 PM). The Top 4 teams (unless I got the match results wrong :o) are….







(Results can be found here: http://asiafortress.challonge.com/mash2013)


Subs are allowed but only if they are within a similar skill level to the original player, please post ASAP so an Admin can verify it. Players Kaipy and Lokin are excluded from the playoffs as they did not participate in the Group Stages.


Bracket & Map List:


Brackets: http://challonge.com/afmashplayoffs2013


Round 1: cp_badlands


Bronze Match: cp_gullywash


Grand Finals: cp_snakewater

AF MASH Highlight Reel-


You should also submit your demos! Why not? Send in your funny / awesome moments and show the world!

Demo Link:
Player / Players Involved:

Anyways, I don’t actually have a lot left to say. But I know you do! Visit http://asiafortress.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3301-afmash-feedback/and leave us your feedback!


Before you leave, special shoutouts to Team 7 & 9, thanks for sticking through the MASH competition even though your mentors didn’t show up. As an admin, I greatly thank you for taking such initiative!

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Mash Standings - Day 1

Dec 21 2013 03:35 PM | natapon in News

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