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AsiaFortress Cup 11: Registrations are OPEN!

Jan 03 2017 07:56 PM | Aqua in News


Banner by concor, write-up by moosepi

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It's that time of the year again!

The 10th AsiaFortress Cup has recently (for a very generous definition of the word) reached its conclusion, with xiao, Fruit Salad, and The Mighty Gibuses triumphing over their opponents to win their respective divisions. And as one competition reaches completion, another commences; it is thus our pleasure to announce that we will NOT be hosting Mercenaries Cup 8!
Yes, you read that correct. After careful deliberation, the AsiaFortress admin team has decided to shelve the Mercenaries Cup until further notice in favor of running our regular season more frequently. That's not the only change this new year, as we've also made a number of alterations to the rule sets, which, as always, you should be reading here before signing up.
Of course, I'm willing to bet that none of you actually clicked the link, so here's what you really need to know:
  • As of AFC11, AsiaFortress is now on the Global Whitelist.
  • Granary is out of the map pool, and we've replaced it with Reckoner. Download it here.
  • Every player involved in a match (including mercenaries) must record a demo for each map of their matches, and keep it until at least a week after the end of the season.
Whether you're just getting your feet wet or you're vying for the top, AFC has something for you.
Registrations will be closed on 20th January 2017 23:59 GMT+8

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AsiaFortress Discord Announcement

Dec 27 2016 02:05 AM | Aqua in News


Banner by Robin, write-up by moosepi

AsiaFortress Discord Announcement

AsiaFortress now has a Discord server! Join us here to get the latest news, find teams to scrim, shitposts, unfunny inside jokes, and more!


Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here!

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SEA Jumpers present Jump Help 2016!

Oct 09 2016 03:50 PM | Caldoran in News

SEA Jumpers present Jump Help 2016!
Is jumping unfamiliar or frustrating for you? Ever wanted to do jump maps like the awesome online speedruns you often see? Well, we've got an event that can help with that, called jump help! (pun intended)
Whether you are a complete stranger to jumping, or if you are an expert and seasoned jumper, there's always somewhere for you to fit in.
This event spans roughly 3 weeks, Thursday to Sunday each week. Read on to find out more!
In this 3 week event we help to cover a lot of jumping stuff :)
The event will start on the first week on November (only on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends). Each day holds a different segment for the 2 classes Demo and Solly! (The first Thursday in November is 11/03). The full schedule can be found on jumphelp.tech (information section).
Throughout the event we will be covering various topics revolving around jumping,such as ctaps, wallpogo, skips and apply them to use through the process of in-depth guidance. During this event, we are also open to reviewing demos on certain techniques you wish to improve at, simply ask your mentor to help review your demo and you're set!
Each week we will hold different activities: picking up jumping, doing maps and racing respectively.
We cover 4 segments,each with their own range of techniques:
  • Solly Beginner
  • Solly Advanced
  • Demo Beginner
  • Demo Advanced
We also strongly encourage people who wish to get better at jumping spend some time to sort out the ins and outs of their jumping!
We woud like to invite everyone that is new and/or would like to learn more about TF2 jumping and interested in it to join us. No fees required. 
The event starts in November 2016 and you may now sign up now at bit.ly/22BOA2U!

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 1 & 2 Playoff...

Sep 24 2016 09:37 PM | Caldoran in News

Banner by Cell, Division 1 writeup by moosepi, Division 2 writeup by apples
AsiaFortress Cup 10 Division 1 & 2 Playoffs Roundup
Division 1
It's been a grueling journey, but the playoffs are finally here! In Division 1, last seed memesquad have been eliminated after only picking up one map throughout the season, leaving three teams all with their eyes on the prize. So who among them stands the best chance of claiming victory?
  • VLEbrY5.png kcot/tommy
  • W5WmBJp.png cloverella/26
  • j3eMpHs.png jigglesaur
  • hBkNbCx.png b4it
To the surprise of absolutely nobody, xiao has come out of the season sitting comfortably at first place, dropping only one map throughout the season to Crescendo. The combination of strong individual talents and chemistry born of experience has proven to be a tough nut to crack for the other teams in the division, and they seem well on their way to claiming the title of AFC10 Champions.
However, they're certainly not invulnerable — every other Division 1 team has shown in either scrims or matches that they can give xiao a run for their money. For now though, their stellar season has guaranteed them a place in the Grand Finals.
  • VLEbrY5.png 10/ozr
  • W5WmBJp.png shocky/Hwain
  • j3eMpHs.png R.
  • hBkNbCx.png z.
Despite a rough start to the season compounded by several roster issues, Crescendo's looking stronger than ever as they come into the playoffs. 10 and shocky, especially, have been putting up a strong showing throughout the season, consistently bringing in damage and frags to lead their team to victory.
However, the same can't really be said about the rest of their team — in particular, Hwain and ozr seem to be underperforming in comparison, with the former's inexperience and the latter's rust both showing more clearly than they should. Nevertheless, Crescendo's proven that they can take maps off xiao, and given how much they've been practising lately, they definitely stand a good chance at contesting the championship.
A Motley Crew
  • VLEbrY5.png killer/oro
  • W5WmBJp.png cell/cynic
  • j3eMpHs.png ry4n
  • hBkNbCx.png jopperstaluf
Despite their early promising results, where they almost managed to tie up maps against both xiao and Crescendo, AMC's been struggling lately, and going into the playoffs, they're the only team who have dropped a map against last seed memesquad. This is in no small part due to availability issues — for their last few matches, they've consistently have had to call in subs, most of whom either haven't played the game in months or have next to no high level competitive experience.
They've started scrimming again recently, however, and if they can pull themselves together in time for playoffs, they just might be able to pull off an upset in the face of these grim prospects. Time will tell!
Division 2
Congratulations to the top 4 teams that were previously predicted to make playoffs! These battle-hardened teams have overwhelmed their respective Division 2 counterparts and emerged victorious at the end of the regular season. 
However, the regular season is merely the beginning of some of the most competitive matches AsiaFortress has to offer. Some of the teams are treading the right path towards the final match, while the others may have to step up their game to securing a spot for them in the Grand Finals. The rosters have been completely refurbished to emulate the greatness of the other teams, thus reforming certain teams and pushing them to new heights. 
Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 4 remarkable giants looking to contest each other for the title of Grand Champions of AFC 10 Division 2!
Fruit Salad
  • VLEbrY5.png apples / Aqua
  • W5WmBJp.png slayer
  • W5WmBJp.png _noGamesen5e_
  • j3eMpHs.png Joey
  • hBkNbCx.png bb
Fruit Salad has punched their way through the competition to emerge as the supreme champion of the regular season.
This titan of a team has shown almost every other team in the Division 2 scene that they are not one to be trifled with, despite having a rough ending to the season against Wine n Cheese. While Fruit Salad hasn’t lost a single game throughout the season, WnC attempted to put an end to their streak and succeeded.
However, they still emerged victorious at the end of the season and secured themselves a slot in the playoffs. But their victory is short-lived, as surf, their main demo, has encountered some technical issues and wouldn’t be able to play for the playoffs. Regardless of the above situation, Fruit Salad’s captain, apples, has since recruited some new additions to the team, such as Destiny, Aqua, 14 and linglok in the hopes of keeping the team in shape and ready for battle in the playoffs.
With Aqua’s outstanding dm ability to dish out abundance of damage, apples and his unexplainable ability to stay alive in most fights while providing enough support and slayer’s godlike dm and spectacular maincalling to keep the team together in fights along with bb and his outstanding airstrafes to escape from any sticky situation, Fruit Salad is clearly on the right track towards the Grand Finals with a substantial amount of protein needed to win the title of Grand Champions.
Wine n Cheese
  • VLEbrY5.png verty / shinka
  • W5WmBJp.png Dream
  • W5WmBJp.png duel
  • j3eMpHs.png Teddybär
  • hBkNbCx.png Aloy
This team has proved themselves worthy of making into playoffs despite having some rather nail-biting games during the last few weeks of the regular season.
Wine n Cheese showcases a hyper-aggressive play at which their supreme dm constantly reigns over their opponents, while relying heavily on their astounding combat ability to control situations that they normally shouldn’t be able to. It is a high-risk, high-reward style of playing the game which is definitely fun to watch.
With verty and duel controlling the flanks and denying any possible leaks while Dream is fully occupied in leading the team to victory, WnC surely boasts a cocktail of talented players that could potentially win them the tournament. In spite of all that, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely insusceptible to most harm.
Teams like Steal Your Job and LFT Overwatch have proven that they are more than a match for WnC, dropping one map each to both SYJ and LFT OW while tieing the other map in the regular season. But after picking up a couple of players such as shinka, Aloy, enkaii and Teddybär during the second Transfer Window, their chances of entering the Grand Finals and winning the league has been drastically improved. 
LFT Overwatch
  • VLEbrY5.png ReD_SpY / Kuma
  • W5WmBJp.png Hrebl4ze
  • W5WmBJp.png Combustion
  • j3eMpHs.png Asi
  • hBkNbCx.png Kaze
Ever since LFT Overwatch was declared disqualified from the season due to the lack of teammates after their final match in the regular season, I watched in amazement as the team’s burning desire to advance to the Grand Finals begin to stimulate the reformation of the team. Both ReD_SpY and Kuma felt the urge to guide this team to emerge victorious in the playoffs, thus bringing in some new and fresh faces to the Division 2 scene, such as Greenlight, Combustion and Kaze.
Greenlight isn’t widely known in the AsiaFortress community, but one thing’s for sure, his tremendous dm from the depths of China MGE enables him to take on fights that he normally wouldn’t be able to survive. And we have Combustion, a former professional jumper back in the day who would be able to provide some generic rocket jumps to ambush the opposing team. Lastly, we also have Kaze, an aspiring Division 3 player who is looking to test his skills in the upper ranks of the AsiaFortress league.
Unfortunately, LFT OW has suffered a major downgrade in the roster for playoffs compared to the roster they started out with after the first Transfer window. Their combo isn’t as formidable but their flanks may have similar expertise as the previous roster. Although their current roster may not have seen the light of day, their willingness to cooperate with one another and their desire to advance to the Grand Finals has clearly proven that they are prepared to face any obstacle that might stand in their way.
Steal Your Job
  • VLEbrY5.png Cookie / k3
  • W5WmBJp.png Banana
  • W5WmBJp.png Bush
  • j3eMpHs.png Konma
  • hBkNbCx.png iMauriceiNoob
Formed from the remnants of the original Steal Your Job, this Hong Kong team has made a fair amount of notable entrances and exits in the Asian 6v6 scene. They achieved 3rd and 4th place in the UGC 6v6 Asian Division Season 19 and 20 respectively, and also participated in the recent Mercenaries Cup 7 for the AsiaFortress league.
Some of their players have displayed a tremendous amount of chemistry and have established an inseparable bond with each other, which enables them to cooperate well unlike the other teams in the playoffs. This gives them the upper hand in terms of teamwork, combined together with their consistent dm ability to ensure a successful play. Even though they’ve had a pretty rough season, they managed to pull through and eventually obtained a slot in the playoffs despite losing a couple of games against prime contenders such as Fruit Salad and LFT Overwatch while trading rounds with Hairy Ares.
Following the departure of Striker due to him having insufficient time to scrim with the team and the withdrawal of H4ms from the tournament to make future plans in Overwatch, SYJ’s roster has proven to be severely inadequate without the core members of the team playing their respective classes. Nevertheless, with the addition of k3 and the return of head after a prolonged disappearance from the TF2 scene, SYJ can and will continue to strive for the throne while fending off their contenders in the playoffs. 
The ending results for the Division 2 playoffs this season is seemingly debatable due to the critical changes of every team’s roster. But one thing’s for sure is that the regular week has distinctly proven that these teams are the best of their current division, and are certain to provide viewers with considerable amounts of excitement.
Therefore, be sure to keep an eye out for Rednaxela’s stream for any casts of the Division 2 scene! May the best team win and proceed to be the future participants of Division 1!

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Playoff Teams Announced!

Sep 19 2016 12:02 AM | Caldoran in News

Banner by Cell, writeup by himari
AsiaFortress Cup 10 Playoffs
After seven exciting weeks of teams clashing to reign supreme, we have come to the end of the regular season. Thank you to all the participants of AsiaFortress Cup 10! The top four teams are the finest of their respective divisions and have fought hard to secure their place in the playoffs, and we are happy to announce that they are:
Division 1
A Motley Crew
Memesquad xd
Division 2
Wine and Cheese
Fruit Salad
Steal your Job
LFT Overwatch
Division 3
The Mighty Gibuses
Technology Eclipse
Congratulations to the teams that have made it this far! However, only the greatest shall triumph and advance to the Grand Finals!
Playoffs Challonge Links:
Furthermore, we would also like to take this opportunity to make several announcements regarding additions and changes to our staff and league.
League Administration
The position of Head Administrator has been passed on from Caldoran to Teejay, however he will still be staying behind to advise the admin team. We have also appointed several new additions to the General Administrators, they are Aqua, apples, iMauriceiNoob and b4it.
League Staff
We would also like to welcome some new members of our staff. Concordia and Robin are now part of the Creative Design team, who will be working on graphics and stat sheets. Rednaxela will be joining us to handle casts and stream coverage as our new Casting Administrator.

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 3 Roundup

Aug 14 2016 04:50 PM | Caldoran in News


AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 3 Roundup

Writeup by cac, Veron, laggerung and sh4dlr, Banner by Cell
The 10th rendition of the AsiaFortress Cup brings a record-breaking 16 teams in Division 3; an amount unprecedented in AsiaFortress history. The home of dank twitch memes and mind-bogglingly preposterous plays, Division 3 is certainly a joy to watch.
Despite that, the skill gap in Division 3 is huge. On Rednaxela’s stream, you get to experience the schadenfreude of watching teams with Pyros to Middle to those without any shreds of tactical discipline attempt messy pushes. Amongst all this uncoordinated chaos, Division 3 brings about tons of talented players; from MGE Lords to PUG-stars, from new and unproven blood to experienced and seasoned veterans, every player will have their individual moments of glory. Without further ado, we present the 4 teams that we have decided are most likely going to make playoffs. 
  • VLEbrY5.png Choo Choo
  • VLEbrY5.png Cabbageoflove
  • W5WmBJp.png TheBigHead
  • W5WmBJp.png MoonLit
  • j3eMpHs.png Asan
  • hBkNbCx.png Hemaera
This Taiwanese super-team still retains their spot as the prime contender to take home 1st place in Division 3. Despite losing a few integral players, their new roster still looks scaringly strong when pitted against others. They boast Choo Choo, a phenomenal Scout with supreme DM controlling the reins of team, alongside EdeLweiss Medic Hemaera, veteran MoonLit and Pocket extraordinaire TheBigHead, there is little doubt that Majiami are clear favorites to finish 1st - and with ease. 
Reddit Headliners
  • VLEbrY5.png Pronessf
  • VLEbrY5.png Vips
  • W5WmBJp.png Dracomm
  • W5WmBJp.png Nuwku
  • j3eMpHs.png Dusky
  • hBkNbCx.png Disastre 
Comprising of breakthrough players bursting with potential alongside Nukwu, the second best DM Soldier in Thailand, Reddit Headliners is a mix of players largely from ex-All Walks Of Life. While lacking in tactics and strict team play, most of these players are gifted in their ability to kill people outright; Reddit Headliners’ playstyle revolves around a messy, loose approach towards team fights, reminiscent of a DM server. Against weaker opponents, they can dominate with their raw and explosive firepower alone. However, when they eventually play against the experienced and tactically strong opponents, will they falter or will they triumph?  
  • VLEbrY5.png Time
  • VLEbrY5.png snoxii
  • W5WmBJp.png iFuN
  • W5WmBJp.png cy
  • j3eMpHs.png LERL
  • hBkNbCx.png coon
badratsgaming.net, or BRG, is a team stacked with intelligent and strong players in their roster. With the big rats iFuN and LERL dominating with strong combo performances alongside with talented newbie coon, along with cy’s rock-solid Roaming, Time’s extraordinary sniping and snoxii’s amazing potential and explosiveness, BRG can definitely provide us some exciting TF2. Watch as they contest alongside other teams, showcasing exciting TF2 and classic Division 3 gimmicks!
The Mighty Gibuses
  • VLEbrY5.png d3rp
  • VLEbrY5.png Syncy
  • W5WmBJp.png DeDstar
  • W5WmBJp.png rust
  • j3eMpHs.png teehee
  • hBkNbCx.png bready
The Mighty Gibuses have come a long way since their conception earlier this year. Sporting a roster stacked with potential, talent and experience with playing together, this Vietnamese team look to be contenders for the top few spots in Division 3. TMG boasts a rock solid and experienced Soldier and Medic pairing in DeDstar and bready. Not to mention their Scouts, d3rp and Syncy have exceptional deathmatch abilities, and their Roamer rust is certainly one to keep an eye out for. Rounding up the team is Demoman teehee, capable of strong and solid performances, leaving TMG as a team likely to take home one of the top spots in Division 3. 
Division 3 has always been a huge tossup - stronger teams with talent falter and buckle, while teams previously considered as also-rans peak and perform exceptionally. It is so very hard to weigh in on the best performers of Division 3, but while our predictions may not be correct, one guarantee is that we’ll be set for tons of unpredictable, gimmicky, and fun TF2, courtesy of Rednaxela’s stream.  

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 1 Roundup

Aug 01 2016 11:47 PM | Caldoran in News

AFC 10: Division 1 Roundup
Banner by Cell, writeup by vetia, vetted by moosepi and Caldoran
AFC 10 is in full swing; divisions have been separated and the first few matches have been played (are being played). Notably, an exceeding number of Division 3 signups have swelled the ranks to a whopping 16 teams, an amount unprecedented in AsiaFortress history.
However, the cost for a fresh wave of new players is high. It came at the price of several old names and faces departing for Overwatch after being at the peak of the scene for nearly three years. The result? Division 1 is severely reduced this season, with only four teams that have to play each other twice. Leading from this, there are only going to be three playoff teams for Division 1. 
Furthermore, a severe lack of top level players means that AsiaFortress ‘premier’ level play will not only be less regular, but quite possibly lower in quality as well. The truth of the matter is that quality fades as experienced players depart, leaving giant, empty shoes and a legacy of whispered legends.
But this isn’t to discount the competition this season; some of the names in the rosters have been around for a long time, and they deserve recognition for wading into the highest division Asia has to offer. With that said, meet the teams and lineups for Division 1!
  • VLEbrY5.png tommy
  • VLEbrY5.png kcot
  • W5WmBJp.png cloverella
  • W5WmBJp.png 26
  • j3eMpHs.png jigglesaur
  • hBkNbCx.png b4it
Certainly one of the fattest rosters in play, xiao was technically formed sometime post-AFC 9, but perished temporarily before Mercenaries Cup 7 could begin (leaving stars like tommy free to play for Pingu during that season). However, the return of jigglesaur from Canada in June incited its reformation, and xiao was revitalised in time for AFC 10.
Old dogs of the AsiaFortress community will recognise that xiao is a combination of AFC 9’s Homely Hobos and Turbo 9000. Newer viewers should rest assured that xiao is likely the best and toughest roster to beat this season. These are solid players with mountains of pre-existing chemistry, and the DM ability to back any strategy they come up with. When xiao are on their game, the other teams are going to have a hard time preventing rolls.
  • VLEbrY5.png Racy
  • VLEbrY5.png SakiIsa
  • W5WmBJp.png Shocky
  • W5WmBJp.png Hwain
  • j3eMpHs.png rufus
  • hBkNbCx.png z.™
Put together by Hwain, Crescendo mainly consists of old players who’ve left the scene for a while, but are dusting themselves off for another go. Again, old dogs might recognise names like rufus, ozr and z that haven’t been seen at the top for seasons. Most notable are Shocky and 10; the former is a two time champion and the latter has been heralded as one of Asia’s best scouts since Mercenaries Cup 6.
Crescendo might seem cobbled together, but a combination of seasoned Division 1 players, some of Asia’s oldest faces and a dash of fresh talent, could make a blend spicy enough to shake up the competition. If anyone could knock out xiao and take the Cup home, it would be Crescendo.
A Motley Crew
  • VLEbrY5.png oro
  • VLEbrY5.png Killer
  • W5WmBJp.png Cell
  • W5WmBJp.png Cynic
  • j3eMpHs.png RY4N
  • hBkNbCx.png Jopper
AMC have kept the same name and the same core players for several seasons now, and it’s no surprise to see them in Division 1 in AFC 10. While the team has seen various old and new faces come and go, their primary core has always been Jopper, RY4N and Cell and Cynic since AFC 9: fairly consistent players who’ve proven their mettle in the past.
This season, the roster is rounded off with two of Asia’s biggest MGE players, oro and Killer. With a solid set of teammates complementing the long history that AMC has, the team should find some success in their first foray into Division 1. While they might not look like the greatest contenders for the Cup, they shouldn’t be a simple walk over for the other teams.
Memesquad xd
  • VLEbrY5.png vetia
  • VLEbrY5.png scot
  • W5WmBJp.png mel
  • W5WmBJp.png chongy
  • j3eMpHs.png cyrus
  • hBkNbCx.png moosepi
Memesquad was founded on the dreams of winning Division 2, but the roster grew a little too powerful and was bumped up to Division 1. Filled with fresh faces to Division 1 that have barely seen the light of ‘premier’ level play, the team decided to pick up one of AsiaFortress’ oldest players, mel, to overcome the inexperience.
Memesquad looks like the weakest team in Division 1, but it has the potential to pull a few upsets. If anything, its hyper-aggressive play-style seen on its old Division 2 roster could create interesting and exciting games for AsiaFortress’ Division 1!
While there is a severe lack of Division 1 teams, it is still exciting to see some new faces getting their hands dirty in the 10th season of AFC, and (a lot of) new blood is exactly what the Asian scene needs. Here’s to new legends of AF in the next few seasons!

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Division 2 Roundup

Jul 30 2016 03:09 AM | Caldoran in News

AFC 10: Division 2 Roundup
Banner by Cell, writeup by vetia, vetted by moosepi and Caldoran
This season of AsiaFortress, Division 1 is tiny and Division 3 is engorged. So where do you go to watch or follow games? Division 2 of course! Division 2 is perfectly sized this season, with eight teams ready to take each other on, and find out which of them is the best of Asia (relatively speaking, since it is Division 2)!
But in all honesty, Division 2 is set to hold some of the most competitive matches AF has seen in recent history. Based on team reviews by players who’ve watched the scene for lengths of time, there isn’t really a clear winner overall. Of course, there certainly are teams that stand out above the rest; It isn’t a complete tossup like Division 3 where there are so many new players we can’t keep track of them all.
Division 2 has one of the most even distributions of players across different teams, ranging from DM-heads, to PUG stars, to minions; an expansive, even spread worthy of feast tables in the halls of unscrupulous, medieval nobles! However, unlike feasting nobles, we have to cherry pick. I’m not paid (I’m actually not paid anyway) to talk about every single team in Division 2, so we’ll have to settle for the four we think are most likely to make playoffs.
Fruit Salad
  • VLEbrY5.png apples
  • VLEbrY5.png j0shi
  • W5WmBJp.png slayer
  • W5WmBJp.png nastyyy
  • j3eMpHs.png shuenny
  • hBkNbCx.png bb
A healthy mixture of players, Fruit Salad has all the essential vitamins and minerals of a Division 2 team: experienced veterans, a few middle-grounders and some fresh faces. Several of the names (such as shuenny, nastyyy and joshi) are familiar, dating back to a time when Turbo 9000 was a simple seed in older AFCs.
With so many old beans on their roster, it seems that first place is ripe for the picking for this team. They’ve demonstrated the ability to coordinate, even if their flanks are a little shaky at times, and their DM ability could allow them to punch through the competition. And who knows, perhaps they’ll even help a new player or two bear fruit.
Wine n Cheese
  • VLEbrY5.png verty
  • VLEbrY5.png Gordan
  • W5WmBJp.png Dream
  • W5WmBJp.png duel
  • j3eMpHs.png cyra
  • hBkNbCx.png AiShou
If any team could sour the chances of the competition, it’s Wine n Cheese. Featuring the dregs of Division 3 runner ups Backcappers, hopefuls of once-Kawaii and several other older names, it’s a cocktail of good players that could turn other teams blue in the face. Almost every single member here has prior league experience, and a few have a reputation for throwing games that both make things interesting and irritating (for the opponent, that is).
To cut to the cheese, there’s no doubt that this team has the ability to take the championship. In terms of raw DM, a few on their lineup could be rostered with the current run of Division 1 teams. Though they might be a little rough around the edges, this slice of Division 2 could age the competition well, and force other teams to new heights.
LFT Overwatch
  • VLEbrY5.png Aqua
  • VLEbrY5.png Ghosty
  • W5WmBJp.png ReD_SpY
  • W5WmBJp.png Hrebl4ze
  • j3eMpHs.png IO
  • hBkNbCx.png sadkatz
You don’t have to look too pharah way from LFT Overwatch for good competition either. Their roster mei not be as strong in terms of experience, but combining fast-rising talent like Aqua with experienced players like ReD_SpY creates a bastion of a solid team, that could potentially win(ston) them the championship.
Yes, this slightly haphazard mix team led by ReD_SpY is going to have to push (rein)hardt if they want to take the championship this season. Their strength in terms of DM makes them almost a shoo-in for playoffs, but in order to face off against rosters lined with people boasting years of experience, their team game has to be at its peak. Truthfully, I’ll be following this team’s progress the most during the round robin stages!
Steal Your Job (SyJ)
  • VLEbrY5.png King
  • VLEbrY5.png Banana
  • W5WmBJp.png Konma
  • W5WmBJp.png Striker
  • j3eMpHs.png H4ms
  • hBkNbCx.png iMauriceiNoob
Talk about last minute sign ups; this team joined the contest with literally 36 minutes to spare. 
Steal Your Job, unlike most of the other teams currently in Division 2, actually have history in their résumé. They competed in the last season of Mercenaries Cup 7, and did fairly well considering they had to fight Championship contenders Cute Beast in the second week, and AMC, a team with more history than them, in Lower Bracket Round 3. Now they’ve returned, and are seeking (the enemy’s) employment once more!
It’s a solid roster of consistent players DM wise, and teams with a past have a way of handling coordination better than mix teams of PUG stompers. While they have the potential to be great at the game, a lack of interest could resign their chances of even making playoffs. If they practice consistently, there’s no doubt in my mind that they could climb the metaphorical corporate ladder to the top four. But without practice, SyJ could get fired from the competition by any of the current Division 2 teams.
While I only listed four teams that I think will make playoffs this season, I’d love to witness any number of upsets. The 7 weeks of Round Robin stages are there for teams to thresh their way to the top, and it’s plenty of time for good and interesting players to unveil their true potential as great and superb gods! 
Let’s hope the pressures of competition will get the forging fires raging, and send these teams into a transformation process that will have them gleaming like gold when they hold those placement medals. After all, Division 2 is a preparatory stage for Division 1, and Asian TF2 needs more heroes!
May the best team win!

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Commencement Brief

Jul 24 2016 03:21 PM | Caldoran in News


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[Rules] [Division Administrators] [Unlocks] [Registration] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Discussion] [Team Directory] [POV Demo Rules] [Server Bookings] [Match Threads] [Cast Requests]


Hello all participants of AsiaFortress Cup 10! The first match threads will be going up very soon, and the AsiaFortress administration would like to brief you on some changes we have made to the tournament's structure and rules.


Division 3 Format Changes

Due to the overwhelming number of Division 3 teams, a Round Robin is not feasible. Therefore, we have switched to a Swiss-style format, over the course of 7 weeks to match the number of weeks for Division 2 teams.


As with the Round Robin format, at the end of the 7 weeks we will advance the top 4 teams to play-offs, to determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Teams will be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost to determine which teams will advance.


Division 1 Format Changes

On the other hand, due to the lower number of players in Division 1, teams will play the Round Robin sequence twice. In other words, teams will play against every other team twice, for a total of 6 weeks of matches.


As with Division 2 and 3, Division 1 teams will be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost.


At the end of the Round Robin stage, the top ranked Division 1 team will proceed straight to the Grand Finals. The 2nd and 3rd ranked Division 1 teams will compete in the playoffs to decide which one will proceed to the Grand Finals.


The Grand Finals for Division 1 will be played in a Best of 5 format, while Division 2 and 3 will be played in a Best of 3 format.


Whitelist Changes

With the new Meet Your Match update, we have changed a few of the items allowed.


The Quickiebomb Launcher has been banned, while the Cozy Camper and Bazaar Bargain have been allowed.


All changes should be reflected in AsiaFortress servers, and the whitelist can be downloaded in the AFC 10 Config Pack.


Cast Requests

Following a significant amount of interest for casters looking to cover AsiaFortress Cup 10 matches, a Cast Request thread has been created for community members to request permission for a cast.


Casts which have not been approved by an AsiaFortress Administrator are not permitted.


This will allow us to help promote your casts on platforms such as our Steam group and Facebook page. It also helps us to ensure that there is no conflict of interest (e.g. caster is on one of the teams being casted) and to provide assistance should you need it.


Transfer Window Addition

A Transfer Window has been added between Week 3 and Week 4 (between 12th August and 14th August).


The Transfer Window is a limited period for team leaders to add and remove players from their team's rosters.


Please note that all transfers have to be approved by AsiaFortress Administrators, and will only take effect from Week 4 (16th August) onwards.


Roster Lock and Team Directory

Do note that rosters are locked until the first Transfer window. Do not add an Administrator to request for a roster change as it will not be allowed.


The Team Directory is a record of all teams participating in AFC 10, along with links to their leaders and members. It will serve as the definitive record of each team's roster. If you spot an error in your team's roster, please inform your Division Administrator immediately.



That concludes the commencement brief for AsiaFortress Cup 10! The first week's Match Threads will be going up soon, and you can get to scheduling your first matches of the season.


As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your Division Administrator.


Best of luck, and may the best team win!

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AsiaFortress Cup 10: Team Division Distribution

Jul 23 2016 12:05 AM | Caldoran in News


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[Rules] [Division Administrators] [Unlocks] [Registration] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Discussion] [Team Directory] [POV Demo Rules] [Server Bookings] [Match Threads]

Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team. They are as follows:
Division 1
  • xiao
  • Crescendo
  • A Motley Crew
  • Memesquad xd
Division 2
  • Wine n Cheese
  • Steal Your Job
  • LFT Overwatch
  • GODsenS
  • Beyond Velocity
  • Hairy Ares
Division 3
  • Reddit Headliners
  • Majiami
  • Technology Eclipse
  • LL1c
  • Last Minute Mixup
  • Clown 9
  • patrick.gaming
  • Hoomanitee
  • what the fam!
  • Smite
  • The Mighty Gibuses
  • Laughing Kills
  • 50dm
  • Forever LFT
  • NohMercy


Team distributions are final and not subject to change.


Please stay tuned for a list of updated rules and whitelist changes to be published soon.

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